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Title: Quantico
Season: 1
Episode: 1 [Run]
Aired: September 27th, 2015
Watched: October 5th, 2015

October 22nd, 2015

Hello there, everybody!
So, after I watched the second episode of Once Upon a Time, I watched the second episode of Quantico for the first time, and wow, I decided that I’d like to give this series a try… it’s not very realistic, given that I’m not always going to be able to do these things, but let’s still try these things out? Please be aware that there will definitely be spoilers in this post, but I’m not even sure when I’ll be releasing these, so…

Since this will be separated between past time – when they were training in Quantico -and the present time – when they are chasing after Alex Parrish, I’ll be dividing all of my posts into those two headings in hopes that everything will be clearer [doesn’t this sort of give you the feel of Once upon a Time and How to get away with Murder?]? Let’s see how it goes! FlareonCharmanderJolteon have watched this series and so far, so good! Jolteon only just watched the first episode yesterday, and Flareon binge-watched the first three episodes yesterday as well, so this – along with the fact that they’ve filmed this show in Sherbrooke, Quebec and Montreal, all Quebec Province cities, in Canada – my turf – prompted me to publish these opinion/review/thoughts posts on the show!

Present time – Chaos 

The episode begins with Alex Parrish being picked up by other FBI agents, after a very chaotic explosion has happened in the middle of New York – in Grand Central Terminal (?). As she was in the middle of the rumble, but has the ID of an FBI agent, they pretend that they trust her, and ask her to recall what she can about the people in her class back in Quantico – 9 months prior, because they believe that one of them – or more – are the ones who were behind the attack. An agent interviews her, asking her to tell him the story that she knows about every single trainee, that way, they can learn who’s the most suspicious one among them, so they can work on narrowing their search.

On the television, the woman says that not far from the explosion, there was a convention, the Democratic National Convention was being held [I’m stating this here, because I think that perhaps this could be important…? Maybe whoever put the bomb there wanted to interrupt the Democratic National Convention?! But why?]. Not only that, but Alex Parrish reveals to Jimenez (the dude who later interviews her) that she was only an FBI agent for a few months, and she was assigned perimeter detail for the convention. It’s revealed that someone gave them a tip right before the explosion, so that’s how they knew that it was a trainee from Quantico.

Of course, during the interview, the agent receives a memo that he attempts to hide from her, but eventually, she sees it: “Keep stalling”. This means, then, that they suspect her for causing the explosions. She attempts – and fails – to convince them that it isn’t her [they don’t believe her though, because she could have planted herself there – unarmed – and un-harmed, in order to make them believe she’s not it, when she could be]. Ultimately and ESPECIALLY, because when they get permission to raid her apartment, they find blueprints of the place that was bombed, as well as bomb wires and everything. Not only that, but they find, bleeding out on her floor, an unconscious Agent Booth, whom they transport to the hospital immediately.

We discover that in this present time, the assistant director is no longer Miranda Shaw, but Liam O’Connor, who’s helping Agent Jimenez and deciding to take Alex Parrish into custody [it seems like Agent Jimenez is implying that something happened between the two of them – Liam and Alex?! EW HE’S SO OLD THOUGH]. When he accuses her of being implicated in the bombing of Grand Central, she says that she had nothing to do with it and doesn’t even have any motives, but Liam corrects her: maybe she found out the truth about Ryan (that he was a spy sent BY LIAM to keep an eye on her) and/or her father and she didn’t like what she saw? As she’s taken away, into a van, Miranda Shaw tasers the agents and drives Alex out of there, saying that she believes that Alex couldn’t possibly have done that [I wonder how she knows? Does she have a lead on the real perpetrator?! Why didn’t she say anything?]. Miranda helps Alex escape, narrowly killing the two of them, but by the end of the episode, gets captured.

The episode ends with the title of the episode: “RUN” being shouted by Miranda. I wonder if every episode title will be like this…

Quantico – ~9 months before 

Alex Parrish is first seen as she’s jogging through the streets of Oakland, California and arriving late at home to take the train to university – at least that’s what her mother believes. Instead of taking the cab to the train station, Alex directs her driver to the airport instead, where she boards the plane. This means that her mother doesn’t even know that she’s enrolled and got into the FBI. Does this mean that she’s been hiding this from her mother? Or that her mother knew that she wanted to be in the Bureau, but thought she’d dissuaded her, or something? What was Alex doing prior to being a candidate for the Bureau, I wonder?

It is on her way to Quantico that she meets with Ryan Booth, to whom she initially doesn’t give her name to. She shares more than a drink with him, as they do the frick-frack in his car. She led him to believe that she was going to Chile, as a Doctor Without Borders, whereas he reveals that he had been to the Philippines, on a mission, and that he was going back to his family. She psycho-analyzes him into oblivion as she deduces 5 things about him [that she has observed about him during the short time they knew each other] right, and, as indeed, she was, she won the bet: she doesn’t have to tell him anything about her, because indeed: he’s not her type: “he’s 5) pretty d@mn untrustworthy” [it shows, obviously, that she’s pretty darn observant [or that he did a boring job at the frick-frack, because she had the time to notice all of those details], because wow, I am not sure that I would have noticed all these things, but hey, this: is she always this observant and will this play against her? Or will she always be obnoxious-arrogant about her powers of deduction, that she will probably crash and burn at some point? She can’t just cruise through her time at Quantico being the very best, like no one ever knows! To catch them is her real test, to train them is her causee oh sorry, this is a Pokemon reference]. If he had been her type, she wouldn’t have had a “one-night stand” with him, but obviously, we know that there’s a 85% chance that this guys right here is going to be her romantic interest in the show, because this is still a drama, so he’ll do something to redeem himself in her eyes and she’ll start to develop feelings about him, because.

Meanwhile, in Augusta, GeorgiaShelby Wyatt is leaving her very, very luxurious home in order to go to Quantico. She’s white and blonde, so Charmander and I like to call her “Barbie” a lot [and I guess I may call her that in my review if I ever become really annoyed with her, please be advised], because… why do we add a blonde character for every single show?! Are they really so numerous and are they really so interesting that everything happens to them/around them? Obviously, those were the first thoughts that I had of the character as we’re introduced to her, anyway. I like that she already doesn’t look as much like the typical “Barbie” since she lives in a house that has a display of guns, how much more unconventional (as far as Barbies go) can we get, here?!

In Salt Lake City, Utah, Erik Packer is leaving a church-looking or university-looking edifice, where we see that he’s been doing work in Malawi, because there’s a picture of him with kids. He’s saluted by everyone from his school/building, so it seems like he’s very well liked. It seems also from all the introductions that we get, that he’s the only one who’s got warm goodbye moments before going to Quantico.

And then, in New York City, New YorkSimon Asher is waiting on a complete stranger – Max – to give him Star Bucks (?) coffee. Strangely, he takes a picture of the two of them kissing before running off to take his flight. I don’t say that it’s strange that ABC is showing off a gay couple/character by showing us that they’re kissing [as a matter of fact, PROPS to ABC for giving us a character who’s homosexual (if he is)!]. I’m calling it strange that he’s kissing a stranger on the mouth and taking a picture of it. What does he have to hide, that he seems to need to pretend like they’re in a relationship? Does he need that picture in his phone because he is building a cover? Maybe he’s in a really open relationship kind of thing, or is a really open-minded person in general. I’m… well I wouldn’t kiss strangers and take pictures about it?? Anyways, consider me intrigued.

The first time we meet Nimah is when she’s preparing to go to Quantico as well, as she’s asking for the restroom key, but the owner of the gas station is ultimately racist (a very serious and realistic portrayal of a lot of what’s happening everywhere, I think) and gives the excuse that the washroom is out of order, only for a customer to give him back the key. Instead of apologizing, he tells Nimah that only customers get to use the key, to this, she takes a nearby keychain, jiggles it in his face and takes the bathroom key. Now here’s what’s interesting: she changes hijab [I think I’m using the term correctly? Please feel free to rectify], and takes another car to, realistically, Quantico. Why? I initially thought that maybe this was part of a social experiment of some kind: that no one would notice that she changed clothes [technically, she didn’t even change clothes!], because of her ethnic appearance…? Or because she’s a woman, so she’s invisible or something…? At any rate, she leaves in one car, but the other car that she drove to the gas station drives after her anyway.

Okay, we’re done with the introductions of the characters… there’s more to come though, so bear with me, especially as they arrive to the FBI training camp…

Obviously, as they arrive to camp, and pledge an oath to America and the FBI, Alex Parrish notices Ryan Booth arriving into the auditorium (late, why?!) and they both realize that they’ve been lying to each other. Meanwhile, as they realize this about themselves, Liam O’Connor, their trainer, is congratulating them on a well-done job: getting in, while the Assistant Director, Miranda, wishes them luck in staying in the program [survive was a pretty strong word… is she planning to kill them off one by one?! She says so because apparently, it’s the toughest boot camp AND the most difficult grad school, all into one… well that’s great… why? because classes are as tough as the practice? They have to learn a lot? I guess, because of law stuff?]. Agent O’Connor gives them a tour of the facilities that they’re free to use, and gives them a brief rundown of how it works: NATs (New Agent Trainees) are to always carry a red-handled gun (Caleb says it’s to get them used to the weight of a gun) and their credentials as well as their uniforms [I wonder if this will be important later on, will someone NOT have their credentials?! Will someone STEAL someone else’s credentials?].

Here’s something that, alone, didn’t make me feel like he was weird, but the moment you watch other episodes and stuff, you will find weird: Simon Asher practically zeroes in on Nimah, introducing himself almost immediately after she chuckled at a joke he made [about looking like Tilda Swinton, and here’s a link if, like me, you don’t know who it is]. Is he interested in her? Does he want to be her friend because of something of her that reminds him of home or of someone that he knows? Do they actually know each other [I don’t think so, though, but then why is he so interested in her?]? After all, for their first big meeting, Simon explains to Caleb how “devout Muslim women aren’t supposed to be seen, uncovered, by men,” so to avoid that, the Academy must have given her a single room to herself. It’s funny how right after he says that, he opens the door and sees her uncovered. The irony is so strong in this one, but then again, did he do it on purpose?! He attempts to play it off as: “well he’s gay, so…” he’s not going to do anything to her or something? Because he’s not rooting for that team?! I’m not sure… and Nimah doesn’t seem to think that makes a difference, either, and promptly boots him out of her room.

Shelby Wyatt and Alex Parrish hit it off immediately with Shelby‘s comment about how they have gender-neutral uniforms, and wonders about how “win” the situation is for equality (or not, because let’s be honest here, the uniforms are not the same. The girls were given low-cut-ish shirts that they seem to prefer wearing since it shows off les bewbs more, whereas the guys seem to all be wearing either a roundish ‘collar’ (what in the world is the name for those?!) or a button-up. Is it qualified as a “gender neutral uniform” because everyone has the same coloured and same “shirt-like” uniform?). They become roommates, and Alex helps her prepare Shelby [she’s 30 years old?! Are they all mid-twenties/mid-thirties, then?! Dang, for some reason, I placed them to be fresh out of college or something, but then maybe it makes sense, and it gives them even more backstory, since they have even more experience in the world than if they’d been in their mid-twenties] bed, saying that she makes mean hospital corners. I wonder how she knows that she can make them. Has she worked in a hospital before? Or is her mother a nurse, or something, so she has learned from her mother?

We learn that Erik Packer was a competitive archer, recruited personally by the FBI – later, we learn that Miranda specifically asked him to join apparently – and that he is a Mormon [they’ve chosen him because, he states, Mormons respect authority, don’t drink, nor take drugs, and they speak several language, a positive consequence of them being well-traveled. He shows off his skills with Simon, as they converse with each other in a different language]? I’m not sure, because Caleb, his roommate, keeps poking fun at him for being one. Meanwhile, to shut Caleup, Ryan Booth shows that he knows who Erik is, since he mentions the Olympic judges in 2012, implying that Erik participated in the 2012 Summer Olympics in Lord’s Cricket Ground [here’s a link to the Wikipedia page if you’re ever interested].

Simon Asher and Ryan Booth are roommates, and Simon reveals that he was a CPA [it’s basically an accountant; specifically a Chartered Professional Accountant but that title’s in Canada though?! Is CPA for Certified Public Accountant, then?!] before becoming a NAT, whose only hobby was making coffee (so is trying to say that he’s completely boring, or is he trying to say that he knows how to make artful images on lattes?). To this, Ryan gives him a mug and says that’s good, because coffee in the marines (so he’s sticking to that backstory, how true is it?!) was awful [I guess this is implying that Ryan now expects Simon to be his coffee boy? Okay, probably not in these words exactly, but…]. It’s a bit weird how he got the time to print out and make a picture of him kissing Max, and display it as if it was a meaningful relationship that he cherishes and wishes to remember during the “very difficult boot camp that everyone will go through”? Is he trying to prove to the other guys that he is not to be f@cked with, because he’s in a relationship, so he’s not interested in anyone? Because some people have these “open” relationships where, even though they’re in relationships with each other, they can still go fornicate elsewhere, so… what is his reasons? Is he trying to make a full fake backstory about himself so no one wants to uncover the real Simon? What could he be hiding?!

As they prepare for their first big meeting as trainees, Ryan bumps into Alex and Shelby, and introduces himself as, well, Ryan Booth, to which she replies, without skipping a beat, that they’ve already met, having hooked up in his car less than 24 hours ago. I am impressed that the writers didn’t decide to make her crawl into a corner and hide the fact that they’ve known each other enough to do the naughty. The actress even stated in an interview that she liked that fact about the character: Alex Parrish uses men the way men use women. I wonder if she learned this from somewhere, or what happened for her to forge this kind of manner. It’s really good, haha. It’s also, in my opinion and from the little I know about shows made in America anyway, pretty unheard of. The shows that I watch from other countries also don’t always use this… or at least from my memory. Please feel free to correct this statement by sending me comments of the shows where female characters have done what Alex has done, haha. It’s good that she’s confident and smart like that. I like that she surprises Booth by being so straight-forward. I really hope that she won’t lose this character trait…

For their first big meeting/class with Liam O’Connor [to which Simon Asher barely makes on time to, because he’d been peeking on Nimah‘s doorstep before getting booted out, only to find that Nimah was already at class, beating him by using the elevator – maybe her answers just made him know/conclude/deduce that she’s actually two people?!], they are given an assignment which they need to hand in the very next day [note: that’s the first day of their arrival to Quantico, too!! So they need to give the results to that assignment on Day 2]. They are given a choice between multiple brown confidential-looking folders [Nimah chooses Simon‘s file, Simon took Shelby‘s file, and Shelby took Caleb‘s, Alex has Booth‘s, and vice versa, and Caleb chose to study his own roommate, Erik Packer [we aren’t sure who he chose], and ] from other students, which contain “all” the information the FBI has gathered about them, minus one thing that the academy has removed deliberately. Their assignment is then to take someone’s folder and study them, investigate them in order to find out about the missing piece of information.

While Caleb Haas is taking a quick shower, Erik Packer, his roommate, is considering looking into his file. It’s obvious that something’s wrong, or that he’s nervous about something. That morning, I guess, two people looking at a shirtless Caleb show conflicted feelings about looking at him: Shelby hates that she can’t stop looking at his body (Charmander would approve of you objectifying men, Shelby), whereas Simon Asher smirks and openly stares [is he forcing himself to do that [in order to prove that he’s gay, for some reason?], or is he bisexual?! Or am I reading too much into his affections for Nimah?!].

We discover that there’s more than just “colleagues” labels between the relationship of Miranda and Liam O’Connor. They used to hook up (I mean, she used to be his girlfriend) and she also used to be his partner (I’m guess it meant that she was his partner on the field, right? Since it seems like she’s using that word differently than ‘girlfriend’), and now, she’s his superior, and she’s not willing to step down easily [funny though, because it’s revealed to us that he becomes the assistant director anyway, did he do something to betray her, or did she willingly step down in the 9 months it took for him to take her job?]. Apparently, recentlyLiam O’Connor did something wrong in Chicago [which led him to losing his family while on the job, and as a result, Miranda says that he drinks himself to death when he’s not teaching], which led for him to be demoted to training recruits. She says that she gave him the job so that he can ease quietly into retirement, and when he implies that’s also what she’s doing, she argues that no woman has achieved a higher position as she has, and not only that, but thanks to her program, there’s even been more recruits who have joined the Bureau.

As they trek through the woods, Alex complains with Erik that between all the courses they have had on that day, she didn’t get much time to do her assignment. Nimah counters that she already finished: Simon was easy to figure out. Another Red Flag: he keeps saying or implying that he has nothing to hide, following this. So does this mean that he wants her to look only and find superficial information, or…?! Simon accosts her by apologizing again for bursting in on her while she was unveiled, to which she replies that it’s okay [probably because it wasn’t her?!]. Then, he asks her why she pins her hijab differently sometimes, and asks if it’s because she’s ambidextrous or because there’s a cultural difference. To this, she seemed unable to answer, which could be a red flag for her.

And so, during the course of the day, the NATs investigate each other in-between events in their schedule. We focus mostly on Simon, who’s trying to research Shelby and speaking in different languages to find out more information about her. While they find out more about each other – like how Nimah is pretty good with pull-up (with the bar and pulling herself up? How do we call that exercise?), Shelby isn’t, and she likely pulled some kind of muscle or something. However, Simon reveals to Nimah that Shelby wasn’t recruited because of her physical abilities, but because of her abilities with guns [this explains the display of guns and fire arms in the house that she left for Quantico at the beginning of the episode, actually], be it handgun or snipers, it seems, which is something that she displays on the second day, in front of everyone [I’m surprised that Erik didn’t stay at least just as long as she did, don’t you need to have similar – I’m not saying THE SAME – skill sets in order to be an Olympic champion in archery? Again, this is from a completely ignorant person, so please don’t listen to me].

Caleb researches Erik through his Instagram and his Facebook account, and he’s quite frustrated that he can’t find much of anything that could possibly be useful to his assignment [someone’s Instagram being full of memes?! Rating everything as 5 stars?! is this a red flag? I don’t think so… mostly because I used to rate everything 5 stars… unless you could say that I’M a pretty shady person myself (technically I’m just a horse on fire…? so…))]. At some point during the day, though, he changes tactics, and hints that he found something extremely juicy on Erik, and that it’s so big, that Erik somehow managed to bypass all the FBI knowledge in order to get into Quantico. Caleb keeps taunting his roommate, asking him the time difference between Malawi and here, among other questions and taunts. This throws Erik off his game and stresses him visibly. Enough that Booth even stepped in and told Caleb to stop while Shelby and Alex attempted to reassure him… to no avail, since he didn’t return his gun.

Alex Parrish proves to be pretty ingenious in her search for clues about Ryan Booth: she adds him on some kind of friend list, and when he accepts, she can track his position down – I’m not sure that’s how it works, but okay? When she knows that he’s far away from his dorm room, she sneaks inside and shuffles through his things. Meanwhile, Ryan is taking phone calls here and there to confirm things about Alex Parrish that he thought might be useful.

Shelby is revealed to be quite frustrated with her own research on Caleb – full circle? Maybe?! She mentions how Caleb came in fully recommended by the Director. What Alex provides them with: that the Golden Boy has no qualifications as a fire arms man, no qualifications as a fighter either, and he wasn’t able to do much in terms of pull ups, either. I love how NimahAlex and Shelby are friends and keep talking to each other. I’m hoping that they keep this friendship… At any rate, they determine that he’s a “golden-plated” boy, only gold on the surface. However, he interrupts them and claims that he actually doesn’t only “coast through by using his good looks” [I wonder why he doesn’t bother to use her name, is it the regular and oh so well used “I love you but I don’t want you to know so I’m calling you names” kind of Trope being used here? or does he genuinely just dislike her because she’s blonde, like him, and she’s better at him at firing? Then again, throughout the episode, he also keeps calling Erik by names too, but when Nimah reveals that Simon is a virgin later on, he calls her Nimah, is there a significance to whenever he nicknames people, I wonder? I know why he calls Erik the way he calls him: Joseph Smith [link], or even Elder Erik [link] are all spiritual leaders of some kind, right? And I guess… Taylor Swift is blonde…].

Shelby was the first to be interviewed [hooked to a polygraph and being retina scanned, to see if she’s giving away sme kind of information, or lying through pupil dilation] – by Simon, and he discovers, through some probing, that she has a half-sister 10 years older than her [that makes the sister 40, then, yes?] but that she barely knows her [since she panicked the way she did, I wonder if it’s because this information is going to be relevant later on, or if she’s actually stressed about not telling the truth? But her reaction was somewhat… excessive? Maybe it’s just because Simon and she had to go first, so she didn’t know what to expect, that could always be a source of stress, too]. The redacted information though, as Simon continues with his interrogation, was that while we knew her parents were dead [I mean, when she left her mansion, all the furniture were veiled as if they were expecting to gather dust, like no one was going to be living at home when she’s gone for the Academy], we didn’t know they’d actually died in 9/11, which is why she always carries a metal piece of the plane her parents were in when they died [I’m pretty sure Simon‘s not the only one who’s noticed it, but now I wonder how he connected the pieces and who told her the information. Wouldn’t it be all over the media if Shelby is pretty rich, that her parents had been killed in that crash?].

At first, Nimah completely throws everyone off with her investigative skills, by stating that Simon‘s secret was that he was gay, and then that he was a virgin, since that’s what his last four boyfriends (she successfully contacted all four of them? Wow) told her. Just as he let his guard down, she drops the truth: Simon is a “Conservative Jew, from a staunch Zionist family,” and yet, somehow, he managed to travel four years ago to Gaza, living with the Palestinians, something he kept secret from people [how in the world did she find that information?! If he’s told no one, then how?]. <Present-day Alex defends Simon, though, saying that he only went to Gaza and live with the Palestinians in order to learn more about them – I guess, to see if his family’s beliefs about the Palestinians are true or not? [does that also explain his constant questions to Nimah? Because he’s curious? Apparently from the Wikipedia page, it says that “he has a non-romantic fascination” with her?!]>

Ryan begins his interview, after letting her take her guard down by not using the polygraph, by asking Alex if she hooks up with random strangers in their car often, to which she simply answers that she doesn’t do it as often as she’d like [again, I think, impressing him with her rather non-stereotypical nature, or at least she impresses me, anyway]. He leads on to that by asking if this means that she might have unresolved issues with men, because of her relationship with her father [after all, she untagged photos of them together on Facebook, she never mentioned him or anything when he passed away, not even showing any signs of grief whatsoever]. When prodded, she begins a flashback of how her father threatened her mother with a gun, and how her mother, in self-defense, shot her father. Before they go too far, and before everyone sees that her retinas are showing signs of her lying – about how her mother shot her father – Liam O’Connor, their teacher, stops them and congratulates him [multiple red flags on the teacher, I say!]. Wait, how old is Alex right now [around 30, like Shelby? That’s the average age of Graduate students in America, right?] and how old was she when she shot her father [she’s taller than I was when I was 12, but… could she have been 12? If her father died when she was 12, and that today, when she’s 30, it’s 2015 [these are all speculations, I mean, she might be younger than 30, and it might not be present-time…], then 18 years ago, Facebook wasn’t even invented, since it was out between what? 2004-2006 [we also later find out in this episode that it’s been more than 10 years between her shooting her father and now, since her Mother sent her to Mumbai for that amount of time]. How could there have been, prior to her father’s death, pictures of them together, for her to un-tag them later on in life?]?

When it’s Erik Packer and Caleb Haas‘ turn for the interview, it’s shown to us that Caleb‘s constant prodding has finally broken Erik‘s calm, and he panics, shooting the attendant and locking Caleb inside the interrogation room with him. As Caleattempts to calm Erik down, explaining that all he’d done was prod him so that he would slip up and tell him the information that he’s lacking, Erik doesn’t believe him at first. Caleb even loses his nerve, almost crying, as he admits that he’s failed so many tests at the academy that the FBI was going to send him home, which would be horrible for him, considering what he’s likely been through in order to get the Director’s letter of recommendation. Erik knwos that it’s too much, and decides to shoot himself, apologizing to Caleb, and saying that he never thought she would die.

Following this incident, Miranda debriefs us: Erik Packer had been helping out in Malawi, where he slept with and got a local girl pregnant [she was 14 years old, too, Erik, what were you thinking?! She’s a minor!?]. He then attempted to get her an abortion (something that’s illegal) and she died while getting the abortion. Miranda Shaw and Liam O’Connor were both quite surprised, because this was evidently not the secret that had been redacted from his file (I wonder what was), since they were all researched, vetted, etc. before they were chosen to become recruits. For some reason, Miranda brings up the incident that involved O’Connor in Chicago, where their superiors thought he had lost focus, and that they should fire him, because she thought they might be right to have done so.

Following the aftermath of seeing a fellow trainee die in front of him, committing suicide BECAUSE of him, even, Caleb is seen sitting and sobbing by the pool, with Simon in attendance, and Shelby joining him by sitting next to him. He questions his position in the academy, even going so far as to mention that it’s thanks to his parents – agents – that he was able to get into the Academy, having barely passed the entrance exams. Simon attempts to reassure him: if Erik had become an agent, he would have been a ticking time-bomb, people could have used some information like that against him, or Erik himself could have been too paranoid to continue and would have been a danger to everyone. When asked why she’s being nice to him when he was a jerk to her, Shelby says that she knows “what it feels like to be discounted. That’s why she decided to do something about it“.

When Miranda gives her speech later on, about how they should think about the reasons why they want to become agents, we see ShelbySimon and Caleb sitting next to each other, but of course, it doesn’t last, because he’s asked to stay behind, and it’s discovered that he’s left the academy. This means that Erik and Caleb‘s room is completely empty…!!

Afterwards, Simon thinks about the people to whom he’s close with at the Academy (probably?! WHO KNOWS what this guy’s thinking, seriously?!), since he’d been somewhat close to Caleb – at least admiring his body from afar and then consoling him afterwards. He knocks onto Nimah‘s room and asks if he can get back on the right foot with her, and make coffee for her. I guess he really just wants a friend? Maybe? Why is he so fixated on Nimah?! Is it because she reminds him somehow of the people he knows? Or because she’s mysterious and is actually TWO PEOPLE [as we find out that, indeed, Nimah is actually twins dressing up and acting as one, they seem to be trying to fool the others, which is why they agree to pin the hijab solely on the right from now on – wouldn’t that be even more suspicious, though, to do that when Simon has pointed it out? He’s definitely going to notice?!?]?!

Following Miranda Shaw‘s speech, Alex goes to Liam O’Connor and asked if he could look into something for her: her father, whom she shot, not her mother, who took the fall for her – she probably got away with it because it was self-defense and all that, was actually an FBI Agent, and she’t like to know if it was true, and what kind of man he was, because clearly, she hadn’t known him all that well. Why in the world did she choose to go to Liam and not to Miranda? Does she not trust Miranda?! What was her reasoning between that?

It’s revealed right afterwards that Ryan Booth is actually already an FBI Agent, and that he’s been assigned by Liam O’Connor to go undercover, go through the Academy all over again so that he can get close to Alex. Not only that, but he was even instructed to sit next to her on the plane! HOW CREEPY IS THAT, LIAM?!


After all of this, as I’ve said, I definitely look forward to the next episodes, and I do believe that I’ll be following this series weekly, and I hope that you’ll enjoy it as well, even though there are so many more questions and so many things I wish they’d touched upon before…?

I’m sorry this episode took so long and I can only hope that the next episode won’t be too long. I know you guys don’t read all of this anyway so, haha! 😛

See you next time!
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