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Title: Whispered Secrets: The Story of Tideville (First Installment)
Edition: Collector’s Edition
By: Grand MA Studios [Facebook page]
Rated: 7/10
Started: January 17th, 2015
Finished: January 18th, 2015
Duration: ~5 hours

Hey there everybody!
Here’s to the start of a new series of Hidden Object Games to be started! This one is called: Whispered Secrets, and the first story is: “The Story of Tideville! Let’s hope that it’s not as scary as the Sins of the Fathers from Friday’s Games [which I started playing with Munchlax and we didn’t finish, so I have to wait for her]!! 

The second game of this Whispered Secrets series is called: Whispered Secrets 2: Into the Beyond, meanwhile, the third game of it is: Whispered Secrets 3: Into the Wind, so far anyway, as of the writing of this post. I’m going to be playing the sequels of this game soon.

The story of this game was pretty nicely done. I liked the fact that the player is a woman, and that she is a single mother [as far as we know, her husband passed away, and I think it was from the war, but we’re not 100% sure] of a science genius child named Tim Barton [so her name is Mrs. Barton]. I feel, though, that it wasn’t as original as it could have been. It was still something to play, and it was certainly not as scary as I thought it might have been.

The Puzzles were a nicely done range of difficulty, and I really liked that. The Hidden Object Boards were also really well done, especially because of the amazing art style. I loved that you didn’t necessarily need to ‘wait’ for an ‘animation’ to finish in order to find other objects in the Hidden Object Boards. Some boards were really difficult to find items from. Just because the items were so well-hidden. In terms of variety, there was none for the Hidden Object Boards [it was just a list of items which you had to find on the board, as you can see on this image].

I also liked the fact that you could skip the dialogues altogether, or skip a certain ‘line’ of dialogue, so if you are a fast reader, you could play a little faster. The problem with this, however, is the fact that the game was annoyingly dependent on clicking [the dialogues, due to this, did not continue until you actually clicked on it].

Another thing: there were no achievements or significant stuff for the Collector’s Edition, but they compensate by making the Bonus Chapter pretty nicely done, and relevant to the story, so I give that a thumbs up.

Next up in this series will be: Whispered Secrets: Into the Beyond!
I hope to see you all then!
Have a great month!
(シ_ _)シ Ponyout!