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YouTuber: LewToons
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Discovered: January 2015

January 13th, 2015 

Greetings everybody!
I hope you’re doing well, in 2017! I speak from the past, so wow! I really hope that I’ll be doing fine in 2017 as well!! For this month’s YouTuber Channel Recommendation, I’m gonna go to a person whom I discovered by watching Gravity Falls ‘predictions’ and other opinion [or conspiracy] videos.

As I mentioned (many times now probably), I discovered this dude through Gravity Falls, but he has more videos than this! Let me link you to some of them as of the writing of this post:

  • The Society of the Blind Eye – Gravity Falls [link]
  • Who Wrote the Journals? – Gravity Falls [link]
  • Hidden messages, Codes, Decoding – Gravity Falls [link]
  • Top 10 Superhero Cartoons [link]
  • etc.

I love the work that goes into his videos, in the sense where he does a lot of research and even goes through the process of getting the video clips for certain videos in order to prove the conspiracy theories that he talks about. It’s quite entertaining to watch, even though, as you can see, I haven’t watched everything.


Check out his channel when you can and if you’re interested by the content that he posts!
Do you have videos that are from this channel that I should totally check out? Send me a comment down below!
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