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Title: Amaranthine Voyage: The Obsidian Book
By: Eipix Entertainment
Edition: Collector’s
Started: June 12th, 2015
Finished: June 14th, 2015
Duration: ~4 hours
Played with: Munchlax and Bayleef
Rated: 6.5/10
Munchlax‘s Rating: 6/10 

June 14th, 2015

How are you all doing? I trust this post finds you in good health and good shape! I’m doing all right, I gotta go and get at least Rank 1 in the Altador Cup [if you know what this is, you’re awesome, you hear me? You’re awesome], so I gotta finish this review as soon as possible so I can do that!! Let’s start!

So, last Friday was the first Game Night by which we were supposed to see Charmander, but in the end, we couldn’t, haha. I’d been dying to play Amaranthine‘s fourth game installment, but I’d been playing Sable Maze and other ones before that for Game Night, though. The only person who actually came to Game Night this week was Bayleef, haha, but then she had to leave early, and because I was able to play without talking (except to myself), I was able to finish it pretty quickly. And then, I waited for Munchlax to finish the game and we were able to finish the Bonus Chapter today!

What can I tell you about the story? Where should I start? That I was a little bit disappointed, first and foremost? I guess this might be because the first few games were so good, and I was so happy to see that we could play this character again, until I saw that we weren’t. We weren’t really, directly playing the main character from the Amaranthine Voyage series. If there were any references to the first games that I might have missed, I’m so sorry, but there weren’t as far as I was able to tell. I remember in the second game, there were clear references in which we’d seen the bow and arrow that the professor used back in the first game, etc. We could use the bow and arrows in different games, as an homage to the fact that the professor was an elite archer [in this installment, we can only use her abilities once, with a crossbow…].

I found it a little bit difficult to relate to the villain, as well as the other characters. Even Munchlax mentioned she had difficulties with everyone except for the Gargoyle (Bill, I think his name was?). Looking back, I guess I could understand why I was so suspicious of these secondary characters; the previous few games that I’ve been playing have featured characters that betrayed us [which was why when Asturian did so, I wasn’t the least bit surprised. I’m glad that he had some kind of reasoning behind betraying us though; that sort of made it somewhat better]. Similarly, the villain was somewhat difficult to understand. Her motivations were somewhat bland and unsavory (as many villains’ stories are), and I was wondering why she would say that the Duke betrayed her…? Did I miss a cutscene by mistake? This punishment that he received made him want to cooperate with the protagonists, before his death [death?! In a HOG?! REALLY?! And they never came back?! Dang!].

Meanwhile, the Bonus Game spoke about two weeks prior to the main story, in which we play the professor whom our protagonist (in the main story) was coming to help (I can’t remember her name for the life of me), and how she came to acquire the Harmonium Collector‘s magic stones which the main story’s protagonist will later use, as well as how she came to met Asturian. It was pretty nice and all right, even though it was a little weird how trustworthy Asturian was right from the beginning.

Art-wise, we just know, especially when coming from Eipix Entertainment, that the game was going to have extremely nice visuals [at least the landscapes anyway, the characters were… a little bit below average in my most humble opinion, but they were still all right overall]. The soundtrack was nice, and you know that a lot of the sound effects were reused from other games done by Eipix. I think the lockable Inventory was less big? I mean this in the sense where there only appears to be 5 items and you need to use the arrows in order to find your remaining objects [that gets old and annoying real fast, is what I am trying to convey, but then maybe it was just me, maybe it’s always been 5 objects, haha].

The Hidden Object Boards came in a variety of forms. Sometimes, you would need to find certain objects in order to unlock your common list of items to find. Sometimes, you would have to find the Morphing Objects inside of a HOB [in terms of levels of difficulty, I’ll say that this is the most annoying and difficult trend in Hidden Object Games that I’ve had to face so far, and Munchlax agreed with me on this]. Other times, they incorporated riddles by which we would need to find the answer by clicking on the item it was referring to. I remember another HOB that was somewhat difficult, which was the one involving pictogram-like riddles. Some of them were easy, but then, they increased the difficulty for a particular one – until I really looked at the picture and understood that what I was looking at was hair and not a mustache (I think you’ll know what I’m talking about once you’ve played it). Meanwhile, the Puzzles themselves were relatively easy. None of them stood out or asked for particular cleverness from my part – maybe it’s because I’m so used to it now, so please take this into consideration! However, I can name one puzzle that I particularly loved: it was the one where you needed to put gears together in a certain way, following a certain code that was written on the two sides of the puzzle. That one was particularly fun to do [and somewhat easy].

In terms of Extra Contents, you are allowed to play Hidden Object Boards again, as well as other puzzles and as usual, you can get wallpapers and soundtrack.

In one go, I was able to collect 38 out of the 40 Collectibles, and I must say that I’m not mad at my skills, hahaha. I was able to go back and collect the missing two, which was pretty cool! Once you finished finding the collectibles, you can see the Harmonium Collector in different stages of production [speaking of which I loved using that device (Harmonium Collector) in order to get multiple objects, it was well done and THAT reminded me a little bit of the previous games, but that’s about it].

With that all being written,
I guess I’ll take my leave,
until next time, readers!