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Title: VELPIa
By: Kainazo [Growlithe] and Ponyta [me]
Links: Twitter, Facebook, Smackjeeves, DeviantArt, Tumblr, and Mangamagazine.net and even Gmail

January 26th, 2014

I am delighted to find you all for another Webcomic-related post! [my way of saying ‘hello’]

So, this month’s Webcomic is another shameless plug, I know, I know, I’m not even sorry, because this story – like any other story that I write, BASICALLY! is worth your read, in my most honest and humble opinion! (hahaha)

was careful not to put the shameless plugs too close in intervals, just so I don’t make it sound like I’m flashing my awesomeness at you. [no, I’m just… I’m just kidding, people, don’t take it seriously]

If you so choose to read it, I can guarantee to you that you won’t have to suffer through reading something I’ve drawn at 100%. Instead, you’ll have Kainazo (or, as I call her here, Growlithe)’s amazing art style.
I love her style because I find it so… ‘sophisticated’ and ‘researched’ [Have you SEEN the doodles she posts on DeviantArt? I find them marvelous and sometimes wonder how she can come up with such awesome poses, etc.!]. I think I’ve always had an admiration for her because she’s actually the one who taught me the basics of drawing, back when we were in high school. [so yes, I’m biased]

The concept began with our usual ranting about how we liked Katara and Zuko as a couple, much better than we liked Katara with Aang (in time, our opinions gradually changed, but I digress) [characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender [the cartoon, not the movie]].
And if you’ve read my stories – like Glaceon has pointed out to me multiple times already – you’ll notice that I have this penchant for elemental manipulation – the control over the four elements (Fire, Earth, Water and Air).
This is why the concept revolves around people who have the capacity of working with the elements.

Then, there’s the storyline.
Growlithe and I stretched our time working on the idea and major details of each chapter for around maybe… 4 years? We’ve worked on it and developed the story until we were 100% sure that it was coherent [you know how I love coherence] and relatable.
I like to think that, in this story, there is a little bit of every genre, so that anyone can enjoy.

It seems like Growlithe does all the job, Ponyta!
She does, she really does. She takes time off of her precious schedule just to draw this masterpiece and she does an amazing job [Actually, anyone who has to work with me, Piplup and Charmander, to only name a few, can tell you how patient they need to be when they work with me].
However, to lighten a bit the load that she has over her shoulders, I’ve taken on the task of toning the comic. The shadowing that you see, the lighting (however small), the patterns, even the colouring of the cover page, which I can’t even unveil yet, are only the small things I can do to help her out. I also take care of uploading contents on Tumblr, DeviantArt and Mangamagazine when I need to.

In addition, I put all my knowledge in French and tried to translate it with my meager skills! It’s available on Mangamagazine.net, and if you prefer to read in French [or even if you’d like to share it with friends who are Francophones], well it IS available! 

I shan’t take any more of your time,
Please do drop by and read it if you can! And then comment to tell us that you’ve enjoyed, it’d mean the world to us (well to me particularly, I dunno about Growlithe).

ʕ♡˙ᴥ˙♡ʔ – Ponyta’d love it if you’d enjoyed reading! – ʕ♡˙ᴥ˙♡ʔ