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Title: Lost Legends: The Weeping Woman
By: Gunnar Games, Inc. [link]
Edition: Collector’s
Started: March 7th, 2015
Finished: March 14th, 2015
Rated: 8/10
Duration: ~3 hours

March 15th, 2015 

Hello there everybody!
How are you all doing today? Well, I’m sort of back with some more games… I’ve been… playing a lot to get my mind off of work and school, but now, I sort of have to get back to that… [after I finish writing my thoughts on at least some of these games… haha]. So, let’s start with the Weeping Woman!

So, prior to playing this game, I had already heard a little bit about a legend that was a little bit like this one (about the Weeping Woman). The original tale is more known, I think, as La Llorona, and originates from the Hispanic America region (according to Wikipedia anyway). A lot of details about the tale I read as a curious child is lost to me, though and to be fair, I think that I may be mistaking the tale for a Greek one that sounds sort of the same (or other folklore tales that I’ve read – I was very curious). The connection between what I’d read as a child and this game only really hit me in mid-gameplay? The story was all right, it was refreshing for the motive of the ‘criminal’ to be something other than romance love? Even though love was in part involved – what with the ‘original’ story of the Weeping Woman [I liked this toned down version of the Weeping Woman though, the one from Wikipedia is intense and I don’t like what parents do to children in order to gain something else]. I didn’t like the Bonus Chapter obtained by playing the Collector’s Edition as much as I thought I would? I guess it’s because I don’t see the appeal of falling head over heels for a dude and letting him braid your hair [maybe it’s because I’m not for the going against your parents because you love someone? Maybe it’s also because I just never had to go through that? So take my opinion with a big grain of salt, but I didn’t relate to the characters at all]? The final resolution of that conflict also wasn’t something that I welcomed as much, even though I’m glad that everything ended well!!

While I not familiar with accents, I quite enjoyed listening to the voice actors. I’m glad the people who designed this game took into consideration the the geographic location in which the game is set, and chose to have the voice actors get “accents”. It was more enjoyable to listen to. The soundtrack was pretty neat as well, I liked the fact that it took on a ‘festive-like tone’ to it. The visuals were, as you can see, pretty good, and I always like the presence of a Task notebook and a Map [the fact that you can teleport using this map is good, but it can also hinder on the game coherence. Indeed, once, when I was ‘trapped’ somewhere, I just used the map to jump out of the place I was trapped in. Not very coherent if you ask me…]. It helps when you don’t remember much of what you have to do because you’re lost in the scenery. I liked that there’s Achievements and additional “object” finding throughout the whole game (however, you can’t go back to find the skulls or the flowers once you’re done!). You also can’t re-play certain puzzles or Hidden Object Boards if you’re done with the game, which is sort of a bummer, but you could always replay the whole game to get that…

I love the interactions one can have within the hidden object boards, whether it’s to find the lost petals of a sunflower, as you can see on the right, or to find the numerous keys to open one single drawer, it was really quite entertaining! As you can see, the Hidden Object Boards present themselves in the form of a list of words/items which we need to find on the board. It’s pretty standard, so the ‘interactiveness’ of the board is something that sets it apart from many other games I’ve played with similar HOB concepts. The puzzles, on the other hand, was varied and nice to play through. Most of them were easy to do, I guess that’s because I play a lot of these games already, so some of the puzzles felt redundant. One particular puzzle I liked doing was the Loteria Cards puzzle, which involved us categorizing the cards based by categories and colors, but there are rules to move each card. That was brilliantly done!

imageAll right, that’s it for today!
I’ll see you all later!
Have a great time!!!