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Title: MinuteEarth
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Hello people!
How are you all doing?!

In an attempt to vary a little more the content of YouTube Channels that I follow, I decided to share with you MinuteEarth!

Without much further ado, shall we?

I found this particular YouTube channel via ASAPScience, actually, I think they are sister Channels. It’s always interesting to find more science related videos (that are not too complicated for my small brain).

I love their drawings in order to explain certain concepts to us, and how they can vulgarize certain information to make it much more accessible. If there are any teachers out there, definitely try to use these informative videos as starters for some research!

From questions like Do Fetus poop? to Our Atmosphere is Escaping! to even How do Trees survive the Winter?, it answers many questions (as many science related YouTube Channels do) and makes you more aware of certain things about our nature and about our ecosystem! No pollution, guys! No pollution!

Anyways, have fun exploring the questions that they answer!

I’m gonna go now!
See you all later!