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Title: MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD
Season: 03
Episode: 01 [Laws of Nature]
Aired: September 29th, 2015
Watched: September 29th, 2015

October 10th, 2015

Hey there everyone!
How’s it all coming along?! I trust that you’re having a great week! Here I am again, reviewing MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD! That’s right, and without finishing my Season 2 reviews either, I’m sorry, I’m not even up to date, there’s a couple of episodes from that season I missed, but I still watched the finale and I’m familiar with what happened in-between, so hey… haha. Let’s start this post with the usual: there are spoilers in this episode, please be wary of them!

We immediately begin the episode with the bottle of fish oil vitamins that we know this new character, Joey, has ingested before totally ransacking his own home. Not only that, but it turned also seems to have turned some people in his home to stone, and destroyed many parts of his home. He’s being pursued by helicopters and many figures of authority. He is also seen melting metal, a power that is amazing to have if he controls it. As he tells people who are running away from him, he is trying to get to the hospital. He is stopped by vehicles of armed men. Their leaders is communicating with a woman, saying that the alien threat [now his choice of words here is extremely important: it means, to me anyway, that whoever they are know that this guy is of alien descent, so they already know about the Inhumans?] has been surrounded. By the panic in the soldiers’ request of Joey keeping his hands up in the air, it doesn’t seem like these soldiers really know what they’re dealing with and how to properly deal with it. Just as Joey melts everything – even their guns – around him, he runs to hide inside of an alley, where they pursue him.

I really liked the grand entrance that Skye – or rather Daisy Johnson makes [she really upgrades in badassery every single season, huh] – as she deflects everything that is possibly dangerous for Joey, as Mack and Lance Hunter join her in the alley to help calm and protect Joey. She looks really badass with her hair cut short the way it was. I like that she’s decided to use her name in the end. As she’s one of the Inhumans, she’s the one who helps the Inhumans that SHIELD finds, debriefing them a lot [for example, revealing to him that she’s trying to help Inhumans and that she’s not the one who gave him the powers, and that they won’t be able to cure him. She also finds out, from Joey, that he got his powers possibly via the fish oil] and transitioning them. It feels like she’s been doing that a lot, but it hasn’t, since Joey‘s the first they were able to extract in the month [at least they’ve attempted and so far succeeded in containing it to the continent?].

I liked the closet-rocket that goes back to the “bus” [much bigger than the previous one, and I wonder if Nick Fury is back as his own position as Director, or…], that was pretty awesome. I wonder if we’ll see such technology in Captain America: Civil War, and I wonder who developed it, too [especially the poly-tectic adaptive materials used for Joey‘s habitat, in order to help him have a semblance of real life, by not melting anything]. The jokes are always coming and didn’t miss a beat, in my opinion, that was also pretty good.

Bad Guys?? 

A lady joins the authorities who had been planning to bring Joey in after Daisy‘s successful rescue mission, and the lady reveals that Joey has been extracted, and it is evident that she’s been aware of the other incidences where Inhumans have been shown to the public. Meanwhile, Coulson is seen taking shots of her among other people who are taking pictures of what has happened – probably to post them on their social media outlets.

From Coulson‘s talk with Daisy, it’s evident that these Black Ops guys have been extracting – killing and studying – 5 Inhumans. We even see these five corpses in a hospital chamber where they’re being studied, as Rosalind – that’s right, we discover her name, instructs her right-hand man to be more cautious next time they have a sighting.

As the new bus lands, Joey is awakened and is welcomed by Agent Bobbi Morse [yay for her recovery!! I love how she used her psycho-analytic mind to analyze Joey‘s personality in order to help him a little bit], who cracks a joke about her nickname, “Bobbi” being short for “Barbara,” a name she doesn’t quite like. Before she lets him out, she tells him that the entire room – made of the same material – is put to his disposition and that he can do what he wants. He can change clothes and then, she advises him to do medical scans, in order for them to figure out his physiology and figure out how he’s doing, even though she knows from looking him up that he doesn’t really enjoy medical check-ups. All of this from looking through his Facebook!

After telling him that she had a general sense that he was a good person (after all, he’s generally more concerned about other people than he is of himself: THE QUALITY OF A GREAT HERO, I SAY, AND HE BETTER BE INCLUDED IN THE NEW AVENGERS/WARRIORS FOR PROJECT CATERPILLAR, OKAY?! I WISH FOR THIS VERY HARD), she honestly answers to him that yes, he probably did hurt people without meaning to, but reassures him that there’s been no report of fatalities, and that he’ll be safe from whoever was after him [Rosalind].

It’s revealed to us, through Coulson‘s conversation with Lance Hunter, that they’ve been keeping track of HYDRA, and that they’ve gone silent, that they haven’t been using their usual bank accounts, so it doesn’t look like whoever is after the Inhumans is HYDRA. They dig some more and find that Rosalind has been a part of the CIA, the MI6, etc. and all these times, she’s been under different names: Margaret Campbel, Jane Thompson

Lance Hunter doesn’t want to take the data to Bobbi, revealing that at some level, he’s avoiding her and probably feels bad about what they’ve been through – her taking a bullet for him, and all that. Coulson sarcastically says that he’ll do it, since he doesn’t want Hunter to do something that makes him uncomfortable. He says this as he unhooks his hand, revealing to us that no, he didn’t get a new limb attached, but is now part-cyborg – sort of. Coulson dispatches Mack to help Skye with the transition with Joey, to which Mack immediately corrects him: it’s Daisy [I’m trying really hard not to make the mistake myself]. It’s revealed to us through this that Coulson is the only one who has difficulties calling Daisy by her given name instead of the name she’d chosen for herself [I wonder if, at some level, it’s because he fought so hard for her to keep her identity as Skye when her father, Cal, had been forcing the identity of her daughter onto her in the previous season, and now it’s difficult for him to see her as Cal’s daughterDaisy, rather than his adoptive daughter, Skye?! Well, I’m sure he’ll transition in time…].

Following that, Mack and Daisy go and meet with Joey once again. They crack jokes – as heroes seem to often do in order to relax the atmosphere – by saying that Mack is a big softie, a big teddy bear, whereas Daisy is the real muscle (I mean, given her powers, and all that). Joey reveals to them that he hates his body, and he feels like he is ready to know the truth, which Daisy promptly gives to him: He is a descendant of aliens, which means that a small portion of his DNA has alien genes in them, which means that, once he intakes the fish oil with the Terrigen mist, the dormant gene comes to life and gives them a transformation – it can be in the physical area, or in superpower genre. Daisy reveals to him that she’s Inhuman as well by saying that she welcomes him to the club.

Upon understanding his situation, Joey laughs. Mack also reveals to him that they can’t let him leave. Together, Daisy and he attempt to explain that, given the nature of his abilities, even if he gained control over his abilities, he would need to be mentally stable enough to never use them unless he absolutely needed to, before they can release him to the world. Daisy suggests that SHIELD would help him gain control over his abilities before setting him up with a new identity, however, Joey likes his current life; he fought to build a life he would be comfortable living. He insists on leaving, but then, he is exposed to what the public and media are saying about him.

Skye Daisy drops the Sokovia name drop (Sokovia is the place where Avengers: Age of Ultron mostly took place, because the Avengers let Sokovia be lifted above in the air and be dropped down – after having evacuated, thank goodness – because of Ultron) as she attempts to show Joey how difficult it will be for him to go back to his old life: his apartment is being searched and there’s no doubt that his family is probably being questioned and may be followed in order to see if they are hiding him. He won’t be able to return to them without endangering them more than he already has. Without listening to reason, Joey repeats that he wants to get out, even grabbing Daisy by the arms, thus making her use her powers for the first time against him. She knocks him to the wall after she’d demanded him to stop.

As the base shakes – due to “Daisy firing a warning shot,” as Bobbi puts it [she knows because she’d been monitoring the interview] – we learn that they’ve been sending automated probes into the room where the monolith is, and that they’ve been doing a lot of testing and stuff in order to find out what the monolith is and what it’s done to Jemma Simmons – you’ll recall that she’d been absorbed by it during the season finale. We also learn that they had shut down the selling of the fish oil, but they couldn’t track down every bottle that had been sold. After a few more testings, they found out that the before deadly chemical that could kill humans sank to the very bottom of the sea, so the waters aren’t deadly to humans anymore, due to it being so diluted, I guess, but remains just as ‘game-changing’ as it always was for the Inhumans. Bobbi uses her biology expertise to say that the Terrigen compound wasn’t only absorbed by the fish and then into the fish oil vitamins, but also to other sea life, which can complicate things, as they see in the computer simulation that they run later on in the episode: a lot of Inhumans will pop out from the four corners of the Earth if they don’t do something to stop the compound from being ingested or something… it will be very interesting to see what they’ll do.

Bobbi isn’t liking the rehab that she’s doing, not being able to be in the field, and she lets Coulson know, but he sarcastically tells her that he understands better than anyone else, but that she’s got it better than he does, since she doesn’t hope that her knee will grow back (revealing that, to some level, he wants his hand to grow back).

Coulson wants Fitz to look into where a certain gun comes from, so they can narrow the search to the woman. He reveals to us that Fitz has been gone for awhile, requesting to research archives here and there, and going on leads, so frantic is he to find out what happened to Jemma and how to bring her back. Since they don’t say anything directly to him, it’s just like all of them are tiptoe-ing around him, just like at the beginning of the second season. After all, he probably feels responsible for what happened: he inadvertently opened the glass that enabled the monolith to suck Jemma out of their reach, and he’s lost the love of his life right after he began to feel more confident in his abilities, too and scored a date with her!

Bobbi agrees to call him and that’s exactly what she does when Coulson leaves, telling him what the Director (I still think Coulson is still Director) wants him to do: analyze a gun, but Fitz counters that she can do it: “for a biologist, you’re pretty good with forensics”. Bobbi tells him that she can’t cover for him anymore – I think she, like Coulson, really want him to get his head back in the game instead of chasing ghosts. We discover that Fitz‘ last lead led him to Tangier, in Morocco, where he attempts to meet up with a renowned and feared person, Yusef Hadad. So feared, in fact, that the taxi driver doesn’t want him to go alone, but isn’t brave enough to accompany him.

It’s extremely and always funny when a foreigner tries to speak in a different language (in Fitz‘s case here, it’s Arabic I think? According to my subtitles anyway), and his interlocutors are not impressed, saying that they can speak and understand English. Fitz taunts the guards, telling them that Yusef Hadad will probably want to meet him in order to get what’s in the case. Instead of leading Fitz directly to Hadad, they knock him out [Fitz, you shouldn’t have insulted their English, I think…] and only drag him out to their boss once they’ve realized that they can’t open the case.

No one could open the case that Fitz brought with him, and Hadad wishes for Fitz to open it for them. Fitz then tells them that he’ll only do it in exchange for something valuable. Hadad initially refuses, offering Fitz‘s life instead but, upon seeing Fitz‘s determination, eventually agrees. Fitz wants a really old scroll casing that could contain studies or properties on the monolith, made in the Yucatan. He tracked this scroll casing down to Yusef Hadad, sort of, and indeed, Yusef has such casing right behind him – it’s very convenient, isn’t itFitz opens the briefcase, revealing that he brought the disks that had been used to dispatch of Bakshi in the previous season, and had almost killed General Talbot as well, rendering all of its victims into tiny particles of atom. The splinter bombs.

Yusef Hadad attempts to backstab Fitz, snickering at him when he finds out that he is doing all of this for a woman he loves: “only love can make a man so stupid.” But Fitz hadn’t lost his mind entirely (thank god), as these were in fact bombs that either rendered them sightless like flash bombs, or with a deafening sound, or both, I’m not sure, because we saw a blur, and an odd sound, and not the splinter bombs. Taking the scroll casing and leaving these bad guys in his dust, Fitz highjacks the cab he’d used to get there and races back to HQ. It only incapacitates them for a few moments, though, since they rapidly go after him.

Back in HQ, as Mack confirms with Bobbi that they “lost” Fitz again, we know that the two of them have been helping Fitz going on his crazy theories and have been covering for him with CoulsonMack also reveals to us that he is the one who locked up the monolith to prevent people from going in – in order to keep Fitz from obsessing over it and also probably to stop him from trying to get sucked into the monolith in pursue Jemma, but it still didn’t stop him, did it…? Bobbi shoots his idea down, that Fitz isn’t irrational and wouldn’t just risk his skin like that. Instead, letting him take his time to find all these leads will help him cope. No one wants to have the talk with him, that Jemma is most likely dead, so they should just let him lead.

Bobbi takes a few testing to see how fast the pistol she was given to analyze can make the bullet travel (I’m not making any sense), and asks Mack to look at the weapon, but as she reveals to him that every single thoughts he had on the weapon, she’s already thought about it, he’s offended: “she didn’t really need his eyes on it”. He tells her that she should ask Hunter to contact shady people, in order to see where this DARPA-made weapon [for more information on DARPA] could come from.

At the mention of HunterBobbi states the obvious: Hunter‘s not talking to her, and when asked whether or not she knows what’s happening, she says she does. Mack is acting like her big brother again when he says that he hopes she knows what she’s doing, because he doesn’t want it to end in complete disaster. He doesn’t want more discord among the core team. After all, we know that May hasn’t come back, Ward has betrayed them in the first season, Skye isn’t Skye anymore, Jemma disappeared, Fitz keeps leaving to find Jemma, and now, if Hunter and Bobbi have a problem, the whole team will really fall apart.

Meanwhile, Daisy is debriefing Coulson on how Joey‘s doing: not well at all, emotionally… Daisy requests to go see Lincoln in order to persuade him to work with SHIELD in order to protect and help the new Inhumans transition. After all, he learned the traditions and he knows how it is. He even is the one who helped Daisy herself transition and accept her powers. Coulson reveals that they hadn’t been successfully convincing him to come to HQ. Mack himself doesn’t like the idea of Lincoln roaming free, so he says that if they can bring him in so he can do good in a supervised environment, he’s fine with the idea. Coulson then dispatch them to visit Lincoln again.

Bobbi immediately hails Coulson to see the information that she’s found on the DARPA prototype that they’ve found. From the DARPA facilities surveillance tapes that they have, they found out that she’s a DC branch office, and offers them a moment when they can visit RosalindCoulson and Hunter both go to intercept her, only to be revealed that the entire population of the wagon work for her and will protect her from them.

Again, humourously, Coulson and Hunter banter [Hunter arguing that they’re outnumbered] with Rosalind (well Coulson does the talking [even going so far as qualifying it as “cagey banter”…], mostly, and Hunter provides with a lot of humour: “again, killing it with the math” [as someone pointed it out: it’s hilarious that the elderly lady has a gun and is ready to pounce on Hunter]). Rosalind reveals that she has done a lot of research and knows that Coulson was supposed to be dead. She accuses him of using KGB-style level of intimidation, to which Coulson retorts that he wouldn’t know, but that she might, since she’s worked with Russian counterintelligence before. To this, Rosalind says the magical words: “I haven’t been in Tahiti, I hear it’s a magical place,” proving to us that her research was extremely thorough.

Rosalind cuts right to the chase after this: she wants to know where SHIELD has hidden the Inhumans [she’s in charge, after all, of neutralizing the threats, she doesn’t even work under anyone, people take orders from her, she reveals, so that’s pretty different from Talbot, I guess…], revealing to us that the Inhumans they’ve found were all dead already when they’d arrived. So there’s a third party involved, interested with the Inhumans [and Rosalind doesn’t seem to want to work with Coulson at all, even though I’m pretty sure that she’ll come around, just like how General Talbot has had to turn around and become a situational ally from time to time because of their common enemies, and Lash is definitely a common enemy].

As Rosalind excuses herself in order to take a call, Coulson detaches his hand and hits Rosalind‘s henchman at the same time as Hunter dispatches of the people who are keeping him, as well. Together, they make their escape after Coulson tells them that they should’ve done their homework right (after all, if they had, they would know not to handcuff him, since he only has one hand and can, therefore, easily break free from the handcuff situation).

We then cut to Lincoln, who’s revealed to be working at a hospital, trying to finish up his rounds, only to find that his final patient is Daisy, who attempts to convince him to join SHIELD. He doesn’t want that: he only wants a normal life, and he doesn’t want to spread the Inhuman lives that Jiyaying [still can’t get her name right] told him to spread with the Inhumans. Now, he believes that Inhumanity is a curse and that Daisy, of all people, should know that. I guess this arc for him will be reverse table from what Daisy went through. She first believed her abilities were a curse, after all, until he showed her the way. So I guess Daisy will be showing Lincoln the way, huh? Well, I’m perfectly fine with that.

Their conversation – well, Mack‘s intimidation and Lincoln‘s – is interrupted when a man demands to find the Inhuman. Lash walks in, looking pretty intimidating and a bit weird with the spiky hair [in case you don’t know about Lash, he’s basically a dude who wishes for only a few select individuals to be chosen to be Inhumans, and have powers. He doesn’t think every Inhumans born with the potential should be wielding powers, I think? But maybe they changed his motives… we’ll have to see], immediately finding Lincoln and SkyeLincoln charges in, shooting lightning bolts in order to defend himself, and Daisy jumping in with her own powers when it seems like Lash is getting the upper hand (I must say that Lincoln using his powers over electricity looked a bit less… cool, especially when he uses it for too long a period). Without leaving Mack enough time to get a bigger gun – or an ax, which is hilarious because he wielded an axe against Gordon in the previous season, to me and my dark humour anyway, it’s ludicrous, and also because, well, it shows that he really does love wielding an axDaisy and Lincoln go after Lash, who’d escaped after somehow creating a hole in the wall with his powers once he realized that he was outnumbered by two pretty powerful Inhumans (I guess) and who, for once, unlike the other ones he probably killed, KNOW how to use their powers.

Lash incapacitates Mack and immediately, Daisy and Lincoln rush to his aid, sending him everything they’ve got. So much so that Lash is pushed backwards – the effects on this scene aren’t the best… Then, Daisy gets the idea of collapsing the floor underneath Lash, which works, but then he escapes from them. They all split ways, because the military is looking for Inhumans – even Daisy, who’s working for SHIELD and, technically, for the government.

Poor Lincoln, now it’s quite obvious that he’s going to have to say bye-bye to the normal life he worked hard to achieve… he also chooses to still not join SHIELD, choosing, instead, to flee once the coast was clear. I’m expecting him back though, because he’s really important and his abilities should be used. It’s also very ironic, as I said, how he was the one who made Daisy see the good in being Inhuman, and yet now hates his own heritage. I’m also hoping for him to join project Caterpillar.

Back at Headquarters, Hunter is in his locker as Bobbi has finished training – or something, because she’s wearing something that looks similar to her fighting suit. She confronts him about him not wanting to speak to her, and he reveals that “you’re not supposed to see the bride on the wedding day,” which would be a weird-ish, but he gives her the ring that he’d been looking for. Bobbi attempts to lessen the mood by calling him “Master of Melodrama,” because she didn’t want the ring back for sentimental reasons, nor grand gestures. She’s not very romantic, that one. Hunter immediately counters by reminding us [and her] what she said at the end of the second season: “I can’t do this anymore,” and she explains: “pretend not to…” but she stops herself. Pretend not to care about Hunter, perhaps?? And she doesn’t want them to make the mistake of marrying each other again, since the first time they were married, it didn’t last long and didn’t end well either, which is why his ring is at the bottom of the ocean.

She admits that she just wants the ring so she can remember him, since he’s going to chase down ex-Agent Grant Ward, who’s probably by now the head of HYDRA, in order to take revenge on what he’s done to the couple – and to the SHIELD team in general. Coulson even agreed to set Hunter loose for that, but Bobbi is upset that she can’t join him, because they both know that she might slow him down, since she’s not fully recovered – as we know even from her earlier conversation with Coulson.

Mack interrupts their otherwise tender moments to announce that President Ellis is addressing the Inhuman problem, and everyone goes to watch this. He tells them that he’s created a special task force – Rosalind’s – the Advanced Threat Containment Unit (ATCU). This means to us that the ATCU will be representing the government in this arc, a lot like how General Talbot was for the previous season – will the dude return?

Meanwhile, Mack is meeting with a graphics designer (?) in order to have a portrait of Lash, to maybe put in the Index? Coulson has finally seen the simulation system that his team has developed, to see the spread of the alien contagion, and it’s overwhelming how many incidents there will be if they don’t find a response soon, in order to contain it. I wonder what they’ll be doing.

As she doesn’t want Joey to be completely isolated from the rest of the team, Daisy feels comfortable enough with him now that she is even drinking beer with him, as they watch President Ellis‘ speech unfold. She gives him beer, and I’m sure he appreciates that she’s being so nice to him. He confesses that he’s been living miserably until he came out as gay to his parents, and Daisy answers his silent question: the secret of the Inhumans is too big, and people right now in this world are not ready to face it, not as of yet anyway. Joey nods, as if he understood what she meant, but I wonder at the level of his involvement later on… Will he appear often from now on? A new addition to the team? Or will Lash take him out the moment he steps into nature?

Fitz returns to the Headquarters, hurrying to the lab in order to open the scroll casing that he stole from Morocco, with Coulson looking on, and trying to help. Coulson really doesn’t want Fitz to keep digging for shadows, and he tries to patiently make Fitz realize that he’s been chasing leads for awhile [in his list, Coulson even mentions the Pym incident, meaning that this took place AFTER Ant-man, which was an awesome movie, you guys should go watch it], and not to get his hopes up. However, our genius is adamant, explaining once again that he thinks the scroll contains analysis about the monolith and, if the analysis can tell them what the monolith is composed of, they could potentially, maybe, take the next step into activating it, or knowing what happens. The scroll reveals only one word, in Hebrew: for “Death“. This implies then, that Jemma Simmons could be dead, and Coulson says that they both need to go to Sheffield, where Jemma‘s parents reside, in order to tell them that she’s gone, because they deserve to know, in order to move on – the same way Agent Hart‘s sister needed to know she was gone.

Finally, for the first time in this episode, Coulson reveals to us how he feels about the change: he doesn’t like it. Nothing feels normal to him. Not only did he lose his arm/hand, he even lost his right hand – Melinda May, who’s nowhere to be found after she took off on vacation, and they all lost Jemma, too. They’ve got to accept it, even though it’s difficult for Fitz, and it’s heartbreaking, because he’s in tears when he hears these.

Refusing to believe that he can move on without JemmaFitz immediately goes to the armory, picking up a gun – I couldn’t name to you which, tearing open the door of the room that contains the monolith, and demanding that it opens the portal for him, that it swallows him the way it swallowed Jemma, in order for them, at least, to be together, wherever she is. It was a very powerful moment, and it still gives me goosebumps as I watch it, maybe it’s because of the fact that you’re scared that Fitz might be sucked in, too. Or maybe it’s just the raw, intense emotion that he conveys. The actor did a brilliant job of this. Since it didn’t immediately activate and swallow him up, I’m guessing he doesn’t, then, have Inhuman blood?

Afterwards, we discover where Jemma Simmons has been all this time: in a desert-like blue space, running away from someone, or something that’s been chasing her. I am guessing that this is why the scroll said: “death” [maybe someone was sent to execute her, or the Inhumans are sent in this dimension in order to be executed – OR and maybe this is it: people who have KILLED might be sent there – as you know, Jemma has killed Bakshi – even though he’s a bad guy, but what if this is it? Inhumans who have killed are sent there?! Or just Inhumans? Or just killers? We’ll have to see, but has Fitz ever killed someone? Maybe that’s why the monolith didn’t activate when he was in the room?! – other than the fact that he obviously isn’t Inhuman…?]. The original person who posted this particular post had a pretty solid hypothesis as to where she could be and what she could be running from, you could check it out. From the fact that we’re seeing her clothes all tattered and everything, I’m guessing that it’s not like time has stopped for them, and I wonder how much time has passed between her time there and the real life time. Maybe it’s been less time? Maybe it’s been longer [both could point to the fact that it’s in a different dimension]? Or maybe it’s been about the same amount of time [maybe this means another planet/world, but in the same dimension…]?

Here’s Emergency Awesome‘s video review for the episode. The Weekly Pull: Podcast, which consists of the people of Comicstorian, of ComicsExplained, of ComicPop, of ComicbookCast and of ItsSuperEffective, also talked about this episode, if you don’t mind listening to it, haha.