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Started: August 6th, 2014

August 10th, 2014

Hello there everyone,
And how are you all doing? It’s already that time of the month when I come and give you a YouTube Recs, and I decided that I should probably give you more superhero themed YouTube Channels, since there are so many superhero genre movies coming up!

This is exactly what this post is about!

I discovered this YouTube channel as I was scrolling around YouTube to see if I could find more Doctor Strange videos, mostly because I’m very interested in this superhero, who is basically one of my favourite ones out there (in MARVEL).

I like his voice and the way that he expresses himself. He uses a lot of different tones and also, in his videos, uses different samples of images and video clips to entertain us visually, so that’s a kudos from me.

What are the videos you recommend, Ponyta? ALL OF THEM! However, here are some of the links:
— My first video of this YouTuber was his All About DOCTOR STRANGE.
— Here’s another video that I liked, Where and What are the INFINITY STONES, which is something that I would recommend you to watch for Guardians of the Galaxy (I’ll link this in my Guardians of the Galaxy review post)? As well as the Easter Eggs.
— Related to the Guardians of the Galaxy was a video about Howard the Duck movie!
— Here is a playlist about EVERYTHING ABOUT (blank).
— I also greatly enjoyed his Who is The Best AVENGER? [even if I didn’t really agree with Hawkeye? I guess… but still!!]

I cannot wait to see more videos (especially about superheroes of course) about this YouTuber!! Enjoy exploring his channel!

I shall get going now, so see you later!
Have a great week until my next post!
Ponyta’s out! –>> (✾♛‿♛)ノ*♡*