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Title: Miraculous Ladybug
Season: 01
Episode: 16 [ Animan ]
Watched: January 24th, 2015
Aired: January 24th, 2015

January 24th, 2015

Hi everybody!
How are y’all? So, I’ve been meaning to write a post about this wonderful series after Nozmo (author of Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet, whom you might know from my post here, at least, I follow her Twitter and that’s how I ended up here) and BlamedOrange (here’s a link to her Tumblr and Instagram) and many more people basically brainwashed me into watching it… *cough*.

I even wrote another episode review last week, but then I forgot about it and wow it’s been a week already, so here goes [but first, be aware of the SPOILERS!]:

I’m quite up to date with the show, as you can see, and I can only thank my background in French from living in Quebec and going through the French educational system [one of the only perks of being ‘francophone’? I mean, Mewtwo [that’s right, I sort of may have converted her haha] has to wait for the subtitles or for the dubs every week, whereas I can go on without the subtitles, because I mostly understand everything]. I’ll probably go on to explain more on what the show is and everything in a later post for episode 1 maybe, but for now, let’s dive into the ‘meat’ of this episode.

First Act: 

This episode starts with Marinette Cheng and her best friend, Alya, who are looking at the latest magazine which stars none other than Marinette‘s all-time love interest (crush): Adrien Agreste. It’s hilarious that she’s such a fangirl of his, haha [and he’s not even fazed about it, either, right? When he sees her reading the magazine or when she drops the magazine, later on in the episode? Man, that moment when the two of them bumped heads… all of this ‘kinship’ as Mewtwo would call it… it’s important]. Does that mean that he thinks she’s looking at other articles, or does it mean that he doesn’t care that much? It’s just articles that describe what he’s wearing, so maybe she’s interested into some clothes to wear or design? She’s pretty well-known in her school for working on designs and fashion, right? I don’t know, maybe that could explain why he’s not worried or weirded out about her reading articles about him? And how he doesn’t think at all that Marinette Cheng could ever have a crush on him [like all the other girls in Paris]? Also, dang that’s very interesting that the Facebook and Twitter icons actually appear in the article?

Anyways, we discover that Nino thinks he has a crush on Marinette and that’s why Adrien counsels him on being himself and have some confidence in himself. Since Nino is the same kind of paralyzed [when he’s with Marinette] as Marinette when she’s talking to Adrien, the latter decides to invite both Alya and Marinette to the zoo [much to Marinette‘s joy, because Adrien‘s the one doing the talking, so she believes it’s a double-date with him] with them to forgive the two boys for bumping into the girls. It’s an attraction right now because the zoo has received a new panther.

Our adorable heroine snaps out of her joy immediately when Alya reminds her that this is it: the love of her life [well, to be more accurate, Alya says something along the lines of: “the guy you’re madly in love with”] has just asked her out on a date [well they don’t know that he did it for Nino, so this is hilarious]. She starts panicking [because she doesn’t have her lucky socks and her hair is all dirty, etc.] and asking for her wise best friend for help, to which she acquiesces. You know me [probably since my High Society posts or from even before that], I adore these girl friendships and don’t like at all the idea that two girls can just rupture their friendship for one male. I mean, it happens in real life… but it’s sad that it would happen [I think it happens for boys too?].

Meanwhile, sitting by the benches nearby (?), Nino is amazed with Adrien‘s skills with talking to girls [does that mean, Adrien, that you’ve much experience talking to (or better yet flirting with) girls other than the ones at school and the one you’re desperately trying to get to know better when you’re in your hero persona?]. People have been wondering how he took so little time to aim and still got the shot. Isn’t that because of his skills as Chat Noir that he’s pretty agile and has amazing reflexes that can allow him to hit the bull’s eye? Of course, Nino convinces Adrien to help him out on this particular date with Marinette.

Second Act: 

At the zoo, Alya is hidden in an undisclosed location, coaching Marinette on what to say to Nino (and to Adrien, both of the girls assuming that the model was coming, of course). The vlogger/blogger tells her friend to “be herself” (which we know already that it’s pretty difficult to do for Marinette since the latter is such a klutz when she’s with Adrien). We discover that once, prior to this particular day, no doubt, while she was yet again trying to talk to Adrien and “be herself,” as Alya had recommended, Marinette had burst into the boys’ washrooms while he was washing his hands and created a whole lot of negative response from the young men [one of them being Theo and another being Kim the athlete of their class] present in the washrooms at that time (as seen with them shaking their heads in disbelief). I wonder if she had any backlash from that since then [I guess not, since Kim doesn’t treat her any differently and even invited her with him and Max to see the new Panther]? It’s great that they’re not holding it against her.

Marinette’s KwamiTikki, mentions that if Marinette has such trouble talking to Adrien, it might be that it’s not fate between the two of them. It’s just hilarious to hear something like this as a third party observer, mostly because we know that these two “star-crossed lovers” (this is a reference to their official song) fated for each other: she can talk to him just fine when he’s Chat Noir [additionally, because I don’t know where else to put these thoughts: Can I just add that I absolutely love these animators? The way that they change some of their styles here and there, and how they make the characters so cute? There was once where Marinette‘s thoughts became manga-fied [in episode 6Mr. Pigeon] and other times when they were chalk-like drawings [in episode 13: Le Mime], if I recall?]. Meanwhile, as you can guess, Nino arrives alone, while Adrien had the time to sneak between bushes and directs Nino into what to do and say to Marinette. While Marinette wants to wait for Adrien, the latter doesn’t want them to, because he won’t be coming over, since he’s helping Nino getting hooked up with Marinette. However, Nino panics and tells her they can wait for his friend, much to the latter’s despair.

Meanwhile, with the black panther and Kim and MaxKim the athlete we know as the one who constantly likes to compare his muscles like he has some kind of complex that makes him boasts about his abilities constantly and challenge anything that could move fast to a duel. Kim undermines the black panther, which makes its guardian rather unhappy and grumpy. Of course, he becomes the villain: Animan, in order to show Kim the power of animals and how this ‘brat’ shouldn’t be underestimating them the way he does.

Right before they’re attacked by Animan and the other zoo fauna, Nino admits to Marinette that he likes a girl and doesn’t know how to tell her that he does. When Marinette presses him on who it is, Adrien urges him to tell her that he (Nino) loves her (Marinette) in an impressive overlapping of images that made the whole Twitter and Tumblr fandom go absolutely nuts [and me, too, I might add. Dang, I’m so invested in this episode show, please someone, either kill me, send help or become as addicted to it as I am, so that I can have someone to talk to about this amazing show]. Of course, Nino can’t fess up and confesses instead that he has feelings for AlyaMarinette‘s best friend, who is disgusted, because, as she puts it, she considers Nino more like a brother than anything. Marinette is the only one who ships it, actually.

Third Act: 

The moment that Animan attacks and the zoo goes berserk, Nino runs away, leaving Marinette enough time to transform into Ladybug and for Adrien to do so as well. When the two superheroes save Kim and decide to take on the black panther, they realize that the other animals are free as well. Of course, their plan changes from taking the Akuma from their villain’s bracelet to putting all the animals into their cages, in order to save the citizens of Paris from the animals. While they’re running, Marinette sees Nino and Alya running (together?) from a dangerous gorilla, so Ladybug separates from Chat Noir and locks their two friends into a cage, in hopes that this counts as a date and that Alya will learn to like Nino. They return to the original plan: capturing the Akuma so that every animal will go back to their cells.

Animan had gotten out of Ladybug‘s indestructible yo-yo trap, which surprises them both, until they realize that his true abilities aren’t that of the panther, but of every animal, since he can change into any. They decide to find Kim in order to get a better hold on Animan, and as they save him, Chat Noir shows pretty good sense by planting a tracker on the athlete’s back [can someone tell me how that’s part of what he can do? Like… how do his powers give him access to such awesome gadgets? EXPLAIN (but then again, how can you explain that Chat Noir‘s special ability is Cataclysm? Because cats destroy everything? Plausible…? And then, how would you explain Ladybug‘s Lucky Charm abilities? All right, they’re from the realm of magic and technology at the same time, I love this show)]. To reward him for a deed well done, can you actually believe that Ladybug praises him and scratches his chin, and he just accepts it? It’s probably the two of them having their natural and usual banter, but I can’t help but be pleased with this – and, as I see on Tumblr with the tags to these particular posts from this episode, this is another scene that really makes the shipping going strong [and with reason, hahaha, too. Don’t you think that their relationship/friendship is sort of growing as these episodes go? Well, I think so more because of the previous episode, I still wonder if Adrien still has her bracelet or no, and if we’ll see him wearing it as a lucky charm].

Kim actually finds Marinette‘s parents’ boulangerie. His protectors quickly catch up to him in order to get the Cheng-Dupains‘ cooperation. I particularly liked this scene in which Adrien as Chat Noir stares at a family picture of the Cheng-Dupain, mostly because while people on Tumblr seem to believe that he’s doing so because he may have feelings for her, I think that he just likes the idea of a happy family. Let’s not forget that this precious boy has lost his mother (either she died, disappeared or just left his father and him), note: we know that from one of the webepisodes. And since then, his father was distant with him, and he barely gets any personal presents from his father or any signs of affections, either. That might be why, seeing a happy family like that on a portrait makes him want to stare more [and maybe fall madly in love with Marinette‘s adorable smile]. To mask their odor and make Animan believe that he’s cornered his prey who can’t be assisted by his saviors, Ladybug finds a special spray that she sprays on them [it’s funny that he doesn’t ask her how she knew where that was]. They decide to take Kim‘s wristband – it’s probably full of sweat so that might be pungent in his scent? That’s why Animan would be more attracted to that than to the real thing upstairs? I dunno the logic behind that, because I’m not an expert, haha. It’s also hilarious how he likes to sniff Ladybug. If he has a good sense of smell, could he smell Marinette on Ladybug, I wonder?

Anyways, Chat Noir warns them of Animan‘s approach using his super-hearing. If his costume’s tail is really just a belt, aren’t his ears also just leather? Can they really improve his hearing abilities? Man, I’d like to have his powers. Using a box, the two superheroes trap Animan – then transformed into a ladybug (is it because it’s easier to animate, and because they’ve already animated ladybugs before, so the designs and everything is actually easier to re-do?), but of course, he chases after them (choosing to get rid of these pesky fighters before gobbling Kim up I guess).

They trap him into a bus that no longer has its keys, which is why they were also trapped into the vehicle with Animan until Chat Noir used his Cataclysm attack on it. They opt to exhaust their villain, because it takes a lot of energy out of him to perform his transformations. Of course, he transforms into something much bigger in order to get out of his ordeal: a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I hadn’t expected that, to be honest. It’s Ladybug‘s turn to use her Luckycharm abilities, and, using Chat Noir as distraction, Ladybug manages to trap the dinosaur into one place. Of course, it’s not as easy to get the Akuma from this extinct species, but Ladybug, as you would guess, easily figures it out by jumping with her Luckycharmed item into the mouth of the monster, much to Chat Noir‘s heartbreaking despair [YET ANOTHER scene that explains why Tumblr and Twitter went crazy this morning and flooded my timeline, dashboard, news feed, etc. with their reactions as to how important this scene is. I mean, look at his eyes, look at how dilated his pupils are… put on the sound and listen to his voice!!!]…

…which is short-lived when she uses the car jack (that’s the luckycharm item of the week) to keep the T-Rex’s mouth open, keeping him from snapping his powerful jaw at her when she grabs the bracelet, breaking it to free and purify the Akuma. Instead of the easy-going “Pound it” or “fist-bump” that we see every time these two heroes finish off an oponent, we get a sincere hug from Chat Noir and Ladybug, as the former is extremely happy to see his partner safe and sound.

When everything goes back to normal and Chat Noir has to run due to him running out of transformation time, Marinette goes back home, only to be called by Alya. Our heroine apologizes to her friend; having agreed on her behalf to a date that Alya didn’t want any part in was a mistake. We discover that now, Alya and Nino are actually an item, as the two of them emerge from the boulangerie. They’d discover that they’d had many things in common. At least, I want to believe that they’re an item. Of course, we also discover that Alya told Nino about Marinette‘s crush on Adrien, since Nino keeps insisting on telling the boy Marinette has a crush on about her, but it doesn’t seem like Marinette knows? Maybe I’m reading too much into it… but he wasn’t subtle enough, haha.


Someone on Tumblr pointed out that Theo [do you remember the sculptor from episode 9: L’Imposteur] was seen in the washroom when Marinette burst into the boy’s washrooms to talk to Adrien so that might mean that he goes to their school Francoise Dupont and is probably a senior, that’s why it’s not entirely weird of him to like someone young like Ladybug? But to those people who criticize Theo for liking Ladybug, I would say that as seen in the Le Pharaon episode [episode 3], no one knows how old Ladybug really is, so it’s all right to have a crush on someone younger or older, right [I mean, I’ve had crushes on younger Kpop artists before I knew their real age…]?

I’m so really grateful that Chloe Bourgeois wasn’t included in this episode [she had brief appearance in Episode 15, but dang she was so freaking hateful in the previous episodes…]. I’d also like to mention that I always [well… maybe ‘always‘ is a bit slightly… very… exaggerated] really shipped Nino and Alya together, ever since that one episode when he was the first to whom she told her suspicions about knowing that Chloe Bourgeois is Ladybug [episode title: Lady WiFi (episode 4)] and that one other episode when he looked at her as they were singing the song against fear of monsters together [episode title: Horrificator (episode 11)]. Of course, it’s not as huge as my huge ship of Adrien and Marinette (or Chat Noir and Ladybug, to me, that’s the same ship).

I’m just really happy that these two are canon now. It would be so hilarious if the two of them found out who Ladybug and Chat Noir are respectively and tell each other, but then the other two don’t know about each other. Behind the scenes, Nino and Alya would drop obvious hints so that Marinette and Adrien could finally figure it out, but no… hahaha nevermind, that may be too complicated for a kid’s show? Anyways, are you happy with this ship? Or do you think that we should focus more on the main ship? IMAGINE ALL THE DOUBLE DATES THESE FOUR CAN HAVE. Like, Nino and Alya know that Marinette has a crush on Adrien so they invent excuses like: “Hey, we’re supposed to be four to go here, can you two come with us?” or stuff like that?

Lastly, I’m not the only one hoping that Nino offers Adrien a cookie like he did for Alya and Marinette near the end of this episode. Let’s remember that in the previous episode, Adrien was really looking like he loves Marinette‘s parents’ cooking, right? Nino probably would, in order to thank Adrien for his efforts. I wonder if he called his friend to make sure that the latter was all right? The way Alya seems to have done so? Some other people have been speculating that this episode is actually set in the past because of episode 1Climatika contest posters still happening some time during the episode. I’m not sure though, but this could be a reason why Alya and Nino are so close in the previous episodes? Why would they post these episodes in a non-chronological order though?

That’s all for today!
I hope that I can work more on these posts, I’ve missed these!
See you all later, hopefully!
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