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YouTuber: Zefrank1
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September 17th, 2014 

Hey there, boys and girls and others!
How are you all doing? Have you been feeling somewhat sad and are in need of a laugh, on this third of the month? Have you been feeling like you’re lacking some knowledge about the animal kingdom?

Don’t mind me, I’m trying to sell you the idea of watching Zefrank’s videos.

Namely the True Facts videos [x] [although he does have other ones, I just can’t remember and I think that I don’t watch them as much], because that playlist is plain gold. There’s nothing else to describe it. It does have certain vulgar jokes in it but I find that the videos are just so very funny that I can look past it (except maybe for one or two videos).

Most of them are about animals, as advertised. His voice is just so funny to listen to and adds well to his humor and his monologue ‘against’ his script writers and the people who research for him (I wonder if they do though but I’m not sure).

imageAnyways, for now, I’ll just let you explore his videos!!
See you later!!