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Title: Once Upon a Time
Season : 5
Episode: 02 [The Price]
Aired: October 4th, 2015
Watched: October 5th, 2015

October 5th, 2015 

Hey there everybody!
So, I trust the week has been treating you well! Here we are starting a new season of Once Upon a Time, with stories from the Arthurian Legends to Brave, Pixar’s animated movie about a bear – I wonder if it’ll turn up soon. Here are my thoughts on the second episode of the series, please beware, there may or may not be spoilers! Thank you!

Present Day Storybrooke

This episode starts as the last one has finished: after Emma Swan – newly turned Dark One – changed Sneezy – the Pharmacist – into stone, the seven Dwarves, led by Leroy, attempt to leave town and, as they’ve done in the past, test out the boundaries of the new curse. You’ll remember of course that before, once someone crossed the threshold of Storybrooke, they would lose their memories and revert into their “real life” counterparts for good. We find out, thanks to Dopey‘s “sacrifice” that once you step out of the line, you turn into trees*, which is, I think, a metaphor to how Merlin himself got stuck into a tree [we’ll find that out later on in this episode, actually]. And I’ll talk more about that later in this post.

It’s also in these moments that we discover that the Dwarves – and many people in town – don’t believe that Regina Mills can be the savior, that she can’t save the town, especially since the one they believe they have to defeat is: Emma herself, an ex-Savior, someone who knows their strategies and who’s been in their ranks. It’s not even just the fact that they don’t know how to defeat her, I think it’s also because of sentimental reasons, just like Mary Margaret says in the end of the episode: if they win this conflict, Emma will lose, and that’s problematic.

Meanwhile, Killian Jones is looking for ways to cure Emma of the Curse of the Dark One. He believes that True Love’s Kiss can do it, and goes to ask Belle what made it not work. I’m glad that this is a callback to that one time when Belle, under the Evil Queen‘s advice, went and tried to give True Love’s Kiss to Rumpelstiltskin in order to cure him. She reveals to Captain Hook that the kiss didn’t work because Rumpel didn’t want to be saved [he was “scared of a life without power” Oh goodness, how is it going to be for him when he wakes up and doesn’t have any powers? Will he still be in good shape or will he be limping all the time?], essentially anyway. This warning [“a curse isn’t a curse anymore if the afflicted one wants it” and also the one where it’s different to battle a dark one, and to love one] doesn’t stop Killian from trying though. When Emma finds him and forcefully brings him to her new place [can I just say that he looks so confused but likes the way she looks now?! It’s so cute – also I like her hair this way? But I also liked her hair before… so… change it, don’t change it, I’m fine with it… she just looks… really evil… maybe it’s the clothes, too]. He kisses her passionately, something that pleases Emma a lot, I think it’s because she thought that Killian would keep treating her “normally” and would still love her and stay with her even though she has embraced being the Dark One. Of course, because she has embraced it, Killian realizes that his kiss doesn’t work, and so, he can’t change her, and this upsets him. Emma offers him the choice of continuing the relationship with her, and her Dark Self (haha) or to ‘end’ the relationship. He leaves, saying that she might have accepted it, that she might think this is the ‘new her’, but it’s not who he is (that he won’t slip into the dark way, again, right? Since he was a villain before, but he turned good). While he’s drinking, dejected and alone, Belle joins him later in Granny’s diner and shares drinks with him. She’s the only one who can really sympathize with him and help him through his feelings, since she’s been where he’s at: worrying and trying to change Rumpel. It’s nice to see them being friends that way. I have a feeling that Killian will need it as he attempts to save Emma this season [and this relationship of theirs might be mutualism, because he can help her sort through her feelings about Rumpel too? Especially since, well I don’t think she’s forgiven him for all his faults yet… but she’s still married to him, isn’t she?].

It’s revealed to us that not only did Regina and the others cross back to Storybrooke, but King Arthur and many of his people have crossed as well. They make an impressive appearance by subduing Leroy, who had gone to retrieve tree-Dopey. Arthur finds his wife again, Guinevere, and we realize that his Excalibur is actually missing [we discover that Emma placed Excalibur in her basement – behind the locked door – and she can’t pull it out, because she wasn’t chosen by the sword. Let’s remember that Merlin has told Emma NOT to pull the sword, even though it was for a good reason]. I wonder why Guinevere is so concerned with the sword. Is it because of the legends, or is it because she only loves Arthur for the sword? I’m wary of Guinevere because of what we know about her and Lancelot [in the legends anyway, so in these few episodes, they better debunk or reveal that story to you readers].

Regina Mills feels the pressure against her. At first, she feels like she’s fully capable of putting on the role of the Savior, she knows that she can do it, and she feels the trust that the one with the Heart of the Believer [I don’t know if this is in any way important, but I do believe that the fact that Henry has the heart of the true believer matters. He can prophecize these things… I hope?], her adopted son Henry, puts in her. Maybe she just wanted to be strong for her son [or maybe in that moment, because he was there with her and because he truly believed in her, she believed in herself, but then he wasn’t with her during all the episode…], and not let him see that she didn’t truly believe in herself, especially since Emma warned them that there would be an evil that only a Savior can defeat, and, as Regina admits to Robin Hood herself, she doesn’t think she can convince everyone that she can protect the town. Not only that, but while they were relocating and helping out Arthur and his people, a hellbeast came and attacked Robin Hood while he was gathering firewood with his son (father-son bonding time is very important and I’m glad they show this not only with Henry, with all his father figures, but also with Roland), and while she was confident and shot her best at it, she still couldn’t save him and got hurt trying [so maybe one could say that this encounter of Regina’s showed her that perhaps she was being overconfident, that maybe she doesn’t have the power needed in order to vanquish this “problem” after all]. Then when Mary Margaret sends her to the hospital to get checked out [to be completely fair, she had a nosebleed, so maybe that was any indication that it was pretty serious], her confidence in herself is rattled [after all, she just lost a magical duel with a Fury [let’s talk about the Fury down below**] which originated from who knows where (at that point anyway). but then she doesn’t really notice, in her grief that she’s lost Robin Hood, that Mary Margaret and David Nolan are there for her: notice how Snow was holding her hand, and how David was patting her back, to non-verbally tell her that everything was going to be fine, and that she would be fine? She might not have believed in herself, and that non-confidence led her to be blinded from the supporters that she obviously does have]. Not only that, but someone else, who previously had so much trust in her, Emma Swan herself mentioned multiple times in this very episode that she didn’t believe in her. Not only that, but when confronted by the fact that there’s a Fury in town, and Emma might be able to do something about it, Emma reveals to Regina that the Fury wasn’t summoned by her – Emma. It was summoned by Regina, because Regina used a magic for which she didn’t pay [now one could think that this “magic” not paid was due to Robin Hood’s resurrection, but I think it’s probably an amalgam of things]. It must have been very vexing to hear that Emma believes that Emma’s always been the one who fixes the problems created by Regina – another reminder that Regina has done much wrongs in her life [I could talk about it in the flashback paragraph, but I’ll talk about it here: we’ve seen Regina ask Emma to save Robin Hood‘s life, and since Emma says: “I’m done fixing your problems” I wonder if this means that Regina went on a high, believing herself to be the Savior and wanting to keep posing as the savior, that she kept asking Emma to help her use her magic for that, and never really paid the price. This could explain the Fury, and this could explain the fact that Emma is mad at her for keeping to use her, as well as explain why Emma doesn’t believe Regina can be the savior: she’s tried before]. I think it’s also pretty important that Emma told Regina that she always puts the blame on someone else: like when she said it was Rumpel‘s fault that she became the evil queen in the first place. That’s pretty significant.

Something else that’s significant: “Now you’re going to be heroic? NOW, life is precious to you?” I wonder if this means that in Camelot, Regina did something that showed Emma that Regina didn’t care about life and didn’t want to save someone – OR maybe she wanted to sacrifice someone for the greater good, but Emma didn’t want that. Maybe it was baby Neal, or Killian, or Henry (but I don’t think Regina would do that ever), someone whom Emma deems extremely important, or maybe a whole population, because I don’t see why Emma would be this mad otherwise.

By not threatening or doing anything ‘wrong’ to Henry in this episode, Emma proves to us that there’s at least something good in her, which is why, I think, the “Dark One” mentor is still there. She still cares deeply about her son. For some reason, Emma believes that Henry didn’t fail her in Camelot, but even her parents and Captain Hook failed her.

Right before Robin Hood was taken to the Underworld by the Fury, when the moon reaches its zenith (so every month, for a week, the Fury will come back for him?), Regina convinces the Fury to take her life instead of Robin Hood‘s. However, instead of letting Regina leave them, Mary Margaret joins her, followed respectively by David NolanLeroy and King Arthur [funny how he joins in when he doesn’t even know everyone. Does this mean that, despite his… odd and fishy appearances, he’s a good guy?]. Probably because it couldn’t really take so many souls into the Underworld, the Fury exploded and they were able to save Robin Hood. I also wondered if we would see the Underworld later on this season… I like how, because Leroy accepted her as the savior, Regina is thankful enough that she’ll actually, ACTUALLY, cured Sneezy from being turned into stone – so now there’s only one Dwarf who isn’t with the others. Can she cure Dopey too?

I love that Violet and Henry were reunited the same way that they had met in Camelot. I’m still a bit wary of her, but that might just be because she’s a stranger, and I don’t want to see Henry‘s heart being broken [I wonder if something will happen to this ship… and if she’ll be going to school, and if Henry will be showing her around and stuff]. But then I don’t want his arc to solely be about crushing on a girl, maybe dating her and then breaking up with her for some odd reason, and then mourning their breakup. I don’t want that, because then he won’t be helping Emma all the time either [priorities, little bro…]. And also, can the Heart of the True Believer save Emma from Darkness that has already engulfed her? Or was the “Heart of the true believer” part really only a plot twist and never to be used again? Also since her name is VIOLET, does she really have to WEAR the color Violet? Snow White was named that but she doesn’t always wear white either…? Okay actually she does… a lot…? But not all the time either… color symbolism…

As I said before, we discover what’s behind the secret door in Emma‘s new house: she brought Excalibur to Storybrooke, and she can’t pull it out – she’s not savior, after all. I wonder what she wants to do with Excalibur. Will she vanquish the Dark One curse with it? Something that no Dark Ones have ever been able to do because they never had access to Excalibur before? Can’t she take Arthur‘s heart and make him pull the sword and link the swords together? I know Dark One Mentor told her she can snuff out the light, but can the purpose be twofold? I know that Merlin implies that it’ll be hell if she unleashes the sword – maybe that’s why it was torn in two and shouldn’t be whole: because it’s too dangerous and provides too much power?

Flashbacks to Camelot 

The flashbacks scene begin also right when we left off in the first episode: King Arthur and his court – as well as his Queen, Guinevere [okay but did this one cheat on Arthur with Lancelot tho?], welcome the Storybrooke team into their castle, inviting all of them to a ball [Mary Margaret‘s comment that she was underdressed was HILARIOUS, especially since she knows what a Princess of her stature is supposed to wear in a castle]. We also already see a budding friendship between Arthur and Prince CharmingDavid Nolan, especially since both of them are noble-like – even though David married into royalty, so that part is something we’ll leave out. He has a noble heart, okay?

We don’t see much of Zelena during the whole episode [I’ll add that we don’t see much of her in Storybrooke – present day, either. And it makes me wonder if she really did come back with them or if something happened to her, or if Regina just quickly and promptly put her in the holding cells again], only when she is muted completely by Regina and asked to remove the magical restrainer from her. Regina forces her to become her mute handmaiden or go back to Granny’s, into the refrigerator. It’s HILARIOUS that Robin Hood was actually listening in and when Zelena got muted, he was smiling proudly. I’ll just note that moment and be sad that I didn’t find a proper gif for it.

King Arthur and Knight Percival show the crew the tree in the courtyard, in which Merlin has been trapped [how?! Well I’ll tell you my theories down below*]. At that site, David reveals to Arthur that they’re “fighting” the Dark One – whom Arthur shows us that he knows. It’s also there where Regina poses as the Saviour in order to save Emma from using Dark Magic to save MerlinWhen Emma and Regina are alone in Merlin’s Tower, Emma asks Regina not to use the dagger to shut her up again (but Regina doesn’t do it on purpose all the time; I wonder if this will happen even more, that Regina will keep ‘ordering’ Emma to do things for her, without letting her speak for herself, and then, Emma finally had it and couldn’t stand being Regina‘s lackey again). Nevertheless, they agree that Regina can pretend to be the Savior, so that Emma doesn’t lose control over her Dark Magic again [the fact that we didn’t see Merlin come back means that either they’ve succeeded by Emma killed him for stalking her when she was a child, or they weren’t able to save him at all, or Emma decided to run away from him by bringing everyone back with her, so that he won’t cure her from being the Dark One].

Regina later reveals to Mary Margaret and David Nolan and Doc that she doesn’t want to go to the dance, because she’s never danced before, and her husband – Snow White’s Father – only danced with his beloved daughter in all the balls Snow White and she have attended together. David offers to tutor her in dancing, something we know he’s pretty good at since he’s tutored dream-Emma before [I bet he’s so happy that he got to use the skills he’d honed in order to show his daughter]. A funny moment in this scene was when Regina chose the wardrobe she would otherwise have chosen as the Evil Queen [I guess it’s clothes that she’s most comfortable wearing, so that’s why when asked to change clothes, she’ll automatically follow with those, and maybe this is another subtle way for us to know that she’s still not ready to accept her place as Savior: she still views herself as the Evil Queen – and maybe the dress she was wearing when they came back after 6 weeks was also a bit too much like the one an Evil Queen would have chosen, so would there be some character development in her in those 6 weeks that happened? I dunno?!]. Not only was the choice funny, but Snow White and Prince Charming‘s faces when they saw the choice was even funnier: the former was looking like she would scold her step-mother and the latter looking like he was confused with the fashion sense nowadays.

Probably while Regina was getting dance lessons, Mary Margaret helps Emma prepare for the ball, fixing a crown made out of flowers into her hair – beautiful against her golden hair by the way – and telling her of her first experience in a ball [I guess she doesn’t know that Emma infiltrated balls and has already danced before, huh? Or the writers just forgot? Or perhaps this is just meant to show that this is their first ball together as mother-daughter, some seriously good and nice bonding time between mother-daughter that they have]. I like the contrast between this motherly moment and the moment when Emma touched Mary Margaret‘s cheek coldly in the previous episode [can I also just say how it’s weird that they’re saying: “Lady Mary Margaret” when they could’ve announced: “Princess/Queen Snow White”?! Wait, maybe if they had announced it that way, they would’ve connected Regina to the Evil Queen that much faster].

I ADORED that Mary Margaret and David Nolan still look out for Henry a lot, especially when, while all the couples were happily dancing [you’ll see below], Snow White sees her grandson having his first crush on Violet. To this, David says “he’s on it” and goes to advise his grandchild: be himself and go offer her a few drinks and introduce himself [I wonder if this will backfire since he sort of boasted a little bit, but at least he didn’t lie about what he has done]. Taking his grandfather’s advice, Henry goes and introduces himself, impressing her by not boring her, showing her music from their time [I wonder if she wanted him to kiss her hand instead of shaking it, but maybe that’s just my shipping heart wishing…]. This contrasts well with the fact that they were reunited in Storybrooke, present day, in the same episode but I’ve probably talked about that earlier. I totally look forward to all Henry‘s parental figures giving him love advice: THIS IS GONNA BE SO FUNNY. I also love how Regina was pretty protective, demanding to know who the girl talking to her son was. And maybe she does have reason to be worried: this girl, Violet, isn’t someone I know from the Arthurian legends, but Morgana was known to change shape… and take on forms of people (more on that later***)… I’m a bit sad that other than his biological grandparents, and his adoptive mother, no one else – especially Emma Swan – had noticed – or seemed to have noticed. I look forward to the next episode, maybe Emma will slip in some sly comment and tease him or something like that… Have I ever told you my headcanon about the ‘father’ figures in Henry‘s life giving him love advice? Let me link you.

During the ball, Regina dances with Robin Hood, and that’s absolutely hilarious, because she doesn’t know how to dance, so they both copy Killian Jones and Emma Swan as they dance as well. It’s funny because this isn’t the first time we see the latter couple dance, as you’ll well remember (Season 3, episode 21). It’s hilarious and it’s very cute that Robin and Regina are having so much fun. I haven’t seen them as happy in awhile –  the hiatus and all that, so that made me very happy. It’s also even more funny that Emma knows how to dance the traditional ways more than Regina does. These scenes between these couples really show a stark contrast between what’s happening in this flashback – pre-Dark Swan [where she looked RADIANT, just RADIANT with that flower crown] – and the present day – post-Dark Swan. I really liked how Killian wanted to compliment Emma [I also like her hair down, Killian, it’s okay], haha, nicely done, Hook. It’s also a nice callback to when she attempted to compliment him and he responded the same way in a previous season.

I’m glad that the writers are planning much more for Belle, and that she wouldn’t be so sidelined during this season, she did a lot during this episode [she revealed what she knew about the Fury, and advised Killian on Dark One romance, but to me, what’s important was her relationships with other characters that was kept]. We have to remember how she had met Grumpy Leroy before, as he was named Dreamy and was in love with a Fairy. They’d become friends over drinks and advice on what to do. I was impressed that he knew she was worried for Mr. Gold and came to reassure her with some positivism that I didn’t know Grumpy was capable of. It must be his Dreamy side showing. He said that while it’s true that with every petal of the rose that falls, it shows that Rumpel is that much closer to death, it also means that with every petal that stays on the stem, it shows that Rumpel is surviving, that there’s still time to save him. Belle appreciates it and it alleviates her worries. I appreciated that.

Something goes wrong, however, as Knight Percival asks for a dance with Regina. We’ll remember that this dude creepily offered her a necklace from which he could stare into whatever it can see. I wonder who gave him the necklace! Morgana [let’s talk about Morgana later***], perhaps? When he tells her the story of a boy whose family was wiped out by the Evil Queen who came and actually smiled at his misery, Regina knows that he’s busted her cover and knows that she’s the Evil Queen and not the Savior [I wonder if she knows that the necklace was enchanted to spy on her (and will remove it, especially since she knows that Percival was the one who gave it to her). I wonder, because I thought maybe the necklace was going to suck her magical powers away from her or something like that – especially if Morgana or Mordred are involved (we’ll talk about them later, I promise)***]. Sir Percival reveals that he hasn’t told King Arthur about Regina‘s queenly title – and of her evil deeds – as the King wouldn’t have allowed him to kill Regina [likely because King Arthur believes – as we are revealed to later on, when Regina says that she’s the reformed Evil Queen – everyone deserves a second chance, especially since Camelot is a place that accepts these, and especially since he still believes that Regina is the Savior despite being an ex-Evil person]. As he says this, Percival takes out an especially poisoned sword that was meant to be lethal to her (again, who gave this to him?! MORGANA?! MORDRED?!). Robin Hood steps in right in time, but was stabbed, and David Nolan immediately dispatches Percival for doing this to his bro [I desperately need KillianRobinDavid and heck I’ll even accept Arthur to have adventures together, bond and become best of friends].

However, the wound is lethal – since it was meant to kill someone as powerful as an Evil Queen, someone like Robin Hood doesn’t stand a chance. Regina attempts to heal him, but realizes that she cannot. Desperate, especially because she’s already lost one love of her life, and doesn’t wish to go through that again (and if she loses Robin, she’ll have to take care of his son, Roland, and she’ll have to tell him that his father died because of her, and she doesn’t want to live with that burden (she’s lived with knowing that her “stable boy” died because of her, too, after all, and that was pretty heavy on her heart)), Regina turns to Emma and, without ordering her to, asks her to revive Robin. Before Emma does so, however, Rumpelstiltskin – or rather the Dark One – chimes in and reminds her that Regina will have to pay a price first. Emma completely ignores him and uses her powers on Robin Hood anyway [does she pay the price herself, or will Regina have to pay it, even though Emma didn’t tell the ex-Evil Queen before using the spell to save him? So many questions… We’ll have to see in the next episode…].

Nothing goes wrong with reviving Robin – not that we see anyway – but Emma feels weird, and she rushes to kiss Killian Jones right in front of her parents and Regina [and no, I can’t help but share with you the gif that someone made about their reaction, it’s the best, THE BEST]. She stops the kiss short though, refusing to tell them what’s wrong [I wonder if the fact that she keeps to herself these problems and the fact that she has a Rumpel mentor will drive them apart. After all, the fact that she can’t communicate with them truly what’s going on in her mind and the fact that she’s always had trouble communicating isn’t something new and has hindered her before], and hurries outside, because she doesn’t want them to see her skin slowly starting to turn glittery gold, just like Rumpelstiltskin‘s when he became full-on Dark One. Rumpel-Dark-One-Mentor surmises that she is starting to turn because she’s liked it: the feeling of using the powers of the Dark One – even though it was for a good purpose [the Darkness]. [now this is an aside, but I wonder if Emma‘s regular day self sported the yellow golden glitter on her skin as well, until I realized that Mr. Gold also doesn’t have the gold glitter, and I guess that only really happens when they’re both in the Enchanted Forest, not in Storybrooke? But maybe they’ll elaborate on that? Maybe they won’t? Maybe by the time Emma cast the curse that Regina and then Snow cast, she’ll be fully in golden glitter, just like Rumpelstiltskin was? Who knows?]

*I promised I would talk about the people turning into trees, so let’s talk about it, especially for those of you, and I’m looking at you, Bayleef, who don’t know about the Arthurian legends, and mind you, this is from memories of me reading these stories from childhood, so my memory may be rusty and you are more than welcome to correct me if need be. Please do. So, Merlin was the most powerful wizard of all time – especially in the legends anyway – he took on many apprentices, even Morgan le Fay, whom we’ll talk about later on. Another apprentice of his that is most important in his life is Viviane. I know her from the French tales, so you’ll have to accept that I’ll be using those names, and probably terms. At any rate, Viviane was the Lady of the Lake, as well, trapped within the confines of the Broceliande Forest. Stories go anyway that she tricked Merlin into teaching her everything he knows, and used the powers against him. Other legends – and I rather this one especially – say that he chose to stay in the confines of the forest, turning himself into a tree, in order to stay with her (of course in this version, they both love each other, so it fits very well with my ideal version of the tales haha).

Following up on my thoughts that perhaps Regina did several things to pose as the Savior and made Emma do things for her, without paying the price for the magic she was using up, thus summoning the Fury among them, I wonder if this is the reason why Emma erased their memories. Maybe it’s partly to protect them from knowing that something went horribly wrong? I don’t know, maybe. Or maybe she really is done with their sh@t and saving their arses all the time. Maybe she decided that poor Lilith (WHO STILL HASN’T APPEARED WITH HER MOTHER, I WANT THEM QUEENS OF DARKNESS TO COMBINE POWERS AND HELP EMMA OUT GIRLS) has had too many bad experiences and, by becoming the Dark One truly, Emma can make up for it [no idea]?

**Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten that I need to talk about the Fury. Not only did we talk about the “Fury” but Belle and Regina Mills also mention the “Underworld” in this episode. The Underworld mostly – and especially, for me anyway – pertains to the world of Greek Mythology – or Roman Mythology (I sometimes get those mixed up). In this episode, it’s revealed, as I’ve mentioned before, that the Furies only come to collect a debt that needs to be paid for an unpaid magic, and the only way to stop a Fury from taking someone is to sacrifice one’s own life. In the mythology, Furies are synonymous of vengeance. Some say that they mostly punish people who are evil, but I’m not sure, I mean, we know that Robin Hood hasn’t done anything wrong. Since they’re known to torture the souls they take to the Underworld – a means, I’m sure, to prevent mortals from ever thinking of doing amoral and immoral things – I wondered whether or not this Fury would take Robin Hood to the Underworld and torture him until Regina steps up. Why am I telling you these things? Well, because that way, you’ll have more general knowledge of where the writers may or may not have inspired themselves in order to write this season out. Not only that, but maybe you’ll think of something that will happen next. Will the Fury come back? Emma made it feel like it would be powerful, and did the power of love and team work (Guardians of the Galaxy style) really defeat the Fury, or was it only for the moment?

***So, Morgana, and why is she important? Well, Morgana – more commonly known, I think, as Morgan le Fay [read more on her] – was a character that was both villainous and good in the Arthurian legends – she became good by the end though? Again, stop me or comment if my version is the wrong one, but as I recall – and my memory is bad – Morgana was actually Arthur‘s sister – or step-sister. She used to be Merlin‘s apprentice and she was very jealous of Arthur. Sometimes, she was depicted by other authors as the villain, Morgause (it was a different character in the original story I think?), who did the naughty with her step-brother in order to produce an illegitimate son, Mordred, a bad Knight who rebelled against his King and father, and later fatally wounded him – only to be killed in the end, so all’s good? If she’s evil, could she have tampered with something? Could she have provided the Knights with means to defeat the Dark One? Or was she originally the Dark One? BOOM. Or maybe Mordred, too. Maybe Mordred. I mean, Sir Kay and even Sir Percival appeared in the series (both died though).

All right, that’s all for my thoughts on this episode. 
Have a great week,
and let’s hope that I can keep up with these posts this semester!