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August 10th, 2014

Greetings people!
How are you all doing right now?

So many superhero posts! I can’t even…!! I should at least put more… err… normal channels here somewhere in-between, right?

So here’s Matthias for you to discover if you haven’t!

I found this guy via InternetIcon [Wait Ponyta, What is Internet Icon?! It’s basically a place where I found A LOT of YouTubers, it’s a wonderful show on YomYomF, which was cancelled after season 2, due to being underfunded (or something, I’m not sure)], he even WON with this video called Backwards, I voted for him!

I like the quality of his videos, and his personality, which we can sort of see through these videos!! I like it, anyway.

I’ll go and re-watch his videos, because it’s been AWHILE since I’ve seen his videos! Enjoy!

image Ponyta’s out image