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YouTuber: Parole de Chat
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Discovered: September 13th, 2014

September 13th, 2014

Hey there everyone!
How are you all doing?

I thought that by now, I would have exhausted all of the YouTube channel gems that I found, but nope, it seems like it’s still going strong (although to be fair, I really do just post one channel per month, and there are so many out there, I wouldn’t be able to share everything with you in this lifetime).

Without further ado, please, let us start.

Today, my student (the one who told me about Cyprien) showed me this one first video in my list, and then, I couldn’t stop myself, I probably watched all of his videos… but here are some of the highlights that really made me laugh at this point [do be warned that it’s spoken in French but there are English subtitles here and there]:

  • Miroirs & Chats [x] which was the first video that I ever watched of this person. It’s really funny and nice that he/she puts the subtitles in English. I read some of them in the videos and they’re pretty accurate (of course it’s a plus if you already know French and understand it).
  • Profs en vacance [x] which shows you owls as teachers, it’s really funny and well done!!
  • Comment les animaux voient le monde [x], which has small, small subtitles!! But it’s funny because seriously, I can see animals in another light, hahaha.
  • WOLVERINE CAT vs ZOBI LA MOUCHE [x], which shows you a great commercial for cats [although there’s no subtitles in this one].
  • La Mauvaise Haleine [x], I love it! I love it! It’s so freaking funny!!
  • La peur [x], which speaks about fears in cats, it’s so freaking funny!!
  • Cache-cache [x], which is hide-and-seek with cats and other animals (it’s really funny, watch it, it’s really funny ’cause it analyzes their behaviours xD).
  • Les ecureuils super-heros [x] was full of laughter, I couldn’t help myself!

All right then, I’ll see you all later!
Do you have any fun YouTube channel I haven’t shared up till this point yet? I’m always open to suggestions (as long as they are the style of things that I would indeed watch, haha).

imageAt any rate, see you next time!