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Title: Led by a Mad Man
By: ErrePi [Tumblr, Blogspot]
Links: Smackjeeves

Hello there everyone!
How are you all doing? Today, I went back in my Smackjeeves account and discovered that there are still several webcomics which I have yet to recommend to you! Here is one of the best there is!

The story is set after some kind of apocalyptic event happened, leaving only a few humans left in the country. One of which is Daniel, who is the “mad man” in the title, I think. He gathers the four other people and proclaims himself as King of this new country. You basically follow their story as they attempt to survive. At the time I’m writing this post, the story still has not finished, however, the author, ErrePi, has recently gotten two novels out on Storenvy, if you would like to get them!

I really like the person’s art style! It’s so simple and yet, it conveys so many emotions easily!

Not to forget the humor that he/she can pass into the story, I really like the way it was executed! So I can’t wait to read more about this story, and see what kind of ending (if there is one), the author is aiming for.

imageAnyways, I hope you’ll enjoy!
I’ll see you all next time!