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YouTuber: MyChonny
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August 18th, 2014

Hey there, everyone!
How’s it going? Hahaha, I realize that this is scheduled for September… which means that some of you will have school to go to or that some of you will have work to go to… and… what does the rest of you do? (probably like me, watching anime and TV shows and writing reviews… OTL).

Anyways, since school has started, PROCRASTINATION started! And what’s better than procrastinating on the YouTube?!

Who doesn’t know of MyChonny, seriously?! This guy is HILARIOUS!! I can’t honestly remember what I watched of his first, but it was pretty cool and my siblings, the eeveelutions, couldn’t stop laughing [although now Vaporeon completely shuns us for loving to watch his videos and Leafeon and Flareon can actually QUOTE him].

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of videos that I loved of his:

MyChonny collaborates with many YouTubers also, whenever it is possible for him. Please check him out if you don’t already follow him. If you do, what are your favourite videos of his?