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YouTuber: NerdSync Productions
Host: Scott Niswander
Links: Facebook, G+, Twitter, iTunes, YouTube

September 1rst, 2014

Salutations my dearlies!
How are you all doing? It seems like you’re not lucky if you’re not into superheroes, because this month is also a YouTube Recs of superhero related YouTube Channel!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Scott Niswander’s channel!

Scott even made some podcasts with VariantComicsArris Quinones, and other comic related YouTubers!!!!

I enjoy a lot of videos of his, so here’s a list!

  • “When Lois Lane Dated Superman’s Dad!” [x]
  • “Lantern Corps. Oaths Part 1 (Part 2)”
  • “What Does Doctor Doom’s Face Look like?” [x]
  • “Do Superheroes Need Secret identities?” [x]
  • “Why is Peter Quill Called Star-Lord?” [x]

…And so many others, I can’t even tell you everything!!

I love his trivia questions, and though I’m not knowledgeable enough to answer the questions, he never makes us feel stupid. He even applauds us for not just googling the answer, which I find extremely nice of him.

I also love his way of speaking and the way that he paces the knowledge that he gives us, I approve a lot!

imageAll right, well, do have fun looking through his videos please!
I’ll see you, as usual, later [either next week or next month]!
Ponyta’s out!