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YouTuber: SciShow
Discovered: September 18th, 2014
Link: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr

People of the YouTube,
How are you all doing?!

After all of the superhero-related YouTube Channels that I’ve been flooding you with, I’ve decided to give you a small break! That’s right! This month, it’s SCIENCE-related!

SciShow is a show that answers your questions about Science. The first question answered which I have watched was: The Science of Lying, just because that title really hooked me. I continued with Why Can’t I put Metal in the Microwave? And then, Are Blue Eyes Endangered? The latest ones that I’ve watched were What Really Killed the Dinosaurs and We’re Bad Judge, Better Teachers, And Video Games are Pretty Good for Us, and from then I decided to subscribe, just because wow they really have a lot of these things covered. [Oh try watching the 3 Things Your Dog should not be doing and even What Causes Morning Sickness?] I can’t keep listing the ones that I love, because there’d be too many!!

They have two (I believe) hosts whose names escape me, but I love how they are able to condense such information into only a few minutes and they still offer you the sources of their intel, as usual for all Science related YouTube channels. I love these!

imageAll right, I have to return to a lot of exploring to do!
I hope you’ll enjoy when you watch it!