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June 27th, 2018 – August 13th, 2018

Hey there, everybody!
How are you all doing? I realize that it’s been a really long time since I posted anything on these particular… I want to say “topics” but… technically I haven’t gotten any new YouTube recommendations out in… a while… and suddenly, this particular post is going to be the first of a new category (add dramatic effect) that I never thought I would add to this point: Podcasts!

Aside because it was getting too long for my usual “Read More tag”. 

That’s right, since I’ve gotten to travel twice a week to the island of Montreal to meet with Gengar, I’ve gotten a bit tired of… well… basically not listening to anything. So I thought I would try out podcasts, which I discovered weren’t just about watching or listening to people talk while you’re at home. You can actually acquire the episodes and listen without being connected on the Internet. I am pretty dumb, haha, how I lived all these years without knowing this is beyond me.

Let me tell you: this discovery has led me to hours worth of amusement and listening joy. Not that I don’t like listening to music, but I really like to catch up on some of these news and events that happen around us.

End of Aside. 

Why are you only ‘re-starting’ these posts now??!!!” you’re gonna ask me, well, I have an extremely good reason [sort of]!!

Kingdom Hearts III is coming out this month [I mean, unless it gets delayed… yet again (?)]! And I decided to prepare myself (a few months ago as of the writing of this), that I would try my very best to prepare myself mentally for this game.

Since this is taking over the spot of YouTube channels recommendations [sort of, I will definitely still be doing other posts for that category, don’t worry], I will be posting it at the same day…!

What’s this podcast about?

From their own description:

Welcome to Kingdom Smarts! Every week Shannon will try to teach Jake about SquareEnix’s Kingdom Hearts franchise and Jake will do his best to keep up. The catch? Shannon only has 30 minutes at a time to do so. Join us for the story, characters, and history of Kingdom Hearts!

So far of the writing of this particular post (August 13th, 2018), there is about  46 episodes, and they are now at the second game, Kingdom Hearts II.

You can join them on Twitter (here is Shannon’s, and here is Jake’s, while there is also one main one for the podcast). Make sure you don’t tweet series’ spoilers at them, unless you use the hashtag #khfree! There’s a blogpost site, a player.fm site, an itunes… thing, podchaser, Stitcher, Google Play (that’s the one I use).

You can even send them emails!

I would recommend this podcast for anyone who has any interest in Kingdom Hearts video game? Or anyone who wants to remember a few things, or can’t read the manga (I can’t find a few volumes at my local bookstore, so…) and can’t spend the time to watch it on YouTube or to play it (like me), haha. I really love listening to them talk about it, at any rate.

Ponyta  sprite from SilverSee you all next time,
whenever I can! Hopefully in a month!
Take good care of yourselves!