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YouTube: ItsSuperEffective
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August 10th, 2014

Hello there people of the Internet!
How are you all doing and what’s new in your lives? As I’m writing this, I’m aiming to get at least until 2017 worth of scheduled post, that way, if something happens to me, at least this blog will be active for a little while longer. I know, I’m that strange.

Without further ado, please let me introduce you to this superhero related YouTube Channel; ItsSuperEffective!!

The host’s name is Faust. I know him for a while now, and it’s thanks to his Superhero Origins series. I like that he makes these videos and also, I like that he keeps us somewhat up to date with the Earth 52 (from DC Comics). Through him, I was able to see that there weren’t only bad things that came out of that “reboot”, even if right now, I can’t name any.

Of course, he reviews about the comic books, too! Even if I don’t read them, it’s always interesting to catch up with what’s happening in that world. There’s also games (he has a gaming channel) and reviews about anime, which I haven’t watched as I’m writing this.

He’s a pretty nice person and I found that his “History of” videos were pretty interesting to watch, even if he doesn’t always use video clips, he does use comic images to keep us entertained, and he gives us superheroes that are not… ‘mainstream’, which is great for me, seeing as it expanded my knowledge on superheroes (namely say… Pixie, Elixir, Blink, to only name a few!).

Anyways, I’ll have to cut this short,
Have fun exploring his Channel! I’ll see you later!

That’s all for now, peeps!
I’m gonna get going now!
See y’all later!
Ponyta’s out