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Title: Spiderman: Homecoming
Released: July 7th, 2017
Watched: July 7th, 2017

July 4th, 2017 

Hey there, everybody!
How’s it going?! It’s July 4th! And as a Canadian, now I don’t celebrate ‘MURICA’s birthday other than acknowledging that thanks to them, Canada began to think about independence, BUTT! But!!! I wish y’all a happy July 4th!

Today, I’d like to talk about Spiderman: Homecoming, almost the way that I’ve spoken about Wonder Woman [I’m SUPER AWARE that I haven’t posted my actual, real review of the movie, but that’s the pre-show, and you know what, I don’t have time to do all the reviews as I used to, I wish I could, though], since it’ll be released in theaters very soon (tomorrow the day you’ll see this, or not…).

Who is Spiderman?



Where have you been and why haven’t you watched the original failed Spiderman trilogy with Tobey Maguire [All right, I’ll be completely honest with you, I like to mess around with this statement, especially how I thought Spidey was such a crybaby back then [to be fair, he was completely entitled to his feelings?! As a kid, I just thought he was being overly emotional, now as an adult, I completely understand], but I actually really enjoyed the movie because it’s definitely one of the things that got me into superheroes in the first place], or the Amazing Spiderman movies with Andrew Garfield [I really liked it until someone died. The humour, I found, was pretty good, I liked that he had engineered his own spiderweb-shooters, like in the comics, I really liked that they brought Gwen Stacy into the cinematic universe (correctly), I liked that she was so smart and awesome… Don’t get me started on a Mary Jane vs Gwen Stacy. I sort of like both, but I like Gwen. Have you seen the amazingness of Spider-Gwen?! She’s awesome]? What about the arguably better representation of the superhero in the 1970s Japanese series of Spiderman [I don’t have any feelings for it, but… really?! guns?! I haven’t watched it, so I don’t know how it goes and how it’s explained, but yes, this was a thing, and I can’t help but laugh at it, and I want to watch the whole show just to see how long I could watch it for. Does anyone know where I can watch it and if you have, how did you find it?]?

Or the… well it was an okay show and I still followed it for until season 2 I think, not so much the more recent seasons… so it deserves a shout-out as well, you haven’t even heard of the Ultimate Spiderman cartoon series [because there were plenty, plenty of great cameos in that show, like when Deadpool appeared, or when Wolverine appeared… and we had Nova, and we had Iron Fist, and Power Man, etc. I have an inkling they chose those because Nova was going to be in Guardians of the Galaxy, Powerman and Iron Fist were going to be on Netflix, but… I don’t know about Tigress. They needed a girl? I also really liked that Phil Coulson joined them, that was pretty funny even if it’s not in continuity with the MCU], or the much better Spectacular Spiderman [the story was just so great?!]? Or the 90s Spiderman [also a classic, which I didn’t follow religiously as a kid, but I still really liked it when it was on TV, even if I didn’t really understand all that was happening, I still remember almost perfectly a certain episode with The Lizard]?!

Really?! None of those pretty awesome series?!?! All right, I guess I can spare a bit space here to try and remember as much of Spiderman as I can [I wouldn’t say I’m an expert, so a lot of these statements I will have are… mostly from memory, and I have a horrible memory, so please go watch some YouTube video explaining Spiderman, or please cross-reference with other more reliable sources, after all, I’m just a regular superhero fangirl who drew a comic once].

Peter Parker‘s parents passed away (whether it’s because they were killed off for something they knew or did, or just because), and young Peter is placed under Uncle Ben and Aunt May‘s care. They raise him as well as they can but it’s not optimal? Just because it’s a bit hard to pay for all the bills, and all that. Peter is a very smart boy who, during a field trip to a science “center” (? At Osborn Corps? Maybe?!?!), was somehow in contact with a radioactive spider, which bit him. He survives this, of course, and gains these powers: Spidey senses, which tingle when he is in trouble, which comes in very handy when he fights very good fighters such as Captain America, for example. He also gets super-strength and agility, of course. He can shoot spider webs and climb on walls [like a spider, right?] and he has so many witty comebacks and comments, it’s awesome. Because he feels responsible for the fact that Uncle Ben died because he (Peter) didn’t stop a criminal on time, Peter Parker takes on the identity of Spiderman to be your friendly neighbourhood crime-fighter. There are so many more things about Spiderman I can think about? But that’s about all the things I believe they might make appear…?

Why I need this to be good.

Unlike for the Wonder Woman movie, I don’t need this movie to be good because it needs to prove something about women as directors, or women as main character of a superhero movie.

No, for this particular movie, I just need it to be good because we’ve changed actors for the cinematic universe so often, that I feel the world just needs one young actor who can take on the role for awhile, and be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If this movie proves to be good, then I am hoping that this will send the proper message to SONY (who currently I believe, still own the rights to make Spiderman movies and games? Maybe?), that they need MARVEL studios, and that they will continue on this venture. I’d like this to permit Spiderman to be placed into the MCU forever.

Oh and, of course, I guess I want it to be good because I want to enjoy it. 

There are just so many head canons I want them to make happen… 

How will it be good?! 

Uncle Ben will not be there. Why, we will know that somehow, Uncle Ben has been in Peter Parker‘s life at some point, and there will probably be the trademark quote: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities. But we don’t need to see Uncle Ben die once again, just because we’ve seen it already, and we don’t necessarily need to see it again in order to feel his presence. Maybe he can be mentioned, maybe Peter just says, with choked but controlled emotions: “someone once told me that with great power comes great responsibilities…” or something like that. We’ve cried so much for Uncle Ben that we don’t have much more patience for it, and I’m sure that MARVEL is quite aware of this.

I’d like for Tony Stark to not be too present in the movie? If possible, just because he felt so present inside of the trailers. I don’t want Peter Parker to be too influenced by him, and for him to steal the show completely from the titular character.

I’m pretty sure that, almost as soon as he gets his spidersuit from Ironman, Peter will end up losing it (we see that in the trailer, come on, guys), and, just like in Iron Man 2 (great parallel there, Tony), Peter has to show that he’s better than what the suit has made him. I’m interested in seeing what his two friends will be like. Zendaya’s character and that other “sidekick” boy (?) who appears to be his best friend. Are they going to play a major role? Are Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy ever going to be appear? Not that they’re integral parts of being Spiderman, I’ve just grown used to expecting it. I know that he’s had other love interests in the past, but… will they make small cameos or foreshadow stuff? Like making Mary Jane’s Aunt talk to Aunt May or something like that. That’d be fun.

As for a lot of the movies: it’s important for me not to be yawning [I think I’ll be laughing more? Since… this is a young Peter Parker, who’s so cute, seriously, when we think that he’ll be the same as he was in Civil War], or being bored [seriously, I paid for this movie, how do I have to endure it and not enjoy it], or falling asleep [possibly a worse offense, because seriously, I need to be really… entertained?!?!?! Even Passengers [2017] wasn’t that boring, but… I must say that Batman vs Superman got that award, and sadly, Suicide Squad also may have gotten that award].

ponyta_goldsilver_back_shinyAll right, there are so many other things I’d love to talk about with Spiderman,
But that’ll have to be it for now!
See you all later, people!
Take care and enjoy!
Ponyta’s Out