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Title: Fail by Error
By: Min [Tumblr]
Started: March 17th, 2014
Links: Tapastic, Smackjeeves

March 17th, 2014

You have my best wishes of the Happy (western) New Year from 2014, Readers!
(Hopefully by that time, I’ll have gained a few readers? LOL). In all seriousness, hey guys! This is the first post for 2016, and I hope that you don’t still have a hangover from the New Year’s celebration (because, I am sad to be the one to tell you this, brethren and sisterhood, you would have a drinking problem). But what am I saying, I trust you all to be responsible readers and not to have gone overboard (also who am I to judge? I’m a freaking Horse on Fire 24/7, so…).

All right, I’ll move on with the Webcomic recommendation, no need to get grumpy at me, geebz!!!

While I was preparing for my Rocket Pitch [and studying for my two quizzes *sigh* why is university so tough on us students], I let myself linger on Facebook and surfed on the Internet (totally to find inspiration), when I stumbled upon (not the application this time, I swear) this comic on Tapastic.

Just like for Chibi Reiko and for many other webcomics that I recommend to you guys, this one is purely random in its theme [it’s mostly Slice of Life in genre, and I often say that I don’t usually like these categories, but… this one makes the growing list of exceptions that I make], but you can still relate to it, and I love this about it.

I also learned that I should not Google the word “Creampie” because apparently, it is NOT the dessert (readers, I’m serious, do NOT Google it! Charmander told me not to, and she trusts Urban Dictionary). I even learned the expression “Shark Week,” how awesome and badass does it sound?! How did I spend 23 years on this Earth and NEVER heard about it?! I feel illiterate even though I know I’m not…

The simplistic art style of the artist is just so cute!
It’s a mixture between the chibi and the… another style [because I’m not an expert-artist, so I can’t really judge or tell you what this is, it’s just uber cute and I love to stare at that face]!
I mean… Just… look at this face and tell me you don’t want to find out whatever crazy adventure this person has gotten herself into! Look at those eyes! THOSE EYES! And tell me that you don’t want to click [the comic link is right there, too, if you click, you’ll be led right to its Tapastic page] and read RIGHT AWAY! I DARE YOU!

Okay, I have one more review to write, SUPER FAST, and then, I’ll finish up my oral presentation preparations and study a little more for my quiz… I CAN DO THIS! (Although I should set my priorities straight-er and just could’ve NOT written these reviews…)

I hope you’ll enjoy reading, as I have, and that I’ll still be cracking up (laughing, not making the drugs or doing the drugs, because I don’t think I’d like that, even then) when I read or reread this comic!

– Here’s Ponyta, and she’s OUT! –