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Title: Sister Claire
Links: Official Website, Facebook,
By: Yamino and Ash [Tumblr, Twitter]

June 18th, 2015

Hey there everybody!
How are you doing? I trust you readers are all doing well!! As for my part, well, I’m doing superbly well, I think!

Are we ready for the webcomic recommendation of the month? Yep, you guessed it if you read it up there: I’m gonna talk about Sister Claire!

So, I started reading this comic back in… I think back in 2008, and I absolutely loved it! But when my Dellima (RIP, my dear), passed, I hadn’t remembered to check for updates – and I even forgot the entire comic up until today, while I was tweeting about Steven Universe and I found this magnificent fanart which you can see above [by Yamino], and when I read “Sister Claire” in her description I thought: ‘Wait, this is awfully familiar!‘ and I started reading again. It was such a great read again and again, and now that I’m older, too, I sort of caught a lot more references than I had back when I first started reading!

What’s this story about? Why are you delaying? Oh sorry, the story is about this nun, called Claire, who was asked by Angel Gabrielle to become the new “Virgin Mary” so to speak – to be pregnant and to have a child who would be very important to the future. But Sister Claire is… well she’s not your typical Sisterhood of Mercy (that’s the name of her sisterhood I think?). She’s less disciplined, she’s much more clumsy, and she still needs so much to learn about the world [doesn’t this remind you of the Sound of Music?], and about the war between Witches and Sisters. Something even more: the sisters believe that she displays an uncanny amount of signs of witchcraft. One of which is her weird affinity with felines in general [cats = witches, yeah?].

You basically follow her adventures through her pregnancy until the big reveal of this week (now I don’t know what’s going to happen)!! I should probably warn you though that there are some minor scenes with blood in them and of course there’s fighting scenes!!

As accompaniment to the webcomic, there’s also missing moments, which tell the story of Sister Catharine [one of Sister Claire’s companions, you’ll find out about her later], it seems, I can’t wait to start reading this one.

Go read the comic, it’s good!

What I loved about Sister Claire (and still do as I’m re-reading the story) is that there are many references to pop culture [some of them are subtle, like in the dialogues or in the way a scene is played out [well no, the Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask rose was pretty direct, and not subtle at all, haha], and some other ones are even more direct, like a character showing up all of a sudden [like Aang and Korra in this sample comic strip [or, further in, during the trial, you could see the trio of Ty LeeMai and Azula mixed in with Panty from Panty and Stocking if I recall well], for example, from the Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra series, for example]. I mean, am I really the only one who thinks Sister Olga looks like the Helga from Disney’s Atlantis? But she’s fighting for good and looks cool doing it? Am I? Am I?]. There’s even once, where I think I saw Billy the Cat cat [plus a friend of his Queenie, I think?] as well as Garfield and his feline friends appear as well. Please feel free to comment if you’ve seen even more that I have missed!

With all of this said and done,
I’m gonna go now!
I hope you’ll enjoy this series!
See you all next time!
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