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Title: Dark Parables: The Little Mermaid and the Purple Tide
Edition: Collector’s
Started: November 14th, 2014
Finished: November 15th, 2014
Rating: 8.5/10
Played with: Mewtwo [rating: 8/10]
By: Eipix Entertainment [link] [YouTube], [Facebook], and Blue Tea Games [Big Fish Games] [Facebook], [Official website]
Difficulty level: Advance
Duration: 4 hours

November 15th, 2014

Hello there everybody!
How are you all doing? As you can see, I actually stopped writing for a moment [because I killed off one of my favourite characters, to go along with my planned outline, but now, I’m mourning and I can no longer bring myself to write as much… I feel upset at this…], and decided to play this new game one of the first few days that it came out. As a matter of fact, I even live-played it with Mewtwo.

It’s the first time that we actually did something like this, where we got on a Hangout call, and play at the same time from where we are. She moved through everything so really fast, and it was sometimes difficult to hear her voice over the cutscenes, we might have to develop some kind of code for that!!

I’m always going to praise Eipix Entertainment for their masterful storytelling and cross-over skills. This is what a series is supposed to be like; there should be mentions or callbacks, subtle nods for the players who have played the series since the beginning (or are planning to, anyway). They have done their research well, it seems to me, in terms of adding here and there bits and pieces of mythological aspects.

Indeed, it pleased my heart to notice the callbacks to the Exiled Prince and the Little Red Riding Hood, and I’m sure there were even more that have escaped me, because, as you well know – or should anyway – I have not been keeping myself up to date with the Dark Parables series [shame on me, I know].

So, let’s see, as it is ALWAYS for Dark Parable game series, let’s get our visual arts straight! I don’t think that I’ve ever really complained about this series’ artistic choices and designs. I mentioned this to Mewtwo. While she was progressing steadily, I actually came back to many maps just to find the Moons and the spirit-like collectibles, just because I enjoy doing that for MANY good games. It’s very interesting to have such graphics to play in.

In terms of voice acting, I’m never going to be complaining. Mewtwo mentioned once that one of the characters had the voice of a younger Orlando Bloom. Seeing as I was not aware who that was until I was in high school, I’ve no idea whether or not that is true. Can anyone agree or disagree to this?

Speaking of the Collectibles, this game gets points from me for allowing us to replay certain games in order to get all the collectibles that we may have missed. For example, I found 36 moons out of 40, I believe, and they actually let you go back after you’ve finished the games. I approve of this, because sometimes, you actually need to go back and replay the whole game in order to get the collectibles [this, needless at all to say, does not please me].

The puzzles varied deliciously in difficulties and taste. The one I found most difficult, I’ll say, was probably the one where you had to find your way with the light [I’m horrible at explaining, so let me show you an image of what I’m talking about I wasn’t able to find out]. Basically, you have to move this light source around, into an ‘exit’ of some kind, however, it dies out after a certain number of moves, so you have to gather a few other light sources along the way.

The Hidden Object Games mostly consisted of finding certain mini items which would, in turn, combine into the object that you actually need. This, I really enjoyed, mostly because it makes somewhat sense.

There was the interactive item in your inventory, once again [it’s a rather popular thing to do now in Hidden Object Games, and I’m not complaining, it’s fabulous], where you have to click on the object with a “+” sign or, in this case, the “framed” object, in order to interact with it – that is, repairing it or adding more things to it.

Overall, it was a great game to play, it links together well many other games and even brings back a few characters from these previous games. I look forward to catching up with the series later on, and playing them “live” with Mewtwo and the others if possible one of these days!

See you next time!
Take good care of yourselves!!
Pony’s out!