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YouTuber: Lindsey Stirling
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August 11th, 2014

Salutations, my dear readers, from 2014!
How are you all doing?

I still haven’t moved from my chosen work space of the day, and it’s still pretty cold (they turned on the AC). Anyways, for now, I ran out of Superhero related YouTubers, so I’ve dug into my YouTube Subscriptions and I found Lindsey Stirling. My goodness, how could I not have written a post for her until only now?!

Who has not heard of Lindsey Stirling? Well I’m here to show her off to you! She’s a brilliant musician! I discovered her through Leafeon, who was listening to her cover of Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive, with Pentatonix.

Since then, I’ve been mostly listening to her various covers, like John Legend’s All of Me, for example, or even her Pokemon theme song with KURT HUGO SCHNEIDER, whom I should also do a YouTube Recs of soon.

She even has her own original songs!!

Her style is different in the sense where she dances as she plays her violin AND she even cosplays, or dresses up if you will, while she’s performing. She’s really a one of a kind musician, and she’s super worth your time, please go check her out!

That’s it for now,
See you later!

Ponyta’s out