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YouTuber: ShutUpAndDance
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August 11th, 2014

Hello minna-san!
How are you all doing during the month of November 2016? Here, it’s still August 2014 (as you can see).

Continuing on my streak of sharing with you my YouTube subscriptions, I move on to ShutUpAndDance!

I absolutely love her Comedy Skits, most of which feature DavidSo from DavidSo Comedy! Not only that, but I think she appears often in JustKiddingFilm‘s skits also! I also love her skits of ShutUpAndUnicorn [because some of her different personalities resemble what I have going on in my head, I mean what]. Not only that, but she also collaborates with WongFu Productions.

I don’t remember exactly what brought me to her channel, and I can’t bring myself to remember what video I watched first of her, but I remember binging a LOT through her videos once I discovered her. I spent a whole afternoon laughing. Indeed, it’s that funny. I remember really liking this one, which features WongFu Productions‘ own Wesley Chan, I think it may be one of the first ones I watched of her.

Her content is simply so cute and funny, I couldn’t NOT share [if that makes sense? You know it does!!]! Anyways, I hope you’ll have as much fun as me watching her videos!

Ponyta dances out! It’s super effective!!