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Title: Ava’s Demons
By: Michelle Czajkowski
Links: Tumblr [used as a blog], Twitter, Official Website, Facebook, Formspring
Updates: Mondays and Thursdays [as of when I found it]
Started: March 15th, 2014

March 19th, 2014

Salutations, people from the Internet,
How are you all doing today? I’m doing fine, thank you for asking! Yesterday, as I write this, I finished a quiz and an oral presentation (for those who know me, I have a crappy relationship with Public Speaking), so needless to say, but I’ll say it: it drained my energy completely, and I have a quiz today as well, and look what I’m doing… I’m writing the recommendation for a webcomic a year from now!).

Anyways, this month’s webcomic is called, as you can see: Ava’s Demon.

This Webcomic, published in a single page – like the pages of a book – mesmerized me from the first page – or rather, from its cover page. It showed intricate drawings, and I’m very glad that I StumbledUpon it [because I discovered it through StumbleUpon, guys]. In one morning – before Saturday work started – I was able to read through two whole chapters, easily, while I was waking up.

It was so incredible, the storytelling is flawless! There is a lot of coherence going on through each page and chapter (from what I could see anyway).

The beginning reminded me a little bit of Dream*Scar, mainly because it contains the main character has a connection with a ‘being’ that only she can see and talk to (oh and the main character is female and so is the ‘creature’). Although, in Dream*Scar, by the time that I’m writing this, we’re not completely sure what Vix’s dream-twin wants from her, whereas here, Wrathia makes it pretty clear by Chapter 2 what she needs.

The characters are very compelling as well. I want to know more about Ava Ire and her parents, as well as all of the other characters.
Spoilers: She’s human, and yet, Wrathia’s powerful soul was fused with hers. What is going to happen to her exactly? Is she ever going to realize that she’s in the presence of two of Wrathia’s warriors and not just one? Maggie says that she was friends with Ava, but she bullied her, why? Since when does Maggie have a pact with Tuls? When Gil met Nevy, he was already a few years old, meaning that… when he died and he revived, that was like a second birth, which means that’s why he was fused with Nevy? Is that why? Also, what the heck is Odin, then? Is he the only normal guy of the group? Does Tuls remember that he’s a warrior? Or is he only there for his princess? Is his princess a warrior as well and does Maggie know exactly where she is? Did Maggie save Odin with her leaf? Did she do it on purpose? Who is Olai and what is he up to exactly? What are the twins, Raven and Crow, who are related to both Olai and Odin, up to? Why did they put a tracking chip in the ruby ring? What is the meaning between the Ruby Ring and Odin? Ugh, I have so many questions that are not answered as I’m writing this post that I’m getting a headache out of it.

The art style is incredible and it is greatly coloured as well! At first, it looks very much simple, since it’s only one page per panel, but the amount of details that the author puts into each page is simply impressive! There are so many intricate patterns that she creates on in each page, that you just want to stop and look at it for a second.
Can you see Ava Ire, here? Can you see just how awesome she looks! The other characters have similar awesomeness and details to them, too!
I think I should mention that the author, according to her About Page, used to intern for Pixar and that currently, she works for DreamWorks, if I understood correctly, which is HUGE, people! It’s HUGE! It’s a SUPER honour to read the webcomic of someone so awesome!

What’s fun with Ava’s Demon is that the official website is cool enough that you can actually use your keyboard’s arrows to turn the pages (just like in Mangamagazine, or Mangafox, or Mangastream or Mangareader). What’s less fun, however, is that it loads a lot and FireFox as well as Chrome will have difficulties loading something – maybe it’s my internet, too! But I can’t be sure.

What I am sure though, is that while I’m not the only one who reads this, I don’t know of anyone in my circles who do. HOWEVER, what’s cool is that I’ve showed it to Charmander today, and she loves it! I don’t know if, by the time you read this, she’ll have caught up, but she was definitely into the first few chapters that I showed her.

There’s a BIT of gore that I’ve seen so far, but not as much as Demon Hunter Kain would have, so for those of you who would like to try reading this, I highly recommend it (which is why this post is here, really, haha).

That’s it for me today,
See you soon, people!

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