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Title: High Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama]
Episode: 16
Aired: July 28th, 2015
Watched: September 30th, 2015
Overall rating: 6/10

October 1rst, 2015

Hello there!
How are you all doing? It’s time for us to say goodbye to High Society and to move on to some other shows, and would you believe me if I said I was ready to move on? Hahaha, anyways, let’s start now with the spoiler warning of usual days.

Joon Ki x Yoon Ha 

The episode begins with Yoon Ha going for her phone, which she left in her office – no wonder she couldn’t phone Joon Ki as he left the building completely. She calls Joon Ki to ask him why he left the company. Now here’s where the subtitles have me confused: he says that he leaves because he never truly got punishment for his bad deeds towards her, so basically, what he’s saying is that he’s taking the punishment by making himself out of his dream job? Is that right? Or did I mistake it? And was he really truly un-punished, since he endured all the petty things that Yoon Ha did towards him (like that one time she said “I love you” coldly to his face to show him how it feels to see that someone he loves says they love him but don’t really love him). Of course though, I think his punishment for himself is much more fitting. He concludes their discussion by letting her free of him [reverse psychology, right?].

After this conversation, Joon Ki comes home to see his Mother cleaning his house. In a rather uncharacteristic moment, after she praises him for going through a rough time, thinking and mauling over the idea of quitting his well-paying job [especially since it’s the “first time since middle school that he’s decided something impulsively, without thinking of the consequences”; after all, he’ll have to ration his money now, and he’ll have to make sure he’s got enough to live by until he finds a job again (I wonder if Chang Soo will hire him again)] and offering him money so that he can rest and play a little until he finds a job, Joon Ki hugs her for awhile.

Joon Ki surprises us by visiting his parents’ home for the first time in months – maybe years. This fact excites his Mother greatly, but also his Father, who loves his son dearly. Seeing as his Mother steps out in order to buy groceries to feed him some of his favorite dish (chicken broth) – rewarding him for coming home, no doubt there – Joon Ki’s Father and himself go outside to take in some air, something that Joon Ki’s Father says he lacks since he has to stay inside for so long every day. I think that his condition is somewhat improving though. He’s more able to walk than before and he uses a walking ‘stick’ instead of a wheelchair, which isn’t bad [oh and hey, it’s good that it’s consistent: his arm being curled the way it is like he’s paralyzed from one side. Isn’t the other side of his face supposed to be also? Maybe it hit him less bad than we thought?]. I liked that Joon Ki took the fan away from his Father and was able to fan him with it – even though there’s already wind, you don’t have to fan yourselves. Joon Ki’s Father reveals that he is always proud of his son and is happy to have him.

After it was revealed to her that Joon Ki had been tasked with absorbing her team, Yoon Ha has these flashbacks of all the true moments they spent together, knowing each other’s true intentions and being honest with each other – although she was almost always honest with him. She has a hunch that he really cares about her since he quit because he didn’t want to absorb her team for Ye WonYoon Ha goes directly to his apartment, in order to ambush him and get some answers from him. Since he has to save up money – because he’ll be poor soon – she offers to pay for the meal, which makes him happy. She grills him on why he joined the company in the first place, to which he answers shyly that it was because he missed her. She keeps teasing him about it for awhile, which was pretty funny to watch, especially since he asks her if she was always this… “not nice”.

Next, her object of inquiry is when he fell in love with her in the first place, but he really has no idea, but he’s sure that it wasn’t when they first kissed. This infuriates her, and he reveals to her that he’s very remorseful, and that he’s 100% at fault (is this the way of the authors to redeem the character?). He has an idea of when he first started to love her though, and he would need to go there in order to be sure, but he doesn’t want to go nor tell her, because then he might fall in love with her and never let her go: which is exactly why they go: to the hotel/restaurant/elevator in which they first spent the moments of their time together. She realizes that the moment he fell for her was when she looked like… an immature lady? with ripped jeans and dark makeup, not like the makeup she wears usually at all.

Chang Soo x Lee Ji Yi

Meanwhile with Chang Soo, he comes home earlier [right after he was scolded by his brother for having a bad moment for the super market (and notice how this was never touched up upon ever again. That’s disappointing. We know that the concept is being changed, so the stock raises will happen eventually – or will they!? WE NEVER GET CONFIRMATION)] than the usual moments when he comes home late and drunk, showing to his mom instantly that he has changed and become less depressive. He announces that he has news for her: he will marry Lee Ji Yi, and she better accept it, because Lee Ji Yi will not marry him unless his parents are okay with it. He wants to choose his Mother as well as Lee Ji Yi to live in his life, and he wants to take responsibilities for both. The two brilliant moments in this dialogue is the way he starts his speech: “You have three sons” and “I chose you, Mom” which are the same things he tells her when he’s drunk and depressed. This upset her.

Since he’s convinced his Mother [after all, she’ll be able to groom Lee Ji Yi into a proper rich wife, whereas she can’t take care of her other daughters-in-law. Not only that, but she does like Lee Ji Yi‘s charm and good heart – especially since she doesn’t even like her other daughters-in-law’s hearts], he tells her that now, all she has to do is to convince His Father and Lee Ji Yi. I’m sorry, Chang Soo, but that’s not going to cut it. You need to prove to your Father that you can take care of yourself. Don’t suck it up to your Mother for her to convince him. It’s not proof that you want responsibilities if you’re not the one who will directly confront him about it. You’re just being a spoiled rich kid who will get what he wants in the end, saying he wants to be a man when he’s still just a child. He won’t even really help his Mother, in doing so, either. At least he goes directly to Lee Ji Yi‘s house to tell her that his Mother will request to meet them. He didn’t tell her why, and apologized that he wasn’t able to intervene before in order to show Lee Ji Yi that he does care about what she’s living through when his Mother was basically harassing her.

When Lee Ji Yi sees Chang Soo’s Mother again, she praises Chang Soo’s Mother in speaking English so well. To this, Chang Soo’s Mother says that Lee Ji Yi can just learn, and Lee Ji Yi counters by asking if Chang Soo’s Mother would like to teach her. Chang Soo’s Mother reveals to Lee Ji Yi that she’ll allow the wedding if the two of them choose to marry. To this, Lee Ji Yi initially refuses. Desperate, because she doesn’t want her son to be mad and depressive, Chang Soo’s Mother insists, and Lee Ji Yi likes that her future in-law insisted on having her, so she accepts. Lee Ji Yi immediately calls Chang Soo when she’s done, and reveals to him that she’s accepted to meet up with him again. They banter a little bit and obviously, the two of them are superbly happy with the turn of events.

The next time they meet, the couple is at Lee Ji Yi‘s rooftop. He proposes to her in an unconventional way: by reminding her that people will probably say that they’ll break up eventually, and they both know that, but why not just live together and find out how long they’ll last? She eventually accepts and, instead of sealing their first moment together in awhile, as a couple with a kiss, they do so with a very tender and happy hug, something I approve of – it’s better than a kiss in an elevator. Look at their happiness? They’re finally together!

Ye Won

The Taejin Company’s current Vice President, Ye Won, receives news from her secretary: the person who made Taejin Premium at Big Premium (a place, I guess), is Vice President, her younger brother, and that could mean that he’s been tampering with outside affairs. By asking this, she makes sure that he hasn’t broken any international or other laws, a weakness that she can exploit. Vice President has thought of this though, and since he’s invested in these things and reported these earnings since he was young, the stocks and position that he has were legit in the eyes of the law, thus proving that he outwitted Ye Won. Because his involvement means so much to the company, Vice President is indirectly threatening to take the Presidency from Father.

Ye Won, on her way to see her father in order to discuss things, is encountered by Yoon Ha and plants seeds of doubt that only last for a about a day within her youngest sister, saying that Vice President actually used her (Yoon Ha) in order to have a witness of death. She advises her little sister to protect her heart from someone who could use her like that. Of course, Yoon Ha doesn’t want to believe Ye Won, and frankly, I wouldn’t either, especially since it seems like Ye Won is just trying to break Vice President‘s supporters by making them doubt him, since she can’t have everything she sought to have. She’s being desperate. In exchange for Yoon Ha confronting Vice President about it, then Ye Won promises to tell her why Joon Ki resigned.

And so, not so much because she wanted to see Vice President she admits herself that she’s been avoiding him, to avoid finding the truth, since she’s idolizes him so much – but because she wants to know what’s up between Joon Ki and Ye WonYoon Ha calls her brother to meet up with him [I am questioning your love/loyalties here, young lady]. When she confronts him about it in his apartment – he’s not going to live in the main family home anymore since he willingly cast himself out, he says that Ye Won would have a point, even though he wasn’t really doing it because of that. He had chosen to have her be the one to remember him in his “last days”. He chose her out of all the people who loved him, to remember him. This is essentially the same thing, and Ye Won will remark this, but Vice President says that if Yoon Ha chooses to take Ye Won‘s point of view, then the relationship that Vice President and Yoon Ha have will be over, and thus, Yoon Ha will lose an important figure in her life, and would lose a confidante. The reality seeps in and she chooses her brother over her sister, who never really treated her right anyway, as you’ll recall. Oh and hey, that “important USB stick I gave you?! And that Ye Won stole from you? It was just a plot device that will never get solved and was a red herring all along, I’m sorry you spent so much time speculating and curious about its significance. My bad“. Vice President had given her the stocks in order for her to be more important in the company, having meager stocks like that would mean that she’s able to work within the company, something she has never done, whereas all her siblings had. Vice President also reveals that, no matter what, Father loves him dearly, but that love was too toxic, so Vice President felt like he had to sever these bonds with his parents in order to grow.

That night, Yoon Ha goes to Ye Won and tells her what they spoke of, in exchange to know why Yoon Ha‘s numbers and Joon Ki‘s resignation were correlated. Ye Won reveals to her that Joon Ki was doing things in order to absorb Yoon Ha‘s team – or some business things like that. I guess this means then that Yoon Ha‘s numbers were helped by Joon Ki.

Because Vice President has so much stocks and stuff – I think – he’s a shareholder in Albinmama which is some kind of pretty important position to have – especially if it’ll help Father earn more money. And so, Vice President is allowed to go into the Board of Supers reunion, but not as his Vice President of the Taejin Company title. Ye Won advises her Father to abolish Vice President‘s claims within the Taejin company and take away his measly 12%. Father doesn’t believe that Vice President will go down easily. Not only that, but he even made a good business proposal which the Father is very likely going to accept, because despite history and despite reputation, everything he does is swayed by numbers. This upsets Ye Won, who once again feels extremely frustrated, especially since she might lose her title. She even smashes the “Vice President Jang Ye Won” off her table, smashing it into pieces.

Ye Won confidently says that she won’t lose against her brother, who thinks the contrary, with the sole reason that he was born with the power that he has, whereas she was born to lose to him. I don’t like that line of thought, and I’m hoping that my subtitles are just being bad, but that’s what I understood. Vice President says that he’ll stay with Albinmama for now, since he’s satisfied with that, but he will still keep his 12%, and if he’s successful with everything that he wants, then no one will remember the fact that he staged his death. I’m thinking that maybe he means that he was born kind, and that it’s impossible for him to lose because he’s kind, whereas she loses because she’s so mean and bad.

Meanwhile, Mother is contemplating that she’s wasted her life on men instead of on herself. People whom she helped raise only really left her. She realized that because of what she’s done, Yoon Ha grew up to be strong, but also depressive. I think she’s learning to fight for herself more than just fight for her husband and then for her son, as Butler Hong looks on. When she comes home, she shares these reflections with her husband. What I understand is that she won’t divorce him [after all, the household won’t stand without her there to maintain the balance], and they can’t change because they’re old. It’s a very ironic thing that Father tells her to live, instead of meandering in the past. I don’t really get their situation, and I gotta say that I’ve grown not to care at all about it.

Mother does care for Yoon Ha though, since she finally asks her daughter how it’s been at work. Yoon Ha answers to her frankly: she doesn’t get used to working in the company yet, she has to be careful of everything she does/says, etc. Yoon Ha reveals to her Mother that she doesn’t hate her, despite all the things she’s endured, and she just doesn’t want her Mother‘s attention as much as she did when she was young. Mother asks her to forget all the bad things that Mother has said to her, but Yoon Ha says it’s impossible. I agree. When someone who gave birth to you says harsh things to do like how you were never supposed to live, then you’re mentally scarred for life. Not only that, but thanks to those scars, you’ve learned to be stronger – in Yoon Ha‘s case anyway. And Mother utters some words to show that she’s proud of Yoon Ha anyway, especially probably for growing up and maturing.

Main Mistress is leaving – probably with a lot of money and in the USA – and she’s asking Joon Ki’s Mother to go with her, because she doesn’t want to be with strangers that she doesn’t know. However, Joon Ki’s Mother has already accepted another job offer and she’s bound to her words, something that Main Mistress admires, I’m sure. As we see her in her final moments in the show, Main Mistress asks her former employee if she’ll call her often. I’m sure that Main Mistress just wanted a friend in her, and a confidante.


In order to have a change of air, Joon Ki and Chang Soo bike together – I don’t think this was planned though. It’s like they’ve finally returned to normal, which is good for these two. They ask about how each other is doing, especially since Yoon Ha revealed to Chang Soo that Joon Ki quit. Joon Ki revealed to his friend that while he never really approved of his parents’ way of living, now, he’s learned that he wants that.

Joon Ki and Chang Soo admit to each other that they’ve never met girls who will be able to make them feel the way they do. Because of that, they’ll probably be pursuing those girls. Joon Ki reveals that he loves his friend even more now that their relationship has greatly improved. I like these bonding times they have with each other.


In the ending moments of the whole series, we skip time for a year later, in which Yoon Ha has ascended to become the Vice President of the Taejin company (which means that either she’s worked hard enough for Ye Won to acknowledge her and Ye Won has taken the presidency, presumably after their Father‘s death – or that Vice President has finally succeeded and has taken the helm, which is good for him) and has reserved the weekend to gather with her friends are gathered together. We discover as Lee Ji Yi [I sort of wish that Lee Ji Yi had become the secretary of Yoon Ha] rants about how Joon Ki can’t barbecue for sh@t, because he’ll give them cancer with the charred bits of meat he makes (and also that he’s basically wasting food), that she’s been taking classes and is much more educated than she’d been before – ironically, about food.

Did I forget something? Oh, right. Lee Ji Yi and Chang Soo are married and she’s pregnant with their first baby [well at least they didn’t make that baby on that night, you know the one], and Yoon Ha is with her “partner” and this means that she’s not married to Joon Ki yet [I wonder if he could’ve been her personal secretary – or what job he ended up taking]. It’s nice to see that Chang Soo and Lee Ji Yi still have their lovey-dovey banter together. Personally, I would have liked to see how it works: their relationship now and how it’s evolved now that they’re living together. Is it very different? We do get some sort of insight with Lee Ji Yi‘s relationship with her Mother-in-law, as Lee Ji Yi  says that the expectations [probably coming from both of Chang Soo’s parents] of her being a good wife is pretty high – and being a good mother, I guess? But overall, she describes her married life as pretty pleasant – to which Chang Soo is flustered, I think it means he’s pleased that he’s been a good husband to her. I was wondering if he would have matured while he was in the married life. How long have they been married? Immediately after the final scenes the year prior? Or was it a little bit earlier? Did Lee Ji Yi‘s parents who were both divorced come over to the wedding? Did they approve? Was Chang Soo scared of meeting her father?! I NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS.

Not only that, but Lee Ji Yi and Yoon Ha are still very much bonded. Together, they harass Joon Ki into producing from his pockets a set of rings, asking her to marry him, by getting statistics of how couples stay together longer when it’s the man who proposes [thus hinting that Yoon Ha‘s not taking the lead on this one: he has to do it]. The fact that he was able to produce it under such short notice [and that it surprised both Lee Ji Yi and Chang Soo] though proves to us that he had been meaning to propose to her [also since the ring is so pretty, it probably means that he found a job. What job did he take?! WHY DO I WANT TO KNOW?! BECAUSE I WANT TO KNOW IF IT’S A SECURITY JOB LIKE HIS DAD]. I like to think that given the fact that Joon Ki is still going out with Yoon Ha, there is probably not going to be any fuss about them marrying. Mother understands the situation, Father is likely dead or is impressed enough with Yoon Ha‘s position and Joon Ki‘s abilities to accept, Ye Won has absolutely no say in the matter, and Big Brother will give his approval (notice how we haven’t spoken about his daughter?!) and notice how no one mentioned the Middle Sister? Like she doesn’t exist.

So yeah, I’m so sad that this is the finale! But it had a nice run, I guess!?!!??!!! I mean, I am still very irked over the fact that they just completely forgot about that one girl who was mentioned and was supposedly an important character in their external lives but who never appeared and was never really mentioned of again. That’s right, I’m talking about Hae In who should deserve to have had at least one mention at the end of the series, like: “oh yeah my daughter’s okay! I made her go through psychological drama, and she’ll probably be a main character in some other drama, because of the trauma, but she’ll be fine“.

That’s it for this series. Overall the heartache that I had, decoding certain things and trying to understand all the politics of things, I felt a bit disappointed, but it was still somewhat enjoyable – the couples bit – especially Chang Soo and Lee Ji Yi were worth the watch. I should note here that Munchlax and Mewtwo both abandoned the series midway through.

Can you believe this is the first kdrama I’ve finished since Liar Game?! I still have Empress Ki and My Secret Hotel, haha…
I’ll see you all for another series next week (hopefully)!
Ponyta’s out \(゚ー゚\)