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Title: Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride
By: Artifex Mundi [link, Twitter]
Started: March 20th, 2015
Finished: March 21rst, 2015
Played with: Mewtwo 
Mewtwo‘s Rating: 8.5/10
Difficulty: Expert
Duration: ~4 hours

March 21rst, 2015 

Hey there everybody!
So, Spring is here, but like… it’s not… it’s pretty cold out here, and it even started snowing today. And it was windy, too. Good thing I was working all day and didn’t even have to step outside, hehe. How are you all doing? I trust this post (from 2 years back) finds you in a good spirit and in good shape! This is the first game from Artifex Mundi that I’ve played (or at least that I’m aware of), here are my thoughts on it! Careful, there may be spoilers!

This game is the first installment of the Grim Legends series; the second game is called: Grim Legends: Song of the Dark Swan, which I cannot wait to begin playing. It looks so neat and I love the tale behind that one.

For me, story-wise, the story was all right, of course, some ‘plot twists’ were easy enough to deduce, because we’d seen some – or read some before. However, I did like the way the story was presented to us in multiple fashion [if you find all of the elusive objects (sort of like morphing objects), you get to see a narrated version of the prequel of the story, which is pretty nice, in my opinion, however, there were a LOT of flashbacks, which was somewhat a little annoying to be honest]. It helped Mewtwo, who was constantly skipping the cutscenes, to understand the story somewhat (even though by the end, she was momentarily clueless as to what happened and who the people were). It wasn’t necessarily in the story section where this game lost points with me; it was the ‘absence’ of the adoptive father in the Bonus Story, which was still pretty good and left some leeway for a sequel, maybe, if it’s handled well [I mean, the parents were absent, why in the world are we closer to them than we are to the actual parents?]. The story was very reminiscent of Brave, that one movie by both Pixar and Disney [not only because of the presence of the bear, but also because of the curse].

Visual-wise, the game was quite different than more recent games that we’ve played, and it was quite enjoyable. The art and animation reminded me a lot of Fearful Tales, which was an equally remarkable game in my opinion. It was a nice mix between Fearful Tales and the more recent games, rather, I should specify. I loved to watch the landscape, to find the Forest Spirits and the Elusive Objects. It was really pretty and the fact that the characters like Edward or others could move in the background (or even frontground) depending on what action needed to be performed. Seriously, more games need to be like this, I found. The soundtrack wasn’t bad either, it was entertaining and didn’t put you to sleep, which is obviously a plus. The Voice Acting was pretty all right; the “witch”‘s voice actress really poured her emotions into that first scene where we meet her; I loved her acting then. However, the protagonist was very ‘whiny’ and it was difficult to listen to the voice overs whenever she spoke and complained about how this object was stuck.

The puzzles were not challenging enough, and it’s a shame that we couldn’t replay them once we finished the game, too! I liked the variety though, it was fun to interact and activate certain games. The Hidden Object Boards were exceptionally difficult sometimes (I blame the great art style)! I remember one where we had to find the moons and the rubies; that one took me awhile to find. You can substitute the Hidden Object Boards with a domino game, but that one, I found harder to play – maybe it’s just because I’m not a domino expert, too. The Hidden Boards presented themselves mostly in two forms: the ones with a list of objects you had to find (pretty standard) and then, a list of pictograms where the game would assemble the found objects together in order to create a relevant tool for your inventory. It reminded us greatly of Dark Parables games.

Additionally, I couldn’t play on non-fullscreen mode – which isn’t a bad thing, I mean, it’s better for my eyes, but it’s also not good when I need to multitask. The inventory is lockable, both in the main game and in the bonus chapter, which is a plus, because I find it much easier to remember which objects are in my inventory and when. Something else I noted was that there was no Strategy Guide or Walkthrough available within the game. I’m not sure either on the Internet, but it was something I noticed on the fly and thought I should mention it.

pixels flowers photo: Flowers graphics-kawaii-030311.gifAll right, it’s getting late (it’s almost 1 am), so I’ll get going!
See you all next month!
Rest well if you’re ill, and enjoy the game if you have it!