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YouTube: JouleThief
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August 11th, 2014

Salut tout le monde!
Comment allez-vous?

While I was talking about Matthias, I found it difficult NOT to think about his friend and fellow YouTuber, JouleThief, so this month’s YouTube Recs will be about this guy, named Alex [also known as JouleThief], who did an awesome job on Internet Icon as well.

The first ever video that I watched of Joulethief I believe would be the Finding Waldo movie trailer. It simply had all of the elements of badassery, mixed with comedy (because who would expect Waldo – of all people – to be this gruesome?!). His story – told by this video – added more depth to the character than probably his creator gave him, and I quite enjoyed that.

I also followed his steps through Internet Icon and found that he had great talent, thus, I decided to subscribe to his channel!

More than the video collaborations with his YouTube friends, JouleThief also has a few videos on his channel that I love, namely the Jedi CopsTen Ways to get Fired, the Dragon Training and the Six Ways to Fail a Date… to only name a few. Note though that he doesn’t post videos as often, but they are of pretty good quality!

I hope you have fun exploring!

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