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Title: Wonder Woman
Released: June 2nd 2017
Watched: June 1rst, 2017

May 29th, 2017

Hey there, everybody!
Long time no see! So, I’ve started many, and I do mean many blog posts in the recent years, with the same comment: that it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything, but I’ve never published them, either because they were too boring, required too much time and effort for me, or, simply, I had no time, and I always say: “let’s hope this one will break the recent hiatus.” But it never happens.

I don’t know if this post will prove to be important enough for me that I will without any doubt, schedule it, or post it, but, let’s hope it is?

So, what is Wonder WomanWho is Wonder Woman?

All from memory, because I have other things to do for work, Wonder Woman is basically an Amazon Demi-Goddess. She was thought to have been molded through clay by Hyppolita (Queen of the Amazons, a group of female warriors) and brought to life by Zeus, possibly byway of lightning. In the more recent comics, of course, this origin is dubbed ‘nonsensical’ and we were given a new canon in that she was born from the union of Hyppolita and Zeus, if I recall correctly.

At any rate, the Amazons were given the paradise island of Themyscira, where they will be unbothered by humankind. This means that they will not be found by the humans, and they will technically have no contact with the men [’cause, we don’t need them, right?! Also, if I remember correctly, even in the Greek Myths, Amazons shunned men and either dealt with them with their blades, or only used them to get to have more Amazons].

Of course, things backfire and Steve Trevor, an American (’cause of course, MURICA) soldier fighting in a war (the WWI or WWII?), actually comes to the paradise island. He is almost immediately apprehended by the Amazons and sent to be judged. He explains – whether or not because of the Lasso of Truth, that the world is in grave danger, because whatever enemy his side is fighting could be enslaving humanity.

Against her mother’s wishes, Diana decides to leave the island and represent Themyscira as a warrior in the war. Then, she decides to become a superheroine alongside Batman and Superman. And the rest is pretty much history.

Sort of. [I’m pretty sure I got a bunch of stuff mixed up, so feel free to correct me on these]

What powers does she have?

Well, equipped with the Lasso of Truth, Wonder Woman can pretty much get the truth out of anyone who is trapped in it. The Lasso, given to her by the gods, is pretty much indestructible, although she does have the power to break it, which isn’t a good thing, because of what happened to her in Superman: Red Son.

With the bracelets, she can pretty much deflect bullets, and many projectiles, even of magic origin. I am not sure if I have ever seen a moment during which Wonder Woman‘s bracelets failed to protect her against an attack. In the DCEU – I’m not sure if I’ve seen it happen before either, but it’s because I’m pretty rusty with my comic book stuff – Wonder Woman can also make a blast – or something like that – by hitting the bracelets together.

Otherwise, she had the power of flight and super strength [even Hawkgirl, Vixen, Huntress and Black Canary couldn’t hold her back in that one particular Justice League episode with Roulette]. Her strength is pretty much on par with Superman [although if you think about it, they also say that Aquaman and Martian Manhunter are as strong as Superman, so… take that with a grain of salt?!] and Diana Prince almost constantly needs to hold back, I believe she has mentioned before in the comics – but really that’s something that all authors use for any character, in order to unlock more potential in them that previous authors haven’t? As an Amazon, this superheroine was, of course, trained to fight since childhood, which means she has mastered tons of weapons, as well as strategies. With all of this knowledge about her abilities, I don’t think you would ever want to be on the other end of her blade.

Not only that, but unlike Batman or SupermanWonder Woman is often seen as the one who will not hesitate to go for the kill, because she’s a lot more radical that way. If I recall, though, they may have mellowed that out a bit in the recent years? There’s also very little Batman can do to plan to overcome her. He has contingency plans for everyone.

Except Diana
[well, he did have something against her in the Red Son comic, but I’ve mentioned that particular comic way too often to my taste].

Why I need this to be good. 

I was telling Growlithe earlier today how, even if DC Comics and Warner Bros. totally flunked at their movie representations of Batman and Superman, I really, really want them to get Diana Prince – Wonder Woman, right.

Wonder Woman is the first step towards getting more and more female superheroes. I need more superheroines. I know that the girls in my classroom need more superheroines who are not just from the DC Superhero Girls show, which is still an entertaining show, but it doesn’t showcase just how badass their female idols can be. It also doesn’t necessarily interest the boys either, which is also a demographic that I would like to reach. Female characters can be strong and awesome too, boys. I’d like them to realize that. Of course, a lot of my Unowns are well versed in the superheroes, and it forever helps when I try to introduce a new superheroine into play time, but not all of them are as open to the idea. If, in the cinematic universe, Wonder Woman shows that female superheroines can stand on their own, without any male superhero to back them up, I think it’d send a message to other studios, and it’d encourage more superheroines. When there will be more superheroines thanks to that, girls would be more have more than just the princesses and other romance superheroines they see in the movies. It’s just a quick thought, I’m sure there are flaws in my reasoning.

The movie is also directed, if I remember well, by a woman. I’m not sure in the movie-making industry, but I haven’t heard of a lot of female directors for a superhero movie. Who better to direct a movie about a strong female role model, than a woman? This argument could be countered, since I’ve read female authors who did great in writing male leads, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve read some male authors who did great in writing female leads as well, their names just… escape me at the moment. I want to be trusting of males who write female characters, as much, but given the fact that Wonder Woman‘s original creator thought it’d be an ironic (?) or funny weakness for her to lose her powers the moment she’s ‘tied up by a man’… I hope you’ll realize that I can’t help but over-generalize my distrust. Additionally, I think the director-verse is very much male dominant? And I’d love to see a woman break out in the field, and be successful.

It’d be nothing short of awesome.

How will it prove to be awesome?

Well, it has to be ENTERTAINING. A movie is a movie. It will have plot holes and that doesn’t bother me as long as, for the majority of the sitting, I will not be too bothered by the flaws in logic. Make my suspension of disbelief high, invest me into the whole thing. If you don’t, I’m sorry, but it would just be a yawn fest (like BATMAN V SUPERMAN was, last year). Indeed, a good indication of whether or not I’m invested or if the movie has captivated me is this: the number of yawns it gathers. After all, I work a lot and I go to the movie premieres right after work. I’m EXHAUSTED, but if I don’t yawn, if I don’t find myself wondering what time it is, then the movie is entertaining.

If I can overlook a flaw, I’ll be okay. Especially if they keep up with the continuity or, if they change continuity or source material, if they’ve done a good job of explaining it. Make me believe in your universe, WB, DC.

If I go through a roller coaster of emotions, from happy to sad, rather than annoyed to more annoyed or hating the movie. I think that’s also a pretty important aspect.

There are so many more but I think I can’t think of anything else to add. I hope it’ll be entertaining, with joked and joked and serious and action moments. Please be good… Please be good…

There are so many more arguments, but I really need to go prepare and stuff.
Let us hope that the movie will be enjoyable.
See you all later!