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Title: QuizUp
Links: Official website, Google Play, iTunes, Facebook
Started: October 23rd, 2014

October 23rd, 2014

Why, hullo there everyone!
While I was attempting to get my stuff together in order to finish my essay (yep, still not finished), Leafeon came to me and asked me to add this new app on Nessie. Well it’s new for me and her, but it turns out that Jolteon herself even already had it at some point.

Well I added it, and can you guess what happened? I got addicted to it… At this point, while I’m writing to you, I have reached a level 10 status in about… 8 topics… that’s how obsessed I am…

Without further ado, let me present to you the app called QuizUp, this month. Not only is it EDUCATIONAL, but it gives you this kind of friendly competition between you, your friends or the world.

You can quiz yourselves on different topics, ranging from TV shows to even Scientific notions. I find it a great tool to review stuff that I know, and/or to test my knowledge against different people. It keeps my brain practicing its memories (I desperately need that), and seeing as, no matter what the outcome of the quiz match, you still gain experience, it’s really quite a good ambiance [you can even chat with your competitors, you receive various “titles” that you can use… there’s even a world ranking at the end of each month…].

Briefly put, I really like this application and I’d recommend it to all of you! If you ever want to challenge me [oh and you need the internet to play this, sadly], please feel free to add me! Ponyta Ponyboy!

That’s it for today!
I’ll see you soon!