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Title: Whispered Secrets: Into the Beyond (second game)
By:  Grand MA Studios
Started: January 22nd, 2015
Finished: January 22nd, 2015
Duration: ~4 hours
Rated: 8/10

January 22nd, 2015

Hey there everybody!
I hope that this post finds you in good health [I know that some of you may be starting school, so… GOOD LUCK!! And those of you who have to go back to your work place, good luck as well!!]! I hope that I won’t still be in school by then, even though I don’t feel like I can take on the Work Force, maybe it won’t be that bad

As I stated last month, here’s the sequel to the Whispered Secrets: The Story of Tideville, titled: Whispered Secrets: Into the Beyond.

At first, we’re not sure who we’re playing in this game. It seemed like we’re not Mrs Barton, because we see a picture of her, her husband and Tim, and the player says how she finds that the latter has grown so much. It seems like she’s marrying a genius scientist (or married to). Then, you discover that, indeed, she’s married to Tim! And that Clarice is Mrs Barton [the lady you can see on this picture], whereas the police officer that we encounter is actually Rudy, Tim’s best friend. These are all characters from the first game [Whispered Secrets: The Story of Tideville]. As you might actually realize: I loved this, except that I wonder why Tim didn’t recognize the mad crazy scientist [perhaps you can associate this to the fact that he was young, and that the scientist shouldn’t be… alive at this point… I guess everything is possible here, since they were in a different dimension]. I’m glad that we got to see how the children from the first game grew up to become later on, and in the extra chapter, you even find out what became of the old man Jacob.

The story in itself was all right, not necessarily outstanding, but there was enjoyment in it, despite the fact that the dialogues still required a lot of clicking from us [I was more willing to forgive this, than in the first game, I must say]. The voice actors were diversified in talent, I found, and some scenes were lagging a little in terms of the mouth moving and the audio sync (but maybe that was just my computer, mind you).

The puzzles were pretty easy to do, even in Hard difficulty mode [even now, I can’t remember the most difficult ones, whereas I usually do. However, I did enjoy the lock picking puzzles, as I usually do, haha], but I feel like the Hidden Object Boards were at the spotlight of the game. I found them entertainingly difficult [mostly because of the Achievements, which I’ll talk about later].

A notable difference between this installment and the first game is this: the Achievements. I love how the lurking eye-ball monsters [Observers] are found at each location, and that there’s a ‘number count’ so that we know whether or not we’re done finding all of them with the location. I guess these achievements are important for me mostly because they motivated me to explore more each and every map, which is something that wasn’t happening in the first game.

That’s it for today, folks!
I’ll see you all next month for the sequel of this game!
Hopefully, anyway!
Have a great week and take good care of yourselves!
(ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ Ponyout!