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Title: Maestro: Music of Death
By: ERS Game Studios [x, x]
Edition: Collector’s
Started: September 17th, 2014
Finished: September 18th, 2014
Duration: ~6 hours
Rated: 8.5/10
Fullscreen: not toggable for laptops
Mode: Expert

September 17th, 2014

Hey there everyone!
How are you all doing?! Welcome to this month’s Casual Gaming post!! I won’t bore you with anything more, let’s just start the game!! 🙂

Story-wise, I’ll admit that this story held a decent storyline. The fact that the ending leaves a lot for your imagination (and also how, at the end of the credits, they mention that the sequel will be out) just calls for there being a sequel to the story, which may or may not be able to tie some loose-ends. I’m hoping that there will be some explanations in the next game, and I can’t wait to start it soon!! Oh and I should mention that they’ve successfully closed some loose-ends with the Bonus Chapter which you can obtain at the completion of the game. That was a bonus for me!

The art style was magnificent! The voice acting was on point, it seemed like the characters’ voices and their age matched (sort of, of course), and the music was well done [enough for people to actually mention it in their reviews, I for my part thought that it was catchy, but not nearly frightening enough (not like Sullivan’s River *shudders*)].

I must add that they could have done better effects, because I jumped only once at the beginning, but then, it became sort of repetitive and I was almost expecting it as the game progressed. However, of course, if the goal of the game was to not frighten the player, it was done well through the melancholic melody of the background music.

While there is no real innovation in the Hidden Object Boards and no diversity [it’s always a list of words which you have to find images to], I will mention that it was a pleasure to play through, because of the objects that were so difficult to find. They have done extremely well in this aspect. The puzzles, however, even in Expert mode, were fairly easy to solve through though.

I feel the need to address this, but the Hidden Object Boards were well placed, and were actually indicated to you even though you had chosen the Expert Mode. They also appeared in logical places where you had to go, which made it quite easier for your circulation (especially as there are no maps in the game).

After thinking about it, I think that the reason why the Hidden Object Boards were difficult were not only because of the nice blend which the art style provided, but also the fact that, through each hidden board, you’ll notice the same objects, and sometimes, they’ll ask for a “pin” in this board, and a “pin” in a third board. It can be confusing as to what you need to find, but I totally welcomed the challenge!

It’s a game that I definitely recommend, just because it is purely Hidden Object driven, not just puzzles.

imageAll right, I shall take my leave now!
See you next month for the sequel of this game, Maestro: The Notes of Life!
Pony’s out!