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Title: The Secret Order: New Horizon
By: Skyward Games
Played With: Mewtwo
Mewtwo‘s Rated: 8/10
Rated: 8/10 
 March 27th, 2015
Finished: March 27th, 2015
Duration: ~3 hours

March 27th, 2015

Hello there everyone!
I hope you’re doing well! No wait, you BETTER be doing well! I mean, I’ve been wishing you well all these years (scheduled)!! No pressure, though, when you don’t go well, you don’t go well! And it’s even more of a good reason to stay at home, open your computer and play a computer game or two!

Here’s the first installment of the series called: The Secret Order! The second game is called Masked Intent, and the third one is Ancient Times, and there’s even a fourth one as I’m writing this: Beyond Time. The concept is not necessarily something that I’ve seen a lot in other games: time traveling, however this concept made the story less… interesting? In the sense where, the moment that we solved the one problem in the past [yep, your character, Sarah, time travels in order to investigate and find out something about the past], every problem in the present just vanishes ‘easily’. I didn’t like that part as much (but then again, it makes sense: your problems in the present were caused by one single event, which then would be solved easily if you solved the ‘past’ event, anyways, I understand what I mean), but it was still pretty good.

I like the fact that there’s lockable inventory, it’s always great, because you get to see your items (it really helps you know where you should go to continue the story/investigation). Despite this being the Collector’s Edition (I believe), the game did not offer any non-fullscreen support for laptops, and there was no bonus chapters to play afterwards. There was also no extras and no achievements, so that was a major bummer for me. You could adjust the brightness though, which was pretty good and helped well in finding objects within Hidden Object Boards. Something pretty interesting is that you could access the map and messages (from your nephew, but in order to have a nephew, you’d have to have a sibling, no? [sort of wishing this was explained, or something]) as well as objectives in a tablet-like diary. Additionally, once you’ve finished playing the game, and press “play” again, you are brought back to the second to last ‘event’, which means that it doesn’t ‘save’ your finishing the game… bummer!!

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the game for its feel. The visual effects [some parts were almost ‘steam punk’ in feel, it was really good], combined with the soundtrack and the sound effects especially, were conveyed a very sinister and creepy mood. To give you only one example, I was creeped out by the fact that I had to navigate through multiple dark alleys in order to get specific items I needed. In a film au noir fashion, many of the cutscenes made it even more entertaining (and scary) to play through. Without having to worry for collectibles and other things, it was very easy to go through the whole game in one day.

The Hidden Object Boards were fairly difficult in my opinion, just because the visuals were so well done and a lot of the objects (presented in as a list) blended so well with the background (GOOD JOB!). Meanwhile, the puzzles were forgettable in the sense where I can’t remember if there was one that marked me enough to mention. A lot of the puzzles were solved (for me anyway) instinctively? There wasn’t much a challenge (except maybe for one or two, as I recall Mewtwo and I spent a few moments with some).

So these were my thoughts on this pretty decent game! I hope you’ll enjoy it if you ever get the time to play it out! I’m going to go ahead and look for the second game!

I’ll see you all later everybody!
Until then, don’t get into any trouble!
≖‿≖ Ponyout! ≖‿≖