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Title: Puppetshow 11: Arrogance Effect
By: AMAX Interactive
Edition: Collector’s
Difficulty: Hard mode
Played with: Xatu
Ponyta‘s Rating: 5.5/10
Xatu‘s Rating: 6/10
Started: August 12th, 2017
Finished: August 12th, 2017
Duration: ~3 hours [main run]; 0.75-1 hour [bonus chapter]

August 12th, 2017 

Hey there, everybody!
How are you doing? Ever since certain things have started happening, and others have finished, I wasn’t able to continue playing Hidden Object Games, which means that this blog has been drying up on the carefully scheduled posts that I had done for it… After all, Munchlax and Bayleef have other, different schedules, so it’s been difficult to coordinate. Not only that, but I no longer had the means to acquire the games, either. I have so little free time, even during the summer, it was getting pitiful. That was when Xatu told me that he’d never played any hidden object games, only escape room games. So I suggested we try a game today! And that’s what we decided.

And so, we decided to go with the recent Puppetshow game: Puppetshow: Arrogance Effect, because I had a good feeling about the series in general, thanks to the games I had played before [Puppetshow: The face of Humanity and Puppetshow: The Price of Immortality]. I don’t remember much about the other games being done by AMAX Interactive, but then again, I have a horrendous memory, and it’d been awhile since I’d played any game, so that was pretty interesting.

Story-wise, to Xatu, because he had experienced little of the hidden object games’ stories, he found it pretty short (?), which is pretty normal, considering that he’s used to longer video games. After all, this is a casual game. I found the story pretty short as well? It was simple, nothing too flashy, no story twists and turns, it got its jump scares sometimes, mostly at the beginning, and then, it mellowed out and became… a bit senseless…? I mean, we don’t get to see a lot of the fellow humans, and one of them seemed to have lost sense of reality (?). As per usual in these kinds of games, I sort of wish there was more? But, again, since it’s a casual game, it’s as expected.

Spoiler: Michael is freaking useless, and he is freaking amazing at surviving these adventures of theirs, SOMEHOW. It doesn’t make sense that he’s survived so far?! That’s about my only complaint about the story. As for the professor, I’m not sure if he survives or not, but I really hope he doesn’t, I mean… he decided to revive the murderous doll who wanted the end of humanity, just because we hurt her?!?!?!?!

You know I will mention callbacks. While there were no story callbacks, there were visual callbacks to the previous games, at least the ones that I distinctively remember playing, like one of the dolls who had been our companion appears in the background of a hidden object board, for example.

I really liked the cute little doll companion we had. I called her Bambi, because of the pretty eyes, but Xatu decided to call his “Murder Face“. As such, he insists I write down here that he wishes his doll companion had murdered at least someone. AMAX Interactive, if you’re reading this, Xatu wants a murderous doll helper.

Bonus Chapter: I thought the bonus chapter was a bit… much… it’s not necessarily worth playing through, as it doesn’t necessarily add more to the story of the original character. Instead, we play Michael. Maybe it’s to redeem his uselessness in the main game, or maybe it’s because the creators really fell in love with him or something.

Visual effects-wise, Xatu had no complaints [Let’s go with 6/10, okay?], although he wishes the game had more animations, although he’s pretty aware of the types of games he’s dealing with here! Meanwhile, I found the effects, as usual with Puppetshow, were fine. They may have lagged my computer, Hiba, a lot?! So I don’t wish for them to have more animations.

Soundtrack-wise, it wasn’t anything special? I’m not sure if the soundtrack was re-used from the previous games, since it’s been so long since I’ve played them, but it was still good in conveying the mood and atmosphere of the story, so that’s a plus.

Puzzles and Hidden Object Boards… Xatu found them fine. As we play in Hard Mode, some puzzles were pretty tough to either initiate or understand. Sometimes, Xatu would try something out of order, and he wouldn’t try it again, and it would frustrate him a little bit. The final boss battle was way too easy for both of us, although it took me significantly longer, due to the fact that my laptop was so laggy. Otherwise, the game play was all right.

Well, that’s it for now, people!
I trust this post was somewhat helpful!
See you all next time?
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