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YouTube: MarvelExplained – Videos on Marvel Comics and Films
Discovered: August 6th, 2014
Links: YouTube, Google+, Twitter

August 11th, 2014

Greetings everyone, from the past!
How are you all doing in April 2016?
Whoa, I wonder where will be… no, nevermind, I’d rather not think about it. I hope that I will still have many more posts to feed this blog with by then!

So, here’s another superhero related YouTube Channel! It has many videos which are only related to MARVEL (since it’s MARVEL Explained, get it?). Hahaha

I’ve mentioned this channel before for my Guardians of the Galaxy review, which is also the first video that I ever read of his. Since then, I’ve watched many of his videos, including the Doctor Strange one [I’ve said it before but… I love Doctor Strange as a character, he’s one of my favourite, so that’s really not surprising it’s one of the first ever videos I’ve watched], and I must say that his explanations of everything is very on point and very – as far as my limited knowledge is concerned anyway – complete.

I also have a feeling that I will be mentioning this channel often, so… you can always go and find more links there.

I love that he has so many Superhero origins that I can look at. Thanks to Young Justice and Justice League Unlimited, I am much more knowledgeable of the DC universe superheroes. Thus, these video of his are so interesting to watch!
He even comes to visit the Alternative Universes of the MARVEL Comic-verse, which is not often done – in my humble and very limited experience with YouTubers.
And then, there’s his breakdown of MARVEL’s team-up groups.

That’s it for now,
Take great care of yourselves, peeps!