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Title: Dead Reckoning 3: The Crescent Case
By: Eipix Entertainment
Played with: Bayleef and Munchlax 
Started: August 27th, 2015
Finished: August 28th, 2015
Duration: ~5 hours
Rating: 8/10
Fullscreen unlock-able from Laptop 

August 27th, 2015

Hey there everybody!
How’s it going? So, after our previous game, Munchlax and I just couldn’t stop there for “early” Friday Night Games! So, yes, in the same week, we decided to host yet another game, and in this one, Bayleef was able to join us! Not only that, but I actually managed to play the game fully, from the main game, to the bonus game and the souvenir room, in one seating!! I’m very proud of that, haha. Mind you, there might be spoilers about the storyline of the game, but otherwise, feel free to read!

This game is the third installment of the Dead Reckoning series, where you’re an inspector from homicides (I think?), who investigates murders, anyway. Munchlax and I played its previous game a semester ago, actually, and it’s just as good, I find. I’m saying this now, because, surprisingly, both Bayleef and Munchlax were somewhat surprised about the number of deaths in the game. At first, the first cutscene introducing us to our new partner (“a good kid, so we have to take care of him, okay?” [pfft, he was so incredibly useless throughout the game]) the game sounded promising. There were even mentions of the previous game’s case which we’d helped solve before, which was a great callback (you know I enjoy those). The story was all right, if not a little bit all over the place. It was great to see that the people we had originally thought would be the culprits turned out to be protecting each other and had been forced to do so by a person from the outside. That was a great twist. The story was pretty good, and even the bonus story felt all right, especially since it presented us with yet another murder that was directly linked to the case which we’d finished a couple of hours before, that was pretty good.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsThe work of a detective specializing in homicides was, as usual with the Dead Reckoning series, quite well shown to us, as we were given a forensics kit and had to investigate the corpses of the victims, figuring out what details were important, what the causes of death could have been as well as estimating the time of death (I’m pretty sure that’s for autopsy people though? Do detectives do that? Not in all the TV shows I’ve watched though, but again, I’m not sure). Additionally, and as usual with the series, I love how the detective that we play is able to tell the lies and the truths that the people she (or I) interrogated. Not only that, but we could help by finding the evidences of their lies or their truths, by either clicking on the physical evidences that we found, or the evidences of their lies by looking for their body language. That’s pretty cool because it helps me remember all the things to look out for, or rather, to be more observant.

I’m glad that the soundtrack or sound effects at least, were different than other games that I’d played from Eipix Entertainment, I recall that this company sometimes re-uses their old sound effects from other games that are not even from the same series, so it was pleasant to hear something different. As usual, I love Eipix‘s taste for visual effects and the many subleties in the art style that they chose to go with. I absolutely love – just like it was in the second game that I played – the look of the inventory, which is lockable. It looks pretty slick and nice. The fact that the mouths match with the dialogues each time the character spoke was a detail that not everyone might realize is important, but it was for me so I’ll point it out, haha.


The Hidden Object Boards were pretty basic, I found? They were pretty short, only about 12 objects sometimes, and I feel like I am used to more than that. I did love the riddles at the end of certain Hidden Object Boards, though, so that’s pretty good! The alternate game that you can play instead of the Hidden Object Boards was a bubble shooter game. I’m not really good with bubble shooter – I tried after I finished the game, and I couldn’t finish. The Puzzles were really diversified and good; the toughest puzzle, I found, was the marbles in the tubes, where you have to put all the pink marbles inside of one single test tube, which was pretty difficult for me. It was pretty nice to see at the end of the game that they let us have a Souvenir Room in which we can revisit the previous locations, and find souvenirs from each of these locations [it was pretty easy though, it only took 10 minutes to find everything]. It’s not the first time they do this, but I really love how I was able to explore more and look at the scenery more without the urgency of finishing the game. That was pretty good!! Lastly, the collectibles were the justice balance scales, which I am so proud to say: I finished in one go, during the game. They even showed you whenever you already found a scale in a location, which is extremely useful because I sometimes forgot when/if I found them and would sometimes go back to check.

Definitely check out the game!!

I’ll see you all the next Friday Night game (or early one) then!!
Take good care of yourselves!!
(*・∀・)/ Ponyout! \(・∀・*)