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Title: Dark Strokes: Sins of the Fathers (First game in the series) [link]
Edition: Collector’s
By: Friday’s Games
Played with: Munchlax
Munchlax’s Rating: 7/10
Rating: 7/10
Started: January 16th, 2015
Finished: March 9th, 2015
Duration: ~5 hours
Level: Expert

March 9th, 2015 

Hello there everybody!
I hope you’re doing well! I’m still not feeling so good in terms of getting out of the ‘funk’ since last Tuesday, but slowly getting there. Finally, after weeks and weeks of trying, Munchlax and I were able to find the time to finish this game. Here are our thoughts on the game down below!

This is the first game in the installment of the Dark Strokes series, and I must say that I was not as impressed as the first game – even though the sudden dialogue sequences – where each characters appear quite suddenly in the foreground of the screen and speak with each other – even the main character – was quite surprising and scared me a couple of times [even for the Bonus Chapter, Munchlax herself was pretty surprised].

Story-wise, it was incredibly predictable, especially the plot twist at the end of the story. Munchlax and I kept joking during the story about how this plot twist simply was canon, even as our character waded through the riddles, in order to find the truth; that the plot twist was indeed what the game designers had planned. I wish there could have been more links to the sequel, which we had played before, but it wasn’t. At the end of the Bonus Chapter, I was left speechless when asked why the Bonus Chapter was relevant to the story, but then I realized; during the story: we had never quite seen the Dark One, whereas we do here. We were also severely under-pressed by the fiance of the main protagonist. It wasn’t unusual for us to wish her demise during the game [but maybe that was just our bad influence on each other].

Art-wise, Munchlax would give it an 8 out of 10. It was very pretty to look at and the details were nicely executed. Indeed, sometimes, the objects blended in so well in their environment that it was difficult to figure out that you had to pick them up. Some other objects flashed in your eyes though, so that was much easier to find. The inventory is not ‘locked’ and there are no options to do so, so it was quite… something [read: IRKSOME] to arrange for a laptop mouse to do, especially when we had to drag stuff around. The very little voice acting is reduced to only cutscenes, but they’re still pretty good.

Puzzle-wise, every puzzle – as I recall, anyway – were incredibly easy to solve, even on Expert mode. The Hidden Object Boards weren’t even hidden from us, an ‘eye’ would pop out of the places where we would need to activate the HOB. They were, contrary to the puzzles – quite varying in difficulty, especially in the middle. There would always be one single object in a LOT of these that would be incredibly difficult to find – either because of the pressure of finding it, or because it was just too well hidden, kudos to the designers to have found such fitting places for these objects, but it was really frustrating!

Okay! That’s all from us right now!
See you all next month!
(✿◕ ‿◕ฺ)ノ))。₀: *゚✲ฺβyё βyё✲゚ฺ*:₀ Ponyta’s out ₀:✲ฺβyё βyё✲゚ฺ*゚:₀。 ((\◕ ‿◕ฺ✿))