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Youtuber: ISATV
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August 17th, 2014

Hello there everyone!
How are you all doing?! Here’s a post about a YouTube Channel called ISATv!

ISA stands for “International Secret Agents” (I guess they’re not that secret since they actually have a YouTube channel and many social media websites, along with a LOT of YouTube celebrities attending it…).

ISATv has many shows, which it turns into playlists. Of these, I only ever really watch a few, because I don’t always have the time to. But here’s a small list of the ones I’m watching SO FAR. I like the ISA! Variety Game Show (Season 1, Season 2), It’s… Complicated Dating Advice Show (Season 1), Step by Step (Season 1), the Level: ASIAN (Season 1) and the Makeshift (Season 1).

I give them “Season 1” status because I’m not sure if, by the time that you get this post, there will be more to come, but yeah, this is the list of shows that I actually like watching of them!

I love the fact that there are so many people that I know from YouTube who actually contribute to this channel! For example, JustKiddingFilmsBart, Geo Antoinette and Joe have participated in the Season 2 of ISA Variety! Game show (Season 2), Phil and Wes and Ted from WongFu Productions, to only name a few.

Ponyta’s logging out!