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August 18th, 2014

How’s everyone doing?
You have my salutations! This is the month of August, which probably means that OTAKUTHON is up again! I hope that this time, my cosplay will be better!! I can do this! I hope that since I’ve been able to schedule a lot of posts until past this date, I should be able to find time to muster some kind of skill to sew a cosplay, right? I mean… *cough* I hope I’ve seen you there!

I don’t remember exactly how I came onto this person’s YouTube Channel, but I know that I’ve been staying subscribed ever since.

His humor and story-telling are just so on point, you know? …Well you would if you watched some of his videos perhaps! Let me link you to a few of his excellent videos! I like his simple animations as well! And it’s really cute!

  • Why are we obsessed with Tech? [x] hits home because I really am obsessed with my technologies. I mean… I name my babies (and I happen to call them my babies, too). I didn’t have all of that technology when I was young. It really helped my imagination. Hahaha. I’m also hooked to Candy Crush Saga.
  • Run Away from Home [x], I can somewhat relate to this video a lot, even if I have never ran away before, hahaha. I did have a Sega though! OnlyLeigh even collaborated with him, voicing his sister in this video!
  • Cheating on Hoomework [x] even features Swoozie!! That’s right! This is pretty good actually! It seems to me like if I were a teacher, I would read book reports though… and I would know, it seems, if my students lied TO ME [this is how much I don’t have a life]…
  • TMNT It’s just a Mask – Mabel Redux – Sad [x], Happy [x]. I’m recommending this because I like both Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles AND Gravity Falls. It’s super short, but I found it super funny!
  • What I hate about the club [x] also has values for me just because I have never been in a club before. I don’t think that even after all this time with scheduled post, I will ever step into a club.

Well, I hope that you’ll have some awesome and fun times watching his videos!
See you later!!