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Title: Fierce Tales: The Feline’s Sight
Edition: Collector’s
By: BLAM! Games
Rated: 9/10
Started: September 13th, 2014
Finished: September 15th, 2014
Duration: ~6 hours
Mode: Hardcore
Fullscreen mode: Changeable

September 15th, 2014

Greetings, dear readers!
How are you all doing? I trust that you’re almost doing a countdown to the Winter Vacation. I know I’m already doing this and it’s still September… Hahaha I just… I’m already tired of being in school, but I was longing to go back before it started… What a vicious cycle… does this happen to you as well?

For those of you who are new, welcome to the 3rd of the month, where I usually review the Casual Games that I play. There can be spoilers, so… I don’t know… read carefully?

While there are some problems with its logic [but then again, who would question it, since it borders on the lines of fantasy], the story presented is fairly well-written and engaging, too!! From my perspective, anyway. I was able to look past the fact that there was one or two minor elements [or, at least some flashbacks] missing in the story telling (like why the sister decided to do what she did to her blind sister and what happened to everyone afterwards?! [the bonus chapter only goes backwards (as does many of Fierce Tales’ bonus chapters, come to think of it!) in time to give us more expositions on the Leopard tribe instead of focusing on the future of the characters, which I find deplorable, but that’s ok, I’ve almost gotten used to it]).

I loved the very “subtle” reference to Marcus’ Memories, which was the second installment of the series Fierce Tales by the same team; where they placed a banner of Marcus’ Memories in the bookstore and claimed it to be a best-seller. I couldn’t spot the first game’s reference anywhere, but then again, I wasn’t really looking for one.

The art style was, as usual for so many games, impressive and its effects were even more so. Whereas the music and the dramatic effects were sort of lost on me in the first two incarnations of the series, the soundtrack chosen for this game made it passably more enjoyable to watch and play. I don’t remember the synchronicity between the voice actors‘ voices [they did a good job, by the way!! Kudos!] and the lips of their respective characters per say. You can see this as a good thing; I didn’t notice, meaning that it wasn’t as ‘bad’ as Marcus’ Memories. I’ll finish the paragraph with mentioning the awesome references they must have used in making the Leopards look so awesome!!

The puzzles are extremely fun to play and difficult! I could think of many fun ones (without knowing their names exactly, except for the Zuma Blitz [x] inspired one). The Hidden Object Boards are both varied and fun to play, even in the Hardcore mode. They’ve improved greatly the precision that is needed to complete these. I didn’t count them, but it felt like there were less Hidden Object Boards than puzzles.

So far, in the Fierce Tales‘ series, this installment (as you can guess from the score I gave it) is my favourite, and I definitely recommend it if you want to try it out, if you love felines (I’m looking at you, Mewtwo)!!

imageAll right, I think it might be time for me to turn in.
I’ll see you all next week for another post or next month, for another casual game review!
Ponyta’s out!