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Title: Shrouded Tales: The Spellbound Land
Started: March 23rd, 2015
Finished: March 23rd, 2015
By: Friendly Cactus Games
Duration: ~4 hours
Played with: Mewtwo and Munchlax 
Rating: 9/10
Difficulty: Expert Mode

April 6th, 2015 

Hey there minna-san!
I trust you are doing well! The other day, MewtwoMunchlax and I began this game [and it’s funny because it’s not like we didn’t have anything to do, we just… didn’t want to do it] because we were bored and felt like procrastinating. Here were some of my thoughts about the game:

The concept revolves around your character being able to wield magic spells, thus inheriting some of the skills from her mother, the Baroness, who is one of the four most powerful sorcerers of the town/world? It’s really too bad that the game icons for both the Collector’s Edition and the Standard Edition don’t feature the mother in it, but two other powerful magicians instead [SHAME, SHAME SAYS I!]. The story begins with the three wizards casting a spell in order to protect the town from an imminent threat, and our character, the Baroness’ daughter, watching carefully, as her mother wishes for her to follow her footsteps. The problem is that the evil seeps within their spell and they are cast out, disappearing and leaving the child alone. The villain takes over the city and reigns in tyranny. The protagonist later develops these magical abilities, which we get to use at the best moments in the game, to help us through certain obstacles. It’s great and amazing that they’ve successfully integrated such a concept within the game. The story becomes that much more interesting, and the Bonus Chapter reveals a little more about the villain, whom we help turn back into a ‘good guy’ once more.

The visuals, as you might expect, were extremely well done, I loved everything about it and I really liked just looking at the landscape and scenery that they placed in the background. The sounds were equally engaging and helped pull you further within the world. I also liked that you could lock the inventory (always a good thing, for me). You had to make sure that you unlocked every spell, however. Sometimes, I got stuck in one particular place simply because I had forgotten to unlock a new spell. Once, it helped that the spellbook actually reminded me the presence of the new spell by both glowing and putting an alarm, but it didn’t work always, either [and I’m not sure if it did that all the time, as I only caught it once].

Check out their blog by clicking on the image! Their review is impressive and really good!!

I loved all of the puzzles in this game, except perhaps for the one where you had to click certain objects ‘at the same time’ and keep them timed together. It was a bit tougher, but I feel like my experience with other games sort of helped me get through that game. The other puzzle that was tougher was the one with the constellation. I had a LOT of difficulties remember which stars were where and how to draw out the constellations… The Hidden Object Boards were not plain in comparison either. You had pictographs of shadows of objects which you needed to find in the board, and then, other times, you had a list of objects to find in the Hidden object Board.

Overall, I really loved this game, which is why I would highly recommend it to you if you like magic and an innovative game.

And so, that’s it for today!
I wish you all good luck for exams and other projects if you have them,
And I’ll see you next month or next week!
(-^〇^-)Ponyta’s out! (-^〇^-)