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Title: The Little World of Liz Climo
By: Liz Climo
Links: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr

August 13th, 2014

Dear readers,
How are you all doing today? I hope the month this post finds you in is agreeing with you! [at this moment, I’m not doing so well (the rain… the incessant rain… saps my energy, to be honest] If it isn’t, well… here’s a webcomic to brighten it up a little if not A LOT!

With cute characters like Rory the dinosaur, or the relationship between Shark and the Otter as well as the Mouse/Rat and the Snake, Liz can boast that she can put a smile on my depressed and sad face any time of the day (and I am ‘down‘ pretty often). There’s a reason why you would find her stuff circulating on both Facebook and Tumblr, after all! Because that’s how great it is!

I personally love her Back to school one (with the ants, because seriously… I want a pet that can eat ants without trouble so I can escape that situation every year, I kid, of course… until I don’t). I can relate to the Bear in this one, because you know… Japan! And then, there’s the connection between the penguins and the leg warmers.

Each post is basically a short, you don’t have to read from the beginning, but I would still recommend it, because you’re missing out on how awesome it is!

I really like her art style, it’s so cute and realistic, I really invite you to go and check it out! I admire it also because I can’t draw animals… at all…!!

Anyways, I’m gonna get going now,
I shall see you all later!
〃゚ー゚)ノ Ponyout