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Title: Vixen
Season: 01
Episode: 05
Network: CWSeed
Aired: September 22nd, 2015
Watched: September 26th, 2015

September 26th, 2015 

Hey there everybody!
I was a bit overwhelmed with the beginning of classes, my internship (yep, here we go again *rolls eyes*), etc. but please, tell me: how are you all doing? I wasn’t able to watch Vixen’s fifth episode on the first day it aired [omg the episode is actually 7 MINUTES LONG!!!], but here it is! Please be aware that it may be full of spoilers!

One more thing, as this is gonna be posted on the week of her birthday: Happy Birthday, Jirachi!!!

So the episode begins as the last one left off – because this is a huge adventure spanning on a two-three days, right? The last we saw Mari McCabe, she’d been cornered in Doctor McAllister‘s office, with the mysterious bad Lady and her henchmen pointing guns at her (because they still haven’t learned that pointing guns at Vixen in order to get what they want out of her isn’t going to work). [another aside but: why in the world was his office so devoid of furniture?]. I’m a bit sad that we didn’t get to know how Lady knew that Mari had arrived to the office. Were they really stalking her and/or waiting for her to show up one day at Professor McAllister‘s office?!

The moment the Lady says that she wants the necklace – or else she’ll kill Mari – our heroine immediately acquiesces [I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit sad that she was trying to keep it safe from the muggers but when faced with the same situation again, she didn’t hesitate to try and hand it over to the second bad guy who comes to take a family heirloom away from her; but then again, I guess it shows how constant her motives her: she wants to find her own identity. If giving the necklace was going to give her her origins, then she would be willing to trade for it, especially since apparently, she doesn’t want any “crazy magic totem thing” (I mean, she even brushed aside Chuck‘s idea of becoming a vigilante in the previous episode, it probably proves that she’s got her priorities straight haha)], saying that she never wanted to keep it anyway since it’s not her style, and she only kept it for sentimental reasons, because it belonged to her family. She attempts to make a deal: if the Lady can tell Mari where the necklace comes from, she’ll hand it over. She attempts to remove it but it’s unsuccessful. The problem is that, as surprisingly non-surprised Professor McAllister points out, the Anansi totem has bonded itself to her (likely because she’s used it so often), so she can’t even remove it even if she wanted to. Without much of a choice and much warning, Lady decides to order her henchmen to kill Mari if that’s going to make the necklace available again.

Using what I assume is the speed of a cheetahVixen tries to escape [without Professor McAllister‘s help, by the way, is he going to be completely useless all the time? and also, what does this mean? Did she just become intangible? What kind of animal did she channel?], but Lady was somehow able to spot her escape nevertheless [I wonder if this is due to her ‘blood connection’ with the totem?], pointing her out to her minions, who run after Mari. The superheroine isn’t fast enough, as one of the henchmen shoots her right in the shoulder, thus resulting in a nasty injury from which she wakes up from later on, in another country – Africa. What in the world happened to Professor McAllister when/after all of this happened? Did he already get funding for his research expedition, or something, since she was able to “get her hands on the totem”?

Lady Kuasa (according to the subtitles and the credits anyway) then reveals herself to be Mari‘s sister. After all, it had been Mari‘s wishes that she understand where the totem comes from, why she had it, and what had happened to her family. The Lady gives her just that: their parents had been lords of the Zambesi village in the M’Changa province [by the way, it’s the same province, and the village that’s mentioned by Professor McAllister in the second episode (second by the way: where in the world is he?! Doesn’t he know that this girl could die because of him wanting to be fully funded to have research expeditions done?!) I was expecting him to show up and say to Kuasa that it wasn’t what they’d agreed upon, and that he won’t help her (and ends up helping Mari instead)] and they were attacked by war lords, who raided them to get anything they could from them. When their father attempted to help the people and protect them, he was killed [was he planning to use the totem? Did the war lords know about the totem, I wonder?].

Kuasa also reveals that in exchange for the people of Zambesi to worship him, Anansi, the Trickser God, gave them his totem so that they could have access to its powers (and they “chose” Kuasa, at four years old [okay but how was she supposed to protect the people when she was only four?! Was she some kind of PRODIGY?! DID THEY EXPECT HER TO WIELD SUCH MAGIC AND PROTECT HER PEOPLE. DID SHE EVEN UNDERSTAND ALL OF THAT WHEN SHE WAS CHOSEN?! COULDN’T SOMEONE ELSE TAKE OVER THE DUTIES BEFORE SHE REACHES, SAY, MORE EMOTIONALLY STABLE?! FOUR YEARS OLD, COULD SHE COMPREHEND ALL OF THAT?!], to become its guardian. If you assume that this was chosen by blood, then Tantu, the person who first received this according to the legend from episode 2, was their ancestor?!) and protect their people. Of course, as we’ve seen happen with their father’s death, that didn’t work out so well [couldn’t the father use the totem?! Was he not chosen despite having the blood]. Their mother fled the scene with Mari in tow – as well as the Anansi totem [why wouldn’t the mother take Kuasa with her as well? Weren’t they hidden in the same shack?! Wouldn’t she worry about Kuasa?! Or was it that her first duty was to the REAL Anansi Chosen One and she left first, and abandoned Mari to the foster care system in order to go back and find Kuasa, and that’s why Mari never really knew her mother?].

Stating that even though the village is no more, Kuasa still has a duty to the dead – and probably to their father. To achieve her revenge (or so she says anyways), Kuasa has had to make deals with other people who wish to use the totem for their own good (that certainly explains how, while she comes from such a “poor” environment, she’s still able to promise Professor McAllister money for his expedition as well as have henchmen of her own and have a wardrobe that screams “ambassador” or something of the like; and I like how she says “who also crave its powers“: meaning that she craves its powers). Not only that, but Kuasa will stop at nothing – and I do mean nothing – to acquire the necklace which she says is rightfully hers – including killing her own sister (which is highly ironic, I mean, Kuasa says: “hand over the necklace, or you’ll be killed” but even if Mari wanted to hand over the necklace, she’ll still be killed because Kuasa needs the necklace to bond with her, not with Mari).

In order to sever the ties between the Anansi totem and Mari
decided to let Mari “die” (even though she doesn’t specifically and outright says: “die”) by the incarnation of Anansi, a spider. I guess she implies that since Mari will be weakened by the bite [or killed, but, like I said, she only implied it, but maybe she just meant “really, really, verge-of-death weakened”] by the poison of the scorpion, the totem will choose someone else – a next of kin of some sort – to bond with. Immediately sensing Kuasa‘s line of thought, Mari admits that she doesn’t understand the responsibilities that her big sister is under and bolts [that was the most hilarious moment, by the way].

Without touching the totem, Mari summons the strength of a rhino and probably the speed of a cheetah again, breaks free after being bitten, and runs away, only to fall, exhausted, at the end of the day. I don’t know how, but Kuasa was still able to track her down and, once Mari was done for, collapsed. She took the totem away from her younger sister, saying: “finally” [no remorse?! Really, lady?! I mean, in all fairness, I guess since they’ve never been raised together, it’s impossible for Kuasa to feel any remorse for killing her sister, I guess…].

Well, what’s going to happen in the next episode is obvious: she’s going to wake up and realize that Anansi had chosen her since the beginning, since the spider bite enhanced her powers, and she needs the totem to inhibit her abilities (or something like that, haha), and she’ll stop the trafficking that her sister has going on and/or stop her sister from taking her revenge on the local warlords [or something along those lines, I really want to know more about the sister though, please don’t kill her off]. I wonder if Chuck and Prof McAllister are going to appear in the finale. It feels like they won’t, and they’ll appear again on screen only if the show gets picked up, so GO AHEAD AND WATCH IT ON CW SEED, GUYS!! Let me link you to Emergency Awesome‘s video review about this episode!

With all that being written by me,
and all that being read by you,
I’m going to wish you all a great week!
(。・・)_且 Ponyta’s out 且_(゚◇゚;)ノ゙