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Title: Vixen
Season: 01
Episode: 06
Network: CWSeed
Aired: September 29th, 2015
Watched: September 30th, 2015

September 30th, 2015

Why, hello there everybody!
See? This time, I wasn’t about a week late for the finale of Vixen [and it’s ~8 minutes long too!!]!!! Are you all doing well? It was my first stage day today, and it went pretty well, so I’m trying to celebrate that by writing as many reviews as I can before starting this new chapter for class tomorrow. Let’s start the review/opinion episode by saying that you’ll have to beware of spoilers as you read past this line [although then again, by the time that this will publish, you’ll be able to have seen it already]:

As Mari McCabe lay on the ground, dying [or recovering from the spider bite], spirits of various animals [elephant, lion, zebra, gorilla, rhinoceros, monkey, tiger, giraffe, cheetah, gnu and antelope] of the area begin to speak to her, coaxing her back into fighting against her sister [it’s weird that they call her she-spirit, why the choice of words? OKay wait, Kuasa calls herself the She-Spirit now because she’s the one who has the necklace. i.e. the She-Spirit is the name for the necklace wearer], and they go on to show her that she doesn’t stand alone, since they show her images of her dead family who still watch over her (both, as they show with the picture of Patty, her adoptive mother, adoptive and biological families [I’m guessing that’s what the other three people in her vision are, anyway, her father, her mother and her grandmother? Why was her grandmother even in there? Did the grandmother even ever do something relevant to Mari‘s past? Was she the previous Vixen? Or was her son? I need answers to these questions]). The spirits go on to mention how they’ll fight alongside her as long as she’ll fight alongside them [I’m guessing this means that as long as she embraces what she’s destined to be, and as long as she accepts her powers, then they’ll help her out?]. The Anansi Totem explains to her – through the animals’ voices – that her mother had stolen her as well as the totem away from their village and from Africa, to escape from the darkness that had taken over her own sister, Kuasa (although she’s still not named in this episode either, really, they could’ve mentioned her name at least once).

Once she fully recovered from the spider bite, Mari immediately went to confront her sister – whose name she never even got – who was brainwashing the people [was the amulet ever capable of doing that, I wonder? Wouldn’t it be good of them to explain that part? I feel like that part was missing from the episode as well. I mean, they were just kneeling to her, was it because they recognized her as leader because of the totem, or was it because she brainwashed them? Because their eyes looked pretty weird. Was it some kind of ritual of some kind? How does that work exactly and why couldn’t Mari do that? Or maybe she was just showing off her bling-bling to the other people whose minds were corrupted by darkness (but people who are corrupted with darkness would at least fight a lion or two)]?

Impressed with Mari‘s surviving skills although she says she’s disappointed (over what?!), Kuasa used her powers on Mari: using the charging of a rhinoceros, the strength of an elephant, the snakes as hair for no reason but to look a little bit more like Medusa, the agility of some feline – maybe a panther? and the roar of a gorilla? . Meanwhile, to distract the henchmen as well as the brainwashed people – whose presence was never explained by the way, I mean they were still living in a shambled village? Hey that’s okay, but when it rains, shouldn’t you put a roof over your house? And also why wouldn’t Vixen stay with them and help them rebuild and stuff if they lived there? If they didn’t live there, where the heck did they come from? – the animals of the African fauna rush into the fight [shouldn’t the cheetah be first though? Or was it like: “Hey guys, I’ll slow down so that we’ll arrive at the fight scene at the same time, okay? We cool? All right! Oh and Zebra? Imma eat you later”], although it’s not much of a fight since they just all run away, frightened.

Mari proves herself to be quite the skilled fighter, even without the totem at her disposal. Those fighting abilities sure would’ve been handy in that whole mugging situation from episode 1-2, wouldn’t it have, Mari? She throws a stick, hitting her sister’s arm, and then uses quick thinking to grab the Anansi-Spider and jab it directly into her bloodstream (saying that the bite will be even more effective than it had been with her because of that, but then again, as she admits, she’s no expert). Girl, if you wanted a more direct approach, try the aorta [look it up] or directly through her heart, not the shoulder.

Defeated, Kuasa doesn’t understand why she’s being defeated so easily, and keeps saying that it’s hers. Mari contradicts her big sister: the totem is their family’s.

Mari McCabe is back in Motor City, in Detroit, and has likely told Chuck all the story behind her adventure from the moment she ran away from her home, chased after Arrow and The Flash. We discover, at the same time as he does, that she’s chosen to become a fashion designer by day (apparently hopefully, now that she’s found her true identity, she’ll magically be better at designing clothes. Don’t make it sound so easy, McCabe!!!), and vigilante with big boobs by night.

Something new: the Anansi totem shined or something when it sensed Arrow and The Flash, does this mean that it can sense people who mean her harm? Or only people who mean her good, because it didn’t really shine when Prof McAllister was near, but when Arrow/Flash were, it did. EXPLAIN THIS. EXPLAIN IT. The amulet doesn’t act like a sixth sense, writers! DON’T MISTAKE HER FOR freaking SPIDER MAN.

It seems like it’s been awhile since she’s started doing this, since she already has a costume. Not only that, but it’s also because she’s been doing this for awhile, Arrow and Flash come by and tell her that they can train her to become a proper vigilante [AND BECOME A LEGEND OF TOMORROW, GIRL]. Once again, I really love that Arrow and Flash are so funny with one another, even when they’re being animated [Oliver Queen is not always cold and off-putting, Barry, he’s just… yeah…]. Not only that, but the fact that this lady can out-sass Arrow/Flash (“what’s wrong with brown?” implying that they’re wearing a lot more noticeable colors (green and red, after all), which is to say: she does have a point). They agree to give her some time to figure things out on her own before they abduct her into their heroes-for-training facilities (I’m kidding).

In the last few scenes, Mari points out that she thought she was supposed to have some kind of a cool nickname – pointing to the fact, I believe, that Flash has a habit of naming their villains/heroes. To this, Barry Allen mentions how Cisco – not someone who works with him or anything – has been calling her Vixen [boom, origin for her name right there; I bet he’ll want to have an autographed picture of her as well, cutie pie]. She accepts the name (in her head anyway) after Arrow wishes her luck, after informing her that the life of a vigilante isn’t easy (or at least, as easy as Flash makes it out to be?) and departs on his own after making Flash leave in a hurry, afraid of Oliver‘s wrath when he learned that Barry Allen and Felicity Smoak had shared a kiss before, and that it’d be weird if they had actually secretly been family (because of the fact that Barry and Felicity (and Ray Palmer – also known as The Atom) are experts in their fields and somewhat geek out a lot, I guess? I’m guessing because while I know of Ray Palmer, I don’t know how he appeared in the shows, so I don’t know whether or not he’s a geeky/dorky dude). It’s a really nice jab at an episode from Arrow which I still haven’t watched, hahaha… *shots fired, I still have so many shows to catch up on though, people, cut me some slack, all right?!*.


If the darkness of greed and jealousy had already taken over Kuasa at the age of 4 years old – again, she looks pretty old from the flashback from the previous episode, too so what gives? – then it’s normal then that Kuasa and Mari’s Mother never came back to look for her. But then, why was Mari placed into the foster care system? Is it as a safe precaution, in case Kuasa somehow survived the misery of their village being annihilated and came looking for her Mother and Sister? If we follow that line of logic, wouldn’t it then be possible for Mari’s Mother to still be alive? That doesn’t make as much sense though, since she appeared among the dead people from Mari’s vision (along with Patty) at the beginning of this episode. Does this mean then that the voyage must have taken its toll on her and she had to work so hard to take care of Mari and she was still grieving her beloved husband’s loss that she let herself die?

Then again mind you, perhaps Kuasa was only corrupted after the ordeal she suffered under. That wouldn’t explain why her Mother just abandoned her though [but then again, the lion spirit said that the distance put by their mother was due to the darkness in Kuasa].

The reason why Mari didn’t die from the poison could be because, as Kuasa said in the previous and fifth episode, the bite of the Anansi-Spider would sever the bond between Mari and the necklace/totem. Did she mean that the simple bite would make it happen, or did she mean that the fact that Mari would be dead would make it happen? Obviously, we don’t know, since Mari didn’t die – she was close to death though – as the necklace was taken from her. But then again, so was Kuasa when Mari took it from her after Kuasa suffered from the bite. If Mari survived – thanks to her animal kingdom friends? – her poisoning, does that mean that Kuasa has her own surviving chances as well?

What the heck happened to Professor McAllister? Did he get his money, and will he appear to Mari‘s doorstep and apologize again and again for his mistakes? Will he ask to study the totem and will he help her harness its true potential/power – like brainwashing people, for example? And/or explain why Anansi didn’t outright kill her with the poison but saved her sort of? How was she able to use her abilities and talk to the animals without the totem? Wouldn’t that mean that the abilities were inside of her since the start?!

And then, there’s the whole story about “her home” being in Detroit, so she won’t protect her village in Zambesi (who’s likely completely deserted except for the corpse of her sister whom she cold-heartedly left out to die because we don’t know what properly happened because these episodes are way too short and I really wished CW would make a full show out of this). While I understand that she’s lived there, and as much as she’s been rejecting them verbally, she adores them from the heart and does consider Detroit her home, I don’t understand why she wouldn’t stay in Zambesi and help out whoever is left. Does the fact that she didn’t mean that it’s because there really was no one left over there anyway? Or was it because the pull of Detroit was too much and she wants to protect her city from muggers now?

I know we won’t see Aquaman anytime soon in the TV shows, but it’d be great to see him team up with Vixen and Animal Man or something, hahaha.

Apart from all that, I’m looking forward to seeing more of what they’ll have in store for this female superheroine. I hope she’ll cross over more often and she’ll be mentioned in the next seasons of The Flash and Arrow, and/or that she’ll have her own full-fledged series on CW Seed. Please make it happen!

All right, folks!
That’s all for this season’s Vixen!
How did you find it?
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