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Title: Demon Hunter Kain
By: Burrell Gill Jr. [DeviantArt]
Started: March 17th, 2014
Links: Tapastic, Official Website, Facebook, Blog, YouTube!
Updated on: Mondays (as of when I’m writing this post)

March 17th, 2014

Salutations, Internet people,
How are you all doing? The new year of 2016 has started, and I’m writing from the past (2014, if you haven’t noticed the date). So, tell me, what’s new about this new year? Any new year’s resolution that you’ve kept up to now?
Man, by this time that year, I wonder what I’ll be doing… if I die, you won’t know, because I have many posts scheduled… @_@


Anyways, right before I ‘met‘ last month’s “Fail by Error Webcomic“, I met this beauty: Demon Hunter Kain… It is violent (has a lot of gore) and yet, I don’t know why, but I stick with it. Here’s why:

The story is compelling. This is a very nice story that the artist has drawn out. It keeps me on my feet, and I always want to know what’s going to happen to the main characters and I want to know more about this ‘world’ that they live in (which is basically what a good story has to consist of, right?).

The concept…! I love the theme of demon hunters – perhaps it is because of my Buffy the Vampire Slayer phase, but I’ve always loved it, and this! I know that it’s been done before – I mean the whole: “I can see things you can’t and I’m going crazy because of it but suddenly I find people who can see it and learn to cope with it and eventually end up being good at it and having my own adventures” [Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume’s Book of Friends), is a good example of this (although the concept is slightly different].

The characters are highly interesting as well, from the main characters (the two teenagers), passing from the Demon Hunter mentor (Kain’s mom) and her associate (Crystal), to the villain (who turns out to be someone really surprising (from where I am anyway (Chapter 5 as I’m writing this)). I sincerely cannot wait to read the rest, because I want to know what happens to you if you turn out to have the abilities that Zandalee (such a pretty name, too, don’t you think?!) has.

Other than that, the art style is different than the ones I usually read – but by this time, there’s a LOT of art styles that I’m getting used to seeing. This one reminds me of a comic that I would buy in the comic book store and read at home while trying to go to sleep. Doesn’t it?
I was highly impressed by the colouring and the attention to detail. And it makes me jealous too, I should have taken up the drawing pens earlier in my life. Anyways, the comic updates WEEKLY, too, which is something to note, since it’s not easy to lineart, colour, shadow, highlight, storyboard (not in that order in particular) for just ONE page! I applaud the comic artist, seriously!
I ought to warn you once again in case you’ve missed my previous ‘warning‘: this comic contains blood. There’s a lot of gore going on and entrails and limbs being ripped apart, etc., etc. I guess you can sort of EXPECT it, since it’s a comic about Demon Hunters, and considering that the demons have a bad reputation to begin with… hunting them down has got to take an aggressive road… right? Anyway, it could be really just me who’s not THAT much into the gore, but I still find the colouring very nice and the art appealing to the eye.

With all of that said, guys and girls from the Internet, I really should get back to my rocket pitch [by the time you read this, I’ll be done with it probably, I hope to survive the year…!]. See you all next month for another Webcomic Recommendation – or next week for a YouTube Channel Recommendation!

Ponyta’s out!

P.S. Guys, there’s only about 80 followers on Facebook, log onto your accounts and give this guy some love! He deserves it highly! I command you! *retreats and gets shot*