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Title: Enchantia – Wrath of the Phoenix Queen
Edition: Collector’s
By: Blue Tea Games
Started: March 13th, 2015
Finished: March 13th, 2015
Duration: 3.5 hours
Level: Hard
Rating: 7/10
Played with: Mewtwo 
Mewtwo’s Rating: 7/10

March 13th, 2015

Hello humanoid creatures reading this!
How are you all doing today? So, while we were waiting for the whole hysteria of school to start again – with the finals, Mewtwo and I have started to play this game called: Enchantia – Wrath of the Phoenix Queen. Here are our thoughts on it. This is my first review in awhile, it’s really bad, haha [I’ve been feeling pretty bad lately, so I’m glad that I was able to play this and write a review about it – I feel less bad about the unproductivity that I have in this blog, hahaa].

The story – because this is an intense part of any game in my opinion – was not as original as it should have been in Mewtwo‘s opinion, and I share this view to a certain extent. I mean to say that a LOT of Hidden Object Games have been created and a lot of them have been written out, so obviously, a LOT of things will be present and consistent in a lot of games. We feel like the whole romance thing is always there as an ‘excuse’ to motivate at least one character in stories. We sort of wish that there’d been more exposition on the Humans – we’ve seen the Skybirds, the Elves, the Dwarves and (indeed, we’ve seen the Humans, but I feel like it’s not enough). Mewtwo also felt like there was – and is always – a lot of the notion of the “Elements” all over the HOG, and wished that there’d been more diversified lore. At first, I thought the Bonus Chapter was bogus. How could you be the Skybird descendant – the Destined One – and then go back in the past and get to meet the one who was your mentor, just to promptly forget about him? But then I understood that it’s because you legit play one of the young Sky Birds who, SOMEHOW have a mystical artifact which will be kept by the Historian, which is why he was able to give it to us (as the Destined One anyway) by the beginning of the official story. It was a nice way to wrap-up the game, I guess, but Mewtwo DID lose interest, so I would probably say to make the story more

The music was nicely put together – all of the sound effects were recycled from previous Blue Tea Games, I find, especially from the Dark Parables series (which is why Mewtwo said that this game could easily have been mistaken for a Dark Parable game). The atmosphere also reminded to her a lot of the Dark Parables series, so it distracted her; she couldn’t even distinguish between the two (it really bothered her as she was playing, she kept mentioning it, haha). As usual for Blue Tea Games, the graphics are spotless, nothing to say about it – except maybe that it resembles the other games too much – which could be a double-edge sword. Mostly for me though, it is a positive thing, even though I guess it means that for Mewtwo, this will make her even more associate the game to the Dark Parables.

Meanwhile, the puzzle department was quite varied and great to play through, especially the ones involving the piano (or the keyboard or maybe it was an organ?). Anyways, the puzzles were really nice. We both got stuck on different ones – she had difficulties with a symbols puzzle, I got difficulties with the different birds puzzle. Nicely done! The Hidden Object Boards mostly presented themselves in the form of artfully done (and hidden) pictographs which you had to find scattered within a board. Because I’ve been replaying the Dark Parables‘ Exiled Prince game – due to a student wishing to play it, that is – this kind of Hidden Object quite reminded me of that specific game. Sometimes, the locations of the Hidden Object Boards were pretty… random, in the sense where, usually, whenever there’s a Hidden Object Board activated, something leads you back to the place – a puzzle, an unlocking to be done at the location… you name it. However, for this game, to find certain objects, you just had to go back to many of the places where you know you’d already gotten Hidden Object Boards. So that was pretty frustrating for both of us.

Something else that we’ve observed is the presence of Morphing Objects (20 of them), which were, sadly, absent from the list of Achievements. There were actually NO achievement boards that I could find, so that’s even more of a bummer. At any rate, this game presented both pros and cons, it was a nicely done game which could have fit into a Dark Parables game – despite not being inside the ‘folk tales’ or the ‘fairy tales’ spectrum, but I believe that perhaps with a little bit more research, they could easily have fit the game into more unknown tales which we don’t know of. That would have been both educative and amazing.

Anyways, those were our thoughts on the game!
I hope you have a great week! See you all later!
Happy Friday 13th!!
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