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Title: Whispered Secrets: Into the Wind (third game)
By: Grand MA Studios
Edition: Collector’s
Started: January 24th, 2015
Finished: January 24th, 2015
Duration: ~5 hours
Rated: 7.5/10
Difficulty: Hardcore

January 24th, 2015

Hey there everybody!
I trust this October is going to treat us all well! Have you already thought about a Halloween Costume? Who am I kidding? Is Halloween still a thing? Well, I hope it is, because trick-or-treating, man [says the horse on fire who only stays home and plays scary Hidden Object Games to celebrate Halloween]!

As promised, today, we have the third installment of the Whispered Secrets series, called: Into the Wind. I must say that I’m not sure where the money production goes, but finding a suitable name probably isn’t one of them. I mean, the predecessor of that was: Into the Beyond, for goodness’ sake. Let me assure you, the namesake of the game isn’t what made it lose its points. The lack of link between this story and the previous games of the same series, however, did. It annoyed me at the beginning [I mean, we ended on a pretty good note on the last game, but the mad scientist DID say that he would come back, so in all logic, even if the protagonists have changed, shouldn’t we encounter at least the antagonist? But NO so what relationship does this game have with the others, pray tell?! Are you not better off making another series name with this particular detective, instead of putting this game with another one, even though it doesn’t make any sense? I still look forward for a fourth installment, though, I should add here, because that particular game might tie in with its predecessors, make it happen!!], and kept me from considering the value of the story in itself – although I must say that eventually [and thankfully], I did. It wasn’t half bad, and the concept of having a town full of talents, where people respect the arts and in a story where the arts play the utmost importance was something out of a dream for me, so kudos for that [the idea of being ‘no one’ without one’s talent, however, as is the ‘premise’ of the Bonus Chapter, wasn’t, and let me mention that the ] and not to mention the whole mythos surrounding the demons who take advantage of a person’s weak moment to strike a ‘deal’ with them, only to go back on their words, is brilliant!

The Grand MA Studios really upped their game in terms of the puzzles and their difficulty [although some of them were quite easy, there were plenty more that were difficult for me to solve [although apparently, it never took me more than 10 minutes, because I certainly did not get that particular achievement]]. A notable one might be the one where you have to fit musical notes together by turning a five nodes. That one, among others, was tough. I liked the fact that if you wanted to, you could switch modes to ‘skip’ a Hidden Object Board [which, again, was quite impressive, from shadowed pictograms of items to find, to these stories (as seen above) of symbols to find in a seemingly simple image, in order to find the rest of the story, to simple and regular list of vocabulary of objects to find that we know and love to play through], without having to skip. I haven’t played those games, but I’m sure they were quite nice.

I loved the fact that there was a red panda, that served as your little helper. I named mine (you can go onto your Achievement Room and click on the little creature in order to name it, I named mine Munchlax). Have I talked about the Achievements yet? As you can assess above, the number of achievements have increased – it feels anyway, and the rewards are even better in my opinion. It kept me motivated, especially since one of them achievements unlocks the Hidden Chapter, which is something else than just a Bonus Chapter [the inherent problem with the Hidden Chapter is this: it has no relationship whatsoever with the story from the game, even if we’re still playing the same detective. So I wonder if that’s a sneak peak to what we’re going to see later on in a fourth game? As you can see, this is another spot where the game lost its points, haha].

Overall though, and despite the incoherence of the story and its connection to its predecessors, it was a great game and you can totally go and try out to form your own opinion, and to counter or agree with my points in the comment section!

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