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Title: Check, Please!
By: Ngozi Ukazu
Link: Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook
Started: February 20th, 2015

February 20th, 2015

Hello there everybody!
I hope that you receive my wishes for good health from the past (2015)? As usual for this month, let me share with you a webcomic that I discovered today, and that I caught up with almost within the hour [that’s how good it is].

Today, my friend Katamism [check out her stuff, her art work is amazing and she’s a great person too!] tweeted something that would add yet another webcomic to my To-Read list [I really hope her tweet is still there when this is posted (and beyond, of course)]:

I cannot even explain to you this comic better than its about page, so I’ll just link it to you here, but I’ll try, nevertheless. Bittle is this really good *fast* skater (he was also a figure skater!) and he’s a vlogger too [as a matter of fact, the webcomic presents itself as a ‘form’ of vlog, which, I find, is quite innovative!]! Follow his adventure as he vlogs about his life as a Hockey Player in a school!

I should mention somewhere that there’s no relationship between the facts that I’m loving this comic and that I’m Canadian – although maybe there’s a small correlation, I mean, I’m a Habs fan (and a major Halak fan), but I don’t usually watch the games – especially ever since TV doesn’t even show the games much anymore and I work whenever the games are being showed – which sucks. And I don’t know hockey terms that well, unlike Mewtwo. But I’m learning!

I love the ensemble of characters that were presented in this comic – and I’m sure I’ll learn to love the ones it’s expanding towards. From characters [Ransom and Holster] who break the fourth wall in order to bring you extra information about Hockey that you probably didn’t know [I’m from Canada/Quebec, and I’ve lived in a family that loves Hockey, and some of these terms are new to me right now] to the very ‘obsessive’ Jack, who happens to the be captain of the team, to the eccentric and understanding Shitty (who’s nickname origin has still yet to be revealed to me at this point in time).

PLUS, it features a really pretty French Canadian spoken moment in there somewhere, or at least, when I read it, Jack spoke it fairly well [minus the slight grammar mistake (hey, hire me as a freelance French translator, I’d do a really good job, I promise)].

I also quite enjoy the art style, I know the artist spends a lot of time on both the drawing and the colouring for the main story, but she also spends time on blogging, Tweeting as Bittle, AND answering questions as several characters of the series…! I love the dedication and I quite admire it and hope to do the same one day!!

Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of stuff that I loved about this comic [I’ll try and update it but seriously, just check it out]:

imageAll right! That’s it out of me today!
I hope you’ll all have a great week until next time I see you!
Take good care of yourselves and of each other!